How to Legally Steal Your Competitors Traffic

Here’s a simple yet effective technique you can use to get free traffic back to your website from your competitors’.

The method: Post comments on blogs and forums on the pages that come upon page 1 of google for a search term that is targeted to your offer/website.

This way it’s like you’re getting page 1 listings without paying for them.

The trouble is that you’re only going to get a portion of the traffic that comes to the page and it’s hard to get your comments approved.

But the upside is that any comments with your links in which do get approved, they’ll be there for a long time drip-feeding you traffic daily.

Watch the video for more details.

How to write a comment that will get approved:

  1. Read the post
  2. write a related, intelligent comment, some extra insight would be good too
  3. Leave your link in plain site under your name and comment. In the “URL” field is fine too if you don’t want it to show in the actual post.

Most comments will be manually approved, so if you wanted to check back on the ones you do submit, make a spreadsheet with all the urls you make a comment on and check back a week later to see if it’s there.

For forum posts, they get approved instantly so they’re a goldmine. Just try to get in on the 1st page of the thread.

Hope you like it! Let me know what you think of it.

Stuart Stirling

The Slow Way And The Fast Way To Reach $1k/Month

The speed of reaching your income goal really depends on how fast you can get traffic!

fast traffic

Image from this guy on flickr

It’s easy to get an offer or product together ready to sell. There are countless business opportunities and affiliate programs you can join instantly and earn commissions. But just having a great product is not going to pay you anything without traffic and the right kind of traffic.

With any traffic that you get I highly recommend you’re building your list, collecting leads, whatever you want to call it. If you’re after a simple list building system, check out my Viral builder & 30 minute list memberships.

The best is if you have your own unique squeeze page so you have something completely unique. You can build your own squeeze pages with a tool like WP Optins which lets you create nice looking squeeze pages with the ease of WordPress.

If you’re in a program like Empower Network or Pure leverage they supply you with ready-made squeeze pages for you to use to build your list and promote their program.

See, getting a list building and income system together is only half the picture and it’s easy.

The trick to succeeding and reaching your income goals is to actually advertise your squeeze pages effectively. i.e. drive traffic and getting qualified leads on your list!

This is where most fall over and get no-where and quit after they see no results  – because they’re getting no traffic!

It really comes down to getting traffic. And how much traffic you can get depends on either 1) how much time you have to spend getting free traffic or 2) how much money you have to spend on advertising.

If you want fast results i.e. fast traffic, you’re going to have to buy advertising. My favorite paid advertising methods are ppc, fb ads, media buys, solo ads, ezine ads and paid press releases.

The whole thing with business is that you need to see money as a leverage tool.

Most people go into a MLM or business opportunity with an employee mentality, which is a big reason so many fail.  They see money as the thing they earn in exchange for showing up at their job and working for a set time. They see it as their reward and something to keep safe, in their pocket and shut away in their bank.

You need to see money as just a leverage tool, a resource that you can use to create more money, and save time because time is money. If you have this mentality off using money as a leverage tool, you’ll be able to see the results you’re looking for faster.

It’s simple math. You invest $100 in advertising, and get $120 back.. maybe you only get $101 back, but you just want to have something with a positive ROI.

If you go into business with ZERO dollars for advertising, there are ways but it will cost you time, and you probably won’t see a lot of traffic fast. It is usually a slow trickle of traffic, which means your results will be smaller and take longer to see.

The best free traffic generation methods are posting youtube videos, forum marketing, facebook fan pages, article marketing, blogging, article submission, free press releases, guest blogging, links aswap, banner ad swaps, and email ad swaps. There are more but you can’t do everything if it’s just yourself.

So in short, the next step to getting your income goals after you’ve got your business or system ‘set up’ is to get the traffic. You either buy it for fast results or use free methods for slower result.

I actually recommend you do both. Both free and paid traffic. A lot of free traffic methods like Youtube and articles will send traffic long term, even though it will be a trickle. Paid traffic is essential to get leads fast and some momentum going in your business.

Stuart Stirling

How To Get What You Want In 2014

Happy New Year!

There are a ton of things I want to write and tell you about but I don’t have the time to write a long article for each of the topics so I’m just going to spray them all down here and hope you can make sense of it all.

Here is a list of some “random thoughts” that you may be able to take on board as you’re heading into 2014, with the one aim of basically ‘getting what you want’.

These are actually pieces of advice I’m giving to myself. Some are practical, others are psychological mindsets, but I think you’ll enjoy reading them and I’m sure some will help you.

1. Be yourself – Don’t compare to others. Compare yourself to you.

Don’t try to be better than the next guy and don’t ask ‘Why am I not as successful as that guy?’

Just try to be better than you were yesterday.

7InsightsEveryone’s story and background is different – you don’t know their full story so comparing yourself to others does nothing positive –  even when done the other way around (ie. saying or thinking “I’m better than that guy”) When you find yourself comparing to others, replace those thoughts with, “what am I working on to be a better me?” then get back to work on it!

I’ll admit that it’s hard to avoid seeing ‘other people’s success’ when it’s blasted in our face 24/7. 

It’s everywhere online. Facebook, emails, sales letters, blogs..

One of my pet peeves is seeing posts on Facebook that are big “Look at me! I’m making money!” when they put up screenshots of their commissions or some other ‘awesome’ result.

And what’s funny is that these guys are trying to say they’re in the business of “helping others succeed”. To me, posting that kind of stuff is a big “F%$# you!” and doesn’t genuinely help others. 

What I’d much rather see people, and I try to do this too, is post content that actually provides information and educates people.

Sure if you show us a method that you used and it got you ‘these awesome results’ great, share away.

When I see some clown showing off on Facebook or in emails or whatever.. and I recommend you do this too, is “Unfollow” them on Facebook, unsubscribe from their email newsletter and make a decision not to be like them.

If you want to get people’s attention and not be a douchebag about it – create and/or share valuable content. 

2. Really think about the direction you’re taking and think about ‘positioning’ yourself in your marketplace.

This will help you from wasting a lot of time screwing around and spinning your wheels.

Having a clear direction is essential.

Think about what you want. Really think and make a firm decision that ‘this is what I want’.

If you’re just umming and arring, saying “umm.. yeah I guess this would be nice to do/have” then you’ll never ever ever get what you want.

The universe/life/God whatever you believe, doesn’t work like that – it doesn’t give abundantly to “hopeful wishers”.

You’ve got to be relentless about going after what you want.

If you don’t know what you want, NOW is the best time to start thinking and deciding on it. It’s the beginning of the new year so do it now while it’s the season to do it.

3. Strive to be a leader in your industry. Room is running out for ‘mediocre’ business owners.

I truly believe and am starting to see there is “plenty of room at the top”.

It might mean you stretch the boundaries of what’s considered ‘the norm’ in your business – and you might piss off people on your way of doing it differently.

But the payoffs will be worth it.

Dare to be bold.

4. Master your craft. This goes hand in hand with being a leader. You can’t really lead when you’re not excelling in your field of work.

If you’re in design or anything to do with visual aesthetics, be on the cutting edge of design.

I’m sick of all my websites looking like they were made in 2006. So one thing I’m planning to do is update my sites to look fresh.

Speaking of websites, I’m actually massively changing my focus of my core business in the new year. Which means that I’ll be shutting down a lot of my sites. So I’ll actually only have a ‘few’ that I’ll need to update.

Mastering your craft also means learning how to use your PC, how to type properly, how to use your software better, keeping on top of new advancements and trends in the marketplace, how to ‘talk’, how to ‘sell’.. and the list goes on and on.

Stay alert and ‘in the loop’. Follow someone who always is one step ahead of the rest in your field.

5. Know your ideal customer. 

There is this guy on Facebook.. not mentioning any names.. but he is pushing an MLM and he tags dozens of people in his screen shots thinking he’ll get them ‘in’ with his hype and B.S.

The guy is a douche.

A couple of times he’s tagged me in his images so I get a notification and keep getting notifications whenever someone posts a comment.

So I’m seeing all these comments from broke, desperate people telling him they’re broke and desperate and they can’t join because they have no money.

The hilarious thing is, he’s telling them “Don’t worry! if you don’t have any money, you came to the right person…. this is the exact opportunity for you” 


To me this guys’ “ideal customers” are broke losers! Good luck to him!

Success in business is about YOU choosing your customers and clients. Not the other way around like the majority of marketers do it.

Once you know the type of customers and clients you want, (hopefully they aren’t broke) you can attract that type of person with your ad copy, your offers, sales funnels etc.

So it goes a lot deeper than just ‘choosing a niche’. You need to be choosing your customers/clients inside that niche too.

6. Surround yourself with like-minded people – or people you want to be like. 

It’s been quoted a million times.

“You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with.” – Jim Rohn

I love Jim Rohn. He was a man brimming with wisdom.

This video is where my ‘inspiration’ for this blog post title came from.

Spend more time online building your network online. Choose the people you want to learn from and ‘hang out’ with carefully.

There are worthwhile online forums and Facebook groups, skype groups, but within those groups, try to find people you can build a real solid relationship with. Become more than just an online ‘acquaintance’ with them.

It’s these relationships that will feed you, stretch you, boost you up when you’re lagging…. and to have a laugh with which makes working online fun.

7. Work out “What Success is for you”.

Is success for you a certain dollar figure? Or is it to live a balanced life – balanced between work, family, fun?

For me this year I’m planning to focus on the latter. For the last 7 or so years since I’ve been online, I’ve been pretty much solely focussed on the monthly figures as my way of gauging ‘my success’.

Maybe it’s because I’ve now got two kids or that I’m living comfortably without any major financial stresses  – but since the last half of 2013, my idea of ‘success’ has shifted from ‘hustling to make as much money as possible’ to ‘living a balanced life’.

Just today I found this blog post written by an online entrepreneur who has had the same shift as me. It kind of inspired me to write this post. I’m not saying you shouldn’t work your tail off to make as much money as possible, but work out what makes you happy.

For me, this year, I want to spend more time enjoying life.

Yes I’m going to work hard (actually I want to work smarter this year by delegating work and working in different areas of business that will pay me more for my time), but I’m going to do things I’ve been wishing I was doing the past few years.

Things like playing basketball with my friends, getting a fast car and hooning like a true Aussie, picking up a guitar or 2 and jamming away to some heavy rock tunes, studying the masters more and developing my talents.

This will require some ninja time management but that’s another thing I’m going to be working on this year.

Hope you got some valuable insights out of this post. And if you care to share any other points you’ll be working on this year, please write them below!

To a happy and prosperous 2014!

Stuart Stirling


Santa’s Top List Building Tips

Merry Christmas, for a couple of days ago!

I love this time of year, mainly for the giving and receiving of presents and being able to spend a happy time chilling with my family.

As you probably know, Santa Claus has perhaps the biggest “list” this side of the moon!


He’s actually an amazing direct marketer.

Santa’s got a great understanding of his customers, he knows every boy’s and girl’s innermost wishes, he takes their orders and delivers their products on time.

But the most important part is that the products are exactly what the customers (kids) want – so of course they are super happy.

That would sure make a for low return rate ; )

Ok, I admit, I don’t know all of Santa’s marketing secrets, but let’s just take a look to see if we can steal any marketing tips from Santa

Since I am an avid Email marketer and have created several products and tools to help you with List Building, let’s use that topic as a base to work upon.

As you probably know, Email is still very powerful in the direct marketing world. Yes, even though there is Facebook and Twitter and SMS etc, Email is still crushing social media – and I predict it will continue to do so for quite some time yet. 

But what has changed with Email marketing this year in 2013?

A lot actually. From Gmail introducing their “tabs” to just people in general becoming more and more ‘busy’ with social networking and other of those types of messaging platforms.

This is how I see the two biggest challenges we’re facing in email marketing heading into 2014.

1) how to get our prospects to hand over their best email address

2) how to keep readers active and buying again and again

I know… I know… these have always been the main objectives but now even more so these days..

First, the key is to get their BEST email address.

I hope you are aware that your customers most probably have their ‘good’ email address they use for important emails  (the one they give to friends, family and other ‘trusted’ people ) –  and then they have their  “spam catcher” email address they NEVER check which they just use to sign up to stuff they don’t really care about or don’t trust.

People are not dumb… they know and despise Spam with a passion and they that signing up to anything is going to mean “more email.. great!”

So there is no way in hell they’re going to give away their best email to any un-trusted source.

So that’s the main thing here. 

Become a trusted source.

How do you do that?

It’s simple, but not necessarily easy.

1) To get their best email, you’re going to have to come up with something that will engage them over the long term.

If you’re offering just a one-time download, you can write off the chance of getting their best email. They’ll probably just use their ‘spam catcher’ email to get your product that one time and then it’s ‘sayonara’!

2) Once you have their best email, the next challenge is to keep their interest piqued. This is quite simple compared to the first: Simply, don’t send crap. Email daily, email twice in one day, it’s great IF your emails are awesome. Just be aware that your customers can and will unsubscribe the moment they lose their taste for what you send.

If there is one tip I can give you about what kind of emails to send, it’s to send “entertaining” emails.

Stories, jokes, quotes, facts, stats, etc.. these are things we enjoy reading.

Sales pitch after sales pitch is not. Yeah it’s ok for a few days, but can get boring real fast.

Think about this for a sec… who’s emails do you open up and read first?

1) An email from your best buddy with info about the weekend fishing trip,

or b) a no-named marketer who has been sending you the same email since the day you got on his list, where he’s trying to sell you an ebook on “how to write and sell a kindle book”

I can bet email ‘b’ won’t even last 2 minutes in the inbox as the recipient goes down and clicks delete, delete, delete…

As an email marketer, you must build rapport with your customer.

Become one of their ‘best buds’ who they look out for emails from.

If you can’t, your emails are going to hit the trash box faster than Santa can say “Merry Christmas”.

Would you look out for emails from Santa? I sure would.

Would you have any second thoughts giving your best email to Santa? I wouldn’t. 

Have A Product/Information/Service So Awesome That People Would Line Up To Give Your Their Email & Beg You To Send Them Emails About It!

The best marketers are those who help people improve their lives. If you have something people are begging for, your job as an email marketer, or any other type of method you use, will become a lot easier.

All the best for a prosperous 2014!

stustirling2013-100pixStuart Stirling


Need A Downline Builder To Get More Sign Ups?

Are you in two or more business opportunities, are all excited to become the next big success story, but having trouble getting sign ups?

Maybe you’ve heard about using a downline builder to leverage your marketing efforts.

How can a downline builder website help you get you more leads and sign ups for your network marketing or MLM business?

In one sentence:

You can promote multiple businesses with one link.

Sounds good right?

You probably already know that trying to promote your biz opps individually can be hard work, and it can take a longer time to get results in each program.

Using a downline builder, you add your programs to your account – then promote the downline builder opportunity – so your referrals sign up, add their links to the programs (your programs) and if they aren’t in your program yet, they sign up under you (you get a sign up!).

You can focus your marketing efforts on just one site, and be building your leads and signs ups across multiple programs. 

The tricky part is finding a downline builder which gives you maximum return for your efforts.

A good downline builder will give you these features..

  • Is free to join and use
  • Add your programs of your choice
  • Allow you to collect the leads as  you promote the downline builder site
  • Promote your business and “brand” you as an expert to your downline
  • Let you earn profit and commissions while promoting the downline builder program
  • Be easy to set up which is essential for duplication! (meaning your referrals can replicate the system)

Sounds like the perfect system right? Does one exist?

If you’re looking for a system that has all the features above and more, then you’ll find is what you’re looking for. ticks all the boxes of what a downline builder “should” be so you can get maximum results from your efforts.

I could tell you all about viral builder, but the fastest way to learn is to watch this video…

If you’re ready to take your lead and downline building a notch – more like ‘put on STEROIDS’ then sign up for your free account at 

Truth be told, I am a co-owner of the site and use it personally to promote my business opportunities like Empower Network and Pure leverage.

This is the exact kind of system I had been searching for to help me promote multiple businesses. There weren’t any that had all the features that I wanted, so I created one “with it all”.

Sign up, it’s free, and let me know what you think.

To your online success,

Stuart Stirling


Are You Getting Subscribers But Not Making Sales?

Does this scenario seem familiar to you?

You start list building because you’ve heard that’s ‘where the money is’ so you get a squeeze page set up….

…then you and go out and buy ads; solo ads or PPC or banner ads and paying a premium price to build your subscriber base..

BUT, you are not seeing sales right away.. Darn.

Maybe you’ve got an OTO and a downsell and ads on your thank you page but the new subscribers just don’t seem interested in buying anything.

Perhaps you suck through a few sales but it doesn’t cover the cost of the ad you bought.

So does this mean you’re losing money? To the new comer to list building, yes. It looks like you’re paying for subscribers that don’t buy.

It might scare you and make you think you’re throwing away money, but don’t fear.

Because the profits you will earn from your list are in the ‘back-end’.

What do I mean ‘back-end’?

I mean, the “follow up”.

The money isn’t really in the list, it’s in the follow-up.

You might or might not have heard it takes, on average, 7 points of contact before people will buy.

So in simple terms, it could mean that your subscribers won’t buy from you until they’ve received 7 emails from you.

Another thing to think about is the price of the ‘back end’ products you’re selling them.

If you’re paying $2 or $3 per subscriber, it will be hard to make a decent profit with $27 offers in your “back end”.

It’s ok when your list is big. Those $27 sales can add up, but even so, to really come out in front, you need to be selling a few mid to high range products.

By all means have a $27 product, but then also have a $500 product and a $5,000 product.. and products in between and even higher.

You might sell “bugger-all” of the $5,000 product.

But what if you only sold 1 a month?

Do you think that would instantly re-coup your ad spend for that month and give you some to leverage for the next month?

Do you think then you’d mind spending $3 or even $10 on a subscriber if you knew that you’d be able to sell a $5000 product that month?

Marketing amazes me that it can all be stripped down to mathematics.

Even though I suck at Maths, I know that having a high-ticket item in your funnel or follow-up will quickly put you in a positive ROI.

The moral of the story:

Create a good follow-up sequence and have a big Back-End and you’ll be right ass rain. 😉


Are you promoting a big-ticket item in your back-end?

stustirling2013-100pixTell me about it and what you think in the comments below.

Stuart Stirling

The Most EPIC Launch In The History Of The Online Marketing Industry

How ingenious and simply EPIC is the launch of Empower Network‘s new Blog Beast blogging platform?

This is how their launch panned out…

The key: Building pre-launch hype and executing a series of fun entertaining videos that pre-sold their new product – the Blog Beast!

I don’t usually like hype in marketing because usually the product doesn’t live up to the level of the product itself.
However, it’s true that hype sells. And when you consider they have spent $2 million on the development of the new blog beast blogging platform that is unique and is desgined to make users money, we’ll excuse them for building the hype.

It started when they told the world that their new product is coming but they will close their carts for 7 days.

People scrambled to join before the cart closed so they could participate in the launch, and they did.

No one could buy during the 7 days. At first you would think “why on earth would the close their shopping cart and cut off sales?”
This was also part of their genius.

Over the 7 days of “lockdown” they released episodes of their Hollywood production-like MOVIE series. Yeah, it’s an actual movie with a script, action, jokes and a story. Never seen anything like that in this industry before.

Their movie was released in 4 parts.

The first two told the story about the new blog beast software getting stolen and the head programmer Casey getting kidnapped by the guru syndicate.
Video three then blew the doors off the business opportunity and internet business world with a RAP song.

These guys, Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe exceeded everyone’s expectations for this launch. And to boot, the rap song “blog beast” is catchy and actually sounds like a professionally produced song! I’d love to download it and use it as a ring tone.

The Empower boys entertained people. They educated people about the soon-to-be-released Blog Beast and they started getting in line, credit card out and ready to get their blog beast when the cart opened.

And buy they did. David Wood posted on hi Facebook feed that sales were coming in at a speed of 250 sales per hour! Now that’s fast.

I don’t care if you don’t give a rat’s ass about Empower network or their products, but no-one can deny this was the most EPIC launch this industry has ever seen.

Yes I’m a members and affiliate of Empower network so I may be a little biased when I say that, but these guys are leading the pack and others are running and scrambling to follow.

If you’re not a member of Empower network – the most bad-ass community of online entrepreneurs to walk this earth, just get in.

Get in with me and my team and you’ll never look back. Why try and beat the best there is when you can join them.

As of now, they’re coming up on their 2nd birthday – and in these 2 years they’ve paid out $70 million in commissions to affiliates, they’ve got 100 staff working for them and over 150,000 members.

I’m so looking forward to the future of Empower network 5 and 10 years from now. And I’m looking forward to what my business and my team will look like 5 and 10 years down the track. I can hardly imagine how big it will get. All I know is that I’m excited!

There is no better time than the present to make a new decision, to start something new that could change the course of your life. For you, that something could be Empower network.

See you at the top!

Unleash Your Beast!

Stuart Stirling