Squeeze Page Split Test Results Round TWO!

Tweet A couple of weeks ago I posted some results of a very surprising split test with my weight loss list building campaign. After finding the winner of that split test, I decided to run a new split test with the winner of that going against another squeeze...

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Surprising Results! Results From My Squeeze Page Split Test

Tweet For the past year, I was running an ugly old skool squeeze page my Weight loss site. Ugly graphics, the works. You can see it below. I recently decided to fire back up some traffic to my weight loss squeeze pages because I want to focus on building my...

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Perfectionism Kills Productivity

Tweet I was chatting with a customer a while back and he was telling me about two info-products he’s been working on for around 6 months. He still he isn’t ready to release them and show them to the world yet because they’re not perfect. I sa...

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Do You Have What It Takes To Be Successful In MLM?

Tweet I guess another title for the article could be “The truth about MLM”. If you’re reading this, then you’re probably in a MLM or thinking about getting in one.. maybe just interested in making money and looking for options. An R...

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How To Do Link Exchanges To Get Free Website Traffic And Backlinks & How To Automate It

Tweet Automation is the key to running a successful online business. I’m going to tell you about Link exchanges, why it’s one of, if not THE best set and forget traffic generation methods, and how you can automate it. Trading links with other websi...

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Aweber’s Bad Deliverability, Low Email Open Rates, & Down Time

Tweet Is it time to switch from Aweber to a new autoresponder service? Aweber used to be cool, but they’re starting to go down like a sinking ship with all the numerous problems. I use Aweber and have been recommending aweber for years.. but I’m ...

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How to Legally Steal Your Competitors Traffic

Tweet Here’s a simple yet effective technique you can use to get free traffic back to your website from your competitors’. The method: Post comments on blogs and forums on the pages that come upon page 1 of google for a search term that is targeted...

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