Celebrate Success – Not Just Money (Video)

I got a commission check yesterday from Aweber, my #1 recommended autoresponder service for beginners to Internet and email marketing.

It’s not a huge amount, but it’s always good to get paid for recommending a product to others. The dollar amount is something to be happy about, but it also means that I was instrumental in helping others get started with their list building! That is also something to be proud of!

So when you get a commission or launch and make a gob of money – yes, feel good, tell others, but also tell others that you got that money (or other result) as a result of helping others.

Because sales is always a 2-way trade. Too many sellers/marketers seem to forget the buyer in the picture, and only focus on the money they get.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to show off the money I make or the accomplishments I make, but I’m happy to share the results I can get for others, because that too is what I call success.

Be good, be you!

Stuart Stirling

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Why You’re Never Too Old To Start An Online Business

You’re never too old to start an online business. Just because yoou never grew up with facebook or Instagram, doesn’t mean you can’t learn it.

This video is geard towards the 40 – 80 yo’s who are thinking of taking up golf insted of chasing their dream of creating their own business.

Watch in this video to get fired up about starting your business. It’s never too late!

Gary Vaynerchuk is the man in this video. He builds businesses. He doesn’t make excuses. Let’s be like Gary!

If you’d like to learn how to start an online business, enter the form below to download your free guide or get the same one from this link.

Stuart Stirling

My Wife Said I Couldn’t Make Money Online – She Was Wrong

“You can’t make money online!”

you can't make money online, skeptical spouse

This is what my better half told me when I first said I was going to start in Internet business.

I had just moved to Japan and gotten married, and I wanted a way to earn money that would also give me the freedom to travel to and from Australia. An Internet business sounded like just the ticket.

My wife didn’t see the opportunity as clearly as I did though. I was DETERMINED though, so I had to boldly but politely say ‘Honey, I’ve got this’. I went for it.

I spent a couple of thousand dollars getting coaching (I was a complete newbie!) and the basic tools I needed to start an online business together (autoresponder, website, advertising, etc.).

Then it was up to me to PROVE HER WRONG! To be honest, that was a big part of my motivation. I didn’t want to let her or I down.

I was on a mission to make it work. I gave up TV and social events. I would stay up late, tapping away at the keyboard, making it work into the wee hours of the morning…

Slowly but surely I was chipping away.

I would get a few subscribers every day through safelists and free traffic from articles and feeder pages. Slowly but surely I got more and more subscribers. I got more and more order buttons up online for selling digital products I thought my list would buy.

Eventually, my hard work paid off. I started to make a sale a week, then one every two days, then one everyday.

The snowball effect start kicked in. My small successes added up to big successes.

I was seeing PROOF that this was working and I could turn this IM business thing into a serious income.. Now I just needed to keep it up! So I did.

Today, I am making a fine income from my online business, and most of it on autopilot. I was (and still am) building a business, not just making money.

It sure as hell didn’t happen overnight though.. there were days when I thought I’d never see a penny come my way!

“This isn’t working!”, “What’s the point?!”

Did I ever have doubts and come close to throwing in the towel? Of course. I don’t think there is any Entrepreneur who hasn’t had doubts and though a million times “Is this gonna work?”

I would ask myself almost daily “What’s the point?”

What’s the point of setting up this product? What’s the point of writing this blog post? What’s the point of making this video? What’s the point of writing this many follow-up emails?”

But do you know what?


Like feather’s on a camel’s back. Eventually, one too many will break it.

In my IM career, it truly was a case of starting slow, placing feathers on the camel’s back.

Results came in so small at the beginning. I could hardly see the rewards. But they were there.

Each new subscriber, each new blog post, each new video, each product launch, each JV connection, each email broadcast – were ALL a little success, progress – and it all added up.

Each small success was proof that I could do this.

Each small success was a boost in my confidence.


I just wouldn’t accept anyone’s dumb statements like “you can’t” or “you’re wasting your time”… Those kinds of comments can break you.

The skepticism comes because they simply do not understand what an ‘internet business’ is. They fear it. They don’t believe they could ever do it, so they try to smack down anyone who thinks they can. Don’t allow yourself to be brought down.

If you think you’ll get some negative backlash from someone, just don’t tell anyone your plans or ideas. You don’t need to tell anyone. Keep your dream and your activities secret from your family or friends who just don’t understand.

Avoid negativity at any cost if you want to succeed. And that includes the voice in your head.

Whenever someone (including your brain) says something negative, change the subject quickly. Go somewhere else or think positive thoughts. Think about the reasons WHY you can do it.

You don’t need to convince anyone but yourself that you can succeed. You will be able to convince other people when  the dollars start rolling in. How can they argue with you then?

Soak Yourself In Positivity

With the internet, digital and physical books and audios, it’s easy to feast on positive and motivating material. In fact, it’s a MUST!

Even though I didn’t have a lot of support from my spouse, I was surrounding myself with others online (particularly my coach) who were also doing the ‘online thing’.

I was also reading a lot of books and training courses. A book that changed my life was “The Magic Of Thinking Big” by Dr David Schwartz. I realized my potential to achieve anything I set my mind to.

If you can get your non-supporting spouse to read some books like that or meet some of your friends who are already successful online, then you can watch the skepticism wash away.

In fact, socializing with other successful business owners has huge benefits. Head over to Meetup.com and search for ‘entrepreneur’ or ‘business’ groups in your area.

Start mingling with like-minded people. That will bestow even more confidence in you and give you ideas, not to mention your network will grow and the possibilities of joint venture deals.

So when your spouse or other family member gives you negativity, be strong. Don’t believe them! Say ‘I’ve got this’ and do what you have to do to make it work.

I hope these ideas and tactics are useful for you to build your confidence and get small results, that will eventually break the camel’s back and turn your hard work into a business that provides a great source of income that you (and your spouse) can enjoy!

To your success,

Stuart Stirling


p.s. Skeptical spouses aren’t all that uncommon. Comment below if you’ve got (or had) a skeptical spouse, and what you’ve done to prove him/her wrong!


Netpreneur Summit 2015 – An Epic Event In Review

What they say about live events is true. They are life-changing.

While I’ve been attending and speaking at small Meet ups in Tokyo over the years, the Netpreneur Summit 2015 event in Tokyo was the biggest event that I’ve been to in Japan.

I am very humbled and still pinching myself that I was invited to be a speaker there.

It was an amazing experience to be able to share the stage with hugely successful business tycoons from all across the globe and share some of my knowledge and ‘secrets’ to the attendees.

We shared our inside secrets on how we’ve been able to build our businesses from the ground up and run it today.

Every single speaker has a massive success story. We are not professional speakers, we’re business people. We were not paid to be there. We shared our story, including the nitty-gritty of what we do everyday in the trenches, to build our businesses.

Even though I was a speaker there, I learned so much from every single one of the other speakers. And I think I speak for all attendees as well.

Never think that you know it all.

Always go to events or, even in your day to day activities, with a hunger for learning.

Just one tip can be worth thousands. Just one new friend can be worth millions.

That is the power of live business learning and networking events like Netpreneur Summit.

The hard-working guys responsible for the making it happen are James Brown and Chris Blair.

These guys created, yet another EPIC event. This one, Netpreneur Summit 2015, was their second one and a huge success.

Ever been to a live event where there’s 40% back story, 10% content and 90% pitching from the stage?

That is NOT what happened at Netpreneur Summit.

None of the speakers pitched their ‘amazing package’. It was 1% back story, (because stories are fun) and 99% content. I was amazed that the speakers were actually GIVING away amazing bonuses to the attendees.

A big shout out to all the speakers of the event. Go and check out their stuff! They know their stuff.

Day 1 Speakers…

Kevin Riley

I’ve known Kevin for a few years now. I firsts met him at a small get-together down in Tokyo and we’ve been in touch ever since. He spoke about how to create a digital info product business and customers for life. He is another Japan based marketer a laid back guy who likes hiking and beards.

Gulliver Giles & Leela Cosgrove

I hadn’t heard about this pair, although I should have. They have worked with Frank Kern and other A-list marketers and they brought the house down with their amazing stories and energetic presentation. They shared golden nuggets about how to close sales over the phone.

Of the many things they taught, they explained the difference between a “strategy” and a “tactic”. A strategy is the overall plan to achieve a result, whereas a tactic is the smaller, focused plans that make up the whole strategy. First time I’d heard it!

Mark Lyford

Mark is a Bitcoin expert with multiple products and services for the Bitcoin community. He offered a TON of info and gave away a heap of bonuses too. His story about losing everything (millions of dollars, his house and wife, and even ending up in prison) and starting over was unbelievably powerful.

Kim Barrett

A fellow Aussie entrepreneur with a very successful business consultancy in Western Australia. Kim shared some killer Facebook marketing strategies. One thing in particular that stood out to me was “the stages of awareness” of a customer. E.g. problem awareness vs. product awareness.

Adam Payne

Adam is also another Expat living in Japan. He blitzed the stage with his Youtube marketing strategies and tactics. I’ve got to start using Youtube more! And I suggest you use it too. There is a heap of free traffic to be had from it, as Adam proved to us.

Day 2 Speakers…

Phil Kyprianou

Phil’s presentation was on how to build an e-commerce business. He is from France (I think, he speaks French) so English is not his first language. Even though, his energy and passion came through and shared a TON of resources and strategies to become a successful online seller.

Ed Keay-Smith

Ed is quite a character who’s way of talking shockingly reminds me of my oldest brother! We chatted about the Netpreneur Summit a couple of weeks ago, but at the event I finally got to meet him in person and learn more about what he does. He shared his vast knowledge about domain names. And one thing we can all breathe a sigh of relief over is that all these new .disco .photo .book etc. domains are NOT going to take over the mighty .COM. Hooray for that!

Jacob Hiller

He calls himself a Hillbilly, but this guy is far from uneducated. He has sold over $5 million of his ‘Jump Manual’ course online. He travels around the globe with his wife and kid and lives anywhere he likes. I had light bulbs flashing when he was sharing his sales funnel strategy. Similar to what I do, but he adds some ‘special sauce’ to it that is killer. I have to implement it ASAP!

Michael Devlin

Michael had to be the sexiest man at the event – hands down. LOL! In his Scottish accent, he shared his story of how he sold his fitness bottle business for a few cool million quid and is about to release an e-commerce platform that will revolutionize the industry. AND he is working with JB and Chris to hold a Netpreneur Summit in the UK next year. Watch this guy!

Stuart Stirling

I was humbled to be able to share what I know about building a lifestyle business with list building. I went through the basics of niche selection and how to get the ‘ideal prospects’ on your list that turn into repeat customers. I also shared a few of my viral list building techniques. Perfect for if you want to build a list and make money while you’re relaxing at the beach or partying in Tokyo!



Entry to the event was a mere $497 per person. Can anyone say, “massively under-priced”?!

People are saying, including Gulliver Giles, that is was easily a $5000 per head event. And I have to agree.

The content shared and the networking done in that room over those 2 short days is priceless.

An amazing event in the best place on Earth – Tokyo, Japan. We were in the heart of Tokyo, at Hotel Sunroute Plaza Shinjuku. This is one event we will all remember for the rest of our lives.

By now, you’re no doubt kicking yourself that you weren’t there. But there will be one next year in Tokyo and also one in the UK.

Buy your ticket for them as soon as they go online. If you can’t wait, you can buy the Official notes from this year’s Event (also pick up the videos in the upsell) and learn the awesome content we shared. It seriously is worth thousands to your bottom line, when you implement it!

Speaking of ‘taking action’, I’ve got to get back to implementing the pages of notes that I took at the event. Catch you soon!


Stuart Stirling

p.s. A big thank you to all the attendees who came from the corners of the globe to attend. I am honored that I was able to meet most of you and have a chat, even just for a few minutes. Good luck taking massive action and I am looking forward to seeing you again at next year’s event, or perhaps even sooner!

Free Training: How to Set Up A Squeeze page From Scratch

Thanks and welcome to this free training video for beginner list builders.

In this training video, I’m going to show you…

  • where and how to get ‘ready-made’ squeeze page templates,
  • how to add an opt-in form to the squeeze page
  • how to upload it to your web host/server
  • how to edit a Word doc and convert it to PDF
  • how to upload it and attach it to an email
  • how to make sure your emails don’t go in the spam folder

(Watch Video In Big Screen)

Sites and resources mentioned in this video:

Enjoy and catch you in more training videos!

Stuart Stirling


My Website Was Running Slow. Here’s How I Fixed It.

This blog is running fine now, but for the last few weeks before writing this post, it was running so slow.

I finally got sick of the WordPress White Page of Death and aimed to put an end to the slow page loads.

I went to work and I FINALLY figured out WHY it was running slow. I was surprised at what I found. Watch my video below to find out what I did to make my site run faster. It wasn’t what you think.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And if you have any more advice or tips to share for speeding up websites, please let the world know!

Stuart Stirling


Avoid Getting Scammed Online – And What To Do If You Get Scammed

No matter if it’s a digital product you’re buying or a physical product, there are scams everywhere you look online.

But before we go into how to avoid being scammed, let’s get clear on what a scam is.

I feel the word ‘scam’ is often misused.

Some people use the word ‘scam’ to mean ‘I paid for the product and although I downloaded it, it didn’t work for me’.

Correct me if I’m wrong, but that is not a scam. That is either the product is faulty e.g. it’s a plugin that doesn’t work, or you just didn’t take the time to use the product and calling it a scam to cover your own laziness because it ‘doesn’t work’ for you. I most cases, information products, courses ‘work’ if you put in the effort to apply it.

A scam is when you pay your hard-earned dollars but you don’t get anything. You get a big fat zero.

Like my buddy in Australia years ago, who bought a camera from Ebay and never received it. He got scammed. They took his money and ran!


So in this article, I want to talk about how to avoid getting scammed – when you actually pay for something and the seller disappears, never to be seen or heard of again.

Just over the past couple of weeks, I’ve seen a handful of horror stories around the web of people getting ripped off with buying solo ads or paying for sales letters, even coaching, that never gets delivered!

I’m not sure if it’s just a coincidence or scammers are on the rise, but I was surprised to find so many examples in a short time period recently.

What is really distributing is that some of the sellers (scammers) actually have a good track record, i.e. they’ve been around in the scene for quite a long time. Then all of a sudden they turn to the darkside. They take the trusting person’s money and cut off all contact, leaving them with a plate of fresh air and disillusionment, not to mention fury towards the scammer and a sick gut feeling.

It’s very disappointing when I see people getting scammed. I know the sick feeling because I have been scammed in the past too. It’s a feeling I don’t want anyone to have to feel.

The best way I know to avoid a scam is to do your research BEFORE you buy to check out the validity of the seller and product or service being offered.

You have the world’s best search tool, Google, and it’s just a click away. Go over to Google and search for the “product name + scam” or “seller name + scam” and read reviews and other reports that you find. If there are bad reports of scams, then you know to avoid it.

If it’s a seller advertising on a public forum, like the Warrior Forum, read the comments/posts thoroughly. Sometimes the seller will be all genuine for the first little while, but then disappears, and the comments on the 2nd and 3rd pages of the thread will tell you that.

If you do become the victim of a scam, contact the seller as much as you can through as many different communication channels as possible – Email, skype, Facebook, Twitter, phone, etc. If it seems like a dead-end, contact the payment processor whom you paid through (e.g. Paypal) and open a dispute.

Be careful from who you buy from. Online scams do exist so you need to be aware and don’t rush in to buying anything from an unknown seller until you’re 100% sure it’s a genuine deal.

If you’re running a business online selling your products and services, you need to be mindful that your (potential) customers are cautious about who they give their money to. You need to become a trustworthy source.

Make sure you build trust with your prospects as soon as possible.

The easiest way to do that is to be genuine and show the reader that you’re a real human being, and are contactable. Offer guarantees and honor refund requests. I’ve granted refunds only to have them buy a different product from me later down the road.

If your business is a faceless webpage with no contact details, no guarantee and no testimonials, your sales will struggle.

And of course, don’t scam people! Karma is a bitch.


Stuart Stirling