How To Combat Your Blog Content Being Stolen

Auto-blog systems that run spam blog or auto blogs gets it’s content from other sites around the web using their RSS feeds.

If you’ve got a WP blog then chances are that your content is being scraped and used on auto-blog sites a.k.a. spam blogs.

Most of the time, you don’t even know that your content is being used.

When these spam blogs pull content from your sites, they sometimes keep the link back to your site, which is good and bad. Other times they post your content without even crediting or giving you the link you deserve.

I don’t know about you but if someone is going to steal my content and use it on their site, I want something in return. And especially if they don’t use a link back to my site.

The solution to combat content theft this way is to use a plugin like WP FeedAds.

Here’s how WP feed ads works.

It’s a very small, light weight plugin that does a simple job, but it can have big returns for you.

When the auto-blog (I like to call them ‘splogs’; short for “spamblogs”) plugin pulls your content, they pull in the ad that you set in the WP FeedAds section also, resulting in free advertising and free traffic for you.

Pretty cool idea huh? I thought so too.

You can download a copy of the plugin here.

Let me know what you think.

Stuart Stirling



6 Ideas For Getting More Comments On Your Blog

Since I started this blog in January 2010, I am delighted at the number of comments that my readers leave….even on posts thatย  are weeks/months old!

From 2006 till 2010 I was using a Blogger blog to share my Internet marketing tips on, and it was a real struggle to get comments on that blog.

Over those 4 years on blogger, I can count the number of comments I got on my fingers. Seriously!

Was it the change to wordpress that magically brought people flocking to leave their comments?

In a word – YES!

I would have to say that the vast array of readily available WordPress plugins have made it much more inviting and beneficial for readers to leave comments on this blog.

It’s normal to think that readers would leave a comment regardless of whether or not they get a backlink or get their gravatar photo on the page if they enjoy the content. But this, as I experienced with blogger, was not always the case.

It happens sometimes, but if you give your readers some extra incentive to leave a comment, the chances of getting them increase greatly.

For those of you who want the quick version here’s a break down of my little blog comment formula in bullet points…

  1. Share good, current, informative content on your blog.
  2. Use a Wordress blog. I think people are so used to WP and the commenting procedure, so it’s easy…not to mention all the cool (and mostly free) plugins for WP, some of which I’ll introduce below.
  3. Get Gravatars in your comments. Either get a theme with Gravatars built in or get a plugin that puts them in. People love to see a picture of themselves and it makes your blog look more lively.
  4. Install Comment Luv or a similar plugin. If you can give readers incentive like a link to their latest post, they’ll want to comment. I have comment luv installed on this blog. Watch this video to see exactly how it works.
  5. Allow readers to subscribe to comments. I use a plugin called .. well, “Subscribe to comments”. It helps to keep comment-ers updated on the conversation which can bring them back to your blog.
  6. Ask for comments directly. Ask and you shall receive, right? At the end of your post, ask your readers to leave a comment or question they had about the article. Or if you can’t think of a reason, just say something like “Leave a comment to let me know you’re alive!”

There are several other ways to capture comments too, such as running a competition or using a plugin to giveaway a freebie in exchange for a comment so you’re not limited to just the ideas I mentioned above.

If you can think “win-win”, that’s always going to be the best for anything you do with your business – including your blogging.

Thanks for reading and if you liked this post, please leave a comment to let me know that you’re alive! (and you’ll get some comment luv too ๐Ÿ™‚

To your success,

Stuart Stirling

How to Make Google Love Your Blog In 4 Steps

Dominating Google is not the “be all and end all” of internet marketing as some marketers seem to be fixated on, but they are still one of the major places marketers are tapping into a lot of free traffic.

You’ve probably heard by now that Google loves blogs.

So why does Google love blogs and how can you make them love your blog?

Here are a few pointers…

1. Set the “permalink structure” so your post title (keywords) are in the page URL. If you use WordPress, then it’s as easy as going to your settings and adding a custom permalink structure.

This is the code I use: %postname% and that makes the page URL for each post contain the post’s title. So when you use this, you want to make sure you’ve got some keywords in your title because as you know, Google loves blogs with keywords in the URL.

2. Update your blog often. Ok, you’ve had this one drilled into you a million times, but it’s important. Google loves fresh new content. It can be a drag updating your blog everyday but updating with a new post everyday is a good idea. It doesn’t have to be a masterpiece or half a novel either. Just a brief post does the trick.

3. Add a sitemap. This one is totally necessary…I don’t know why but it is so just get one! Again with WP, there are a heap of sitemap generator plugins that will make one for you automatically. You just have to search for them.

I use this one Google (XML) Sitemaps Generator for WordPress. If you’re not a wordpresser, you can do a search for a generic sitemap generator on Google.

4. Get inbound links. Getting backlinks, inbound links or whatever you want to call them are super dooper important for your blog’s (or any website for that matter) Google rankings. Basically, the more backlinks you get, the better your ranking. Again I don’t know why this is, it just is ๐Ÿ™‚ I guess that Google sees a blog with a lot of other websites linking to it, a kind of “authority” site so it gives it more love.

You can get backlinks by either buying them, getting them free by submitting content/bookmarks etc. to other sites or exchanging them with other webmasters. You want to get backlinks without the rel=”nofollow” attribute..again, don’t know why, just one rule for boosting up your Google PR (if this rule still applies I’m not sure). Here is a list of sites you that can find those “no-nofollow” websites.

SEO can be a tough game when you’re up against some heavy competition, but following these basic techniques, you’ll see your blog rising in the Google search ranks.

It won’t happen overnight, but it will happen.

To your blogging success,
Stu “Sensei” Stirling

3 Reasons Why Every Marketer Needs A Blog

working on my new blog

If you’re trying to make money online, do you have a blog? If not, I recommend you pull your finger out and get one.

There are so many benefits and ways to make money with blogs that I could create a whole course about it (many already have).

Whether you’re promoting yourself and your own products or promoting other people’s products, you can’t go past a blog as a promotion tool.

Here are a few big benefits of having a blog and how you should use a blog to become more successful online.

1. A Blog Brands YOU. One of the biggest mistakes I see many marketers make is that they don’t brand themselves. People don’t trust a faceless website. People want to buy from a real person…someone they trust.

Blogs can be used for branding of a product too but they are great for branding YOU, a real person, because of the way blogs can be updated with articles, photos….and the way other people can interact on blogs gives them a more personal touch than a static HTML website.

2. Blogs are Quick & Easy to use. You don’t want to be making files and uploading them to your website every time you want to add some info..that takes too long! Blogs make it quick and easy to publish new content to the web. You just type and hit the publish button.

I love WordPress blogs and they are have become so advanced with all the plugins etc. but I’m amazed at how they are still so user friendly! You don’t need to be a computer geek to use a blog.

3. Blogs get Traffic! We all know that website traffic is the fuel that keeps our businesses running, and blogs are great traffic magnets! Google loves blogs and so do real people.

Blogs can be optimized for both the search engines to get free search engine traffic and for real people so they can keep coming back (and also to get them to click to other sites hint: affiliate links).]

Ok, I could go on and on but I’ll cut it there as I think these are the top 3 reasons why marketers need a blog.

If you can think of any more reasons that should be on this list, please leave them below in your comment. I’d love to hear your input.

Stuart “blogger” Stirling