About Me

Hi I’m Stuart Stirling. Thanks for coming to check out my site. Hopefully you can learn a few things about me and how I create wealth online!

About Me

I was born and raised in Brisbane, Australia. I moved to Japan where I have been living and working from home since 2005.

I’ve been married my darling wife Keiko in 2005 who lets me be the larrikin Aussie that I am and puts up with my stupid jokes and crazy ideas. She has also given me the best gift in the world – the cutest son, and now an adorable daughter.

Life as an Entrepreneur

Being your own boss, in control of your time schedule and having the freedom to work from any location is the best way to live life. But I wasn’t an over-night success.

I got started online in 2006, 1 year after coming to Japan because I wanted to make just a few extra hundred dollars a month…a bit of extra spending money for me and the wife.

The first thing I did was to get a coach and mentor. It was the obvious choice because there is no other way I could have learned what works and avoided mistakes to get me where I am today.

Looking back, that was probably the best decision I ever made in my Internet career.

Since getting a good grasp of Internet marketing and online business.. and seeing success in my own business, I’ve been teaching others how to start an internet business and make money online too!

I specialize in list building, copywriting, product creation and traffic generation. I also offer consulting to help local offline businesses get online.

Family Life

As a ‘soon-to-be’ father of two, I love to spend time with my family. That’s another beauty of working from home… I get to have breakfast, lunch and dinner with my wife and kids everyday.

I love to hang out with my friends also, and I can often be seen drifting my car at the local Ebisu Circuit drift track (drifting is that crazy but cool tire blazing motorsport) in the summer and snowboarding on the amazing powder snow ski fields here in Northern Japan in the winter.


Thanks again and I’m looking forward to sharing my online business experiences with you and hearing your success story.

Hear from you soon!

Stuart Stirling

p.s. Find me on Facebook and contact me at my support desk. You can even call me +1 (310) 929-5882 (my US number).

7 Responses to “About Me”

  • Mary Humphrey on November 19, 2012

    Stu, I just wanted to say thank you for all of the great information you provide.  I really enjoy reading and implementing your tips as I too have started building my own online business.  I look forward to your emails and the products I have purchased off your links have been great..THANK YOU 

  • Lori Favela on November 7, 2012

    This is the first time I’ve heard about you. I always like looking for ways to make money on-line.  Hope to be working with you soon.

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  • [PayProfile.com] on May 13, 2011

     Nice website good information and tips! I wish you and Keiko much love and happiness.

  • Melis on February 11, 2011

    Уважаемый Стюарт!

    Попав в Ваш блог, поначалу я себя почувствовал, как будто нахожусь в громадной научной лаборатории, где в скором времени должна начаться конференция… А когда перешел на другую страницу и увидел вас с женой и фотографии вашего ребенка я почувствовал себя, как будто нахожусь в гостях в уютном и теплом доме радушных людей…

    С наилучшими пожеланиями, Мелис Айдаркулов из горной и красивейшей страны Кыргызстан.

  • Rosemarie on June 13, 2010

    Dear Stuart,

    It’s nice to see you with your wife…and it’s good that when you’re glued to your computer the glue is not so much strong as not to allow you to be apart from your computer again whenever you wanted to.

    I hope you’re both fine and doing well.. and are always happy with your time and life wherever you are, whatever you do and whomever you are with…

    With my warmest regards and best wishes to both,

  • Don Aronson on December 13, 2009

    Well Stirling, it’s been quite a long time since we’ve communicated, but here I am back again! You’ve apparently succeeded, and I’m very happy for you. I’m just finishing an e-book on Creating Healthy Living, and still teaching in the medical and dental arena, but soon hope to be strictly on the internet. Right now reading your latest e-book with your partner and know you’re doing well. I’ll let you know when my book is completed and the website finally up and running.

    My best wishes on your current and future success.


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