Santa’s Top List Building Tips

Merry Christmas, for a couple of days ago!

I love this time of year, mainly for the giving and receiving of presents and being able to spend a happy time chilling with my family.

As you probably know, Santa Claus has perhaps the biggest “list” this side of the moon!


He’s actually an amazing direct marketer.

Santa’s got a great understanding of his customers, he knows every boy’s and girl’s innermost wishes, he takes their orders and delivers their products on time.

But the most important part is that the products are exactly what the customers (kids) want – so of course they are super happy.

That would sure make a for low return rate ; )

Ok, I admit, I don’t know all of Santa’s marketing secrets, but let’s just take a look to see if we can steal any marketing tips from Santa

Since I am an avid Email marketer and have created several products and tools to help you with List Building, let’s use that topic as a base to work upon.

As you probably know, Email is still very powerful in the direct marketing world. Yes, even though there is Facebook and Twitter and SMS etc, Email is still crushing social media – and I predict it will continue to do so for quite some time yet. 

But what has changed with Email marketing this year in 2013?

A lot actually. From Gmail introducing their “tabs” to just people in general becoming more and more ‘busy’ with social networking and other of those types of messaging platforms.

This is how I see the two biggest challenges we’re facing in email marketing heading into 2014.

1) how to get our prospects to hand over their best email address

2) how to keep readers active and buying again and again

I know… I know… these have always been the main objectives but now even more so these days..

First, the key is to get their BEST email address.

I hope you are aware that your customers most probably have their ‘good’ email address they use for important emails  (the one they give to friends, family and other ‘trusted’ people ) –  and then they have their  “spam catcher” email address they NEVER check which they just use to sign up to stuff they don’t really care about or don’t trust.

People are not dumb… they know and despise Spam with a passion and they that signing up to anything is going to mean “more email.. great!”

So there is no way in hell they’re going to give away their best email to any un-trusted source.

So that’s the main thing here. 

Become a trusted source.

How do you do that?

It’s simple, but not necessarily easy.

1) To get their best email, you’re going to have to come up with something that will engage them over the long term.

If you’re offering just a one-time download, you can write off the chance of getting their best email. They’ll probably just use their ‘spam catcher’ email to get your product that one time and then it’s ‘sayonara’!

2) Once you have their best email, the next challenge is to keep their interest piqued. This is quite simple compared to the first: Simply, don’t send crap. Email daily, email twice in one day, it’s great IF your emails are awesome. Just be aware that your customers can and will unsubscribe the moment they lose their taste for what you send.

If there is one tip I can give you about what kind of emails to send, it’s to send “entertaining” emails.

Stories, jokes, quotes, facts, stats, etc.. these are things we enjoy reading.

Sales pitch after sales pitch is not. Yeah it’s ok for a few days, but can get boring real fast.

Think about this for a sec… who’s emails do you open up and read first?

1) An email from your best buddy with info about the weekend fishing trip,

or b) a no-named marketer who has been sending you the same email since the day you got on his list, where he’s trying to sell you an ebook on “how to write and sell a kindle book”

I can bet email ‘b’ won’t even last 2 minutes in the inbox as the recipient goes down and clicks delete, delete, delete…

As an email marketer, you must build rapport with your customer.

Become one of their ‘best buds’ who they look out for emails from.

If you can’t, your emails are going to hit the trash box faster than Santa can say “Merry Christmas”.

Would you look out for emails from Santa? I sure would.

Would you have any second thoughts giving your best email to Santa? I wouldn’t. 

Have A Product/Information/Service So Awesome That People Would Line Up To Give Your Their Email & Beg You To Send Them Emails About It!

The best marketers are those who help people improve their lives. If you have something people are begging for, your job as an email marketer, or any other type of method you use, will become a lot easier.

All the best for a prosperous 2014!

stustirling2013-100pixStuart Stirling


4 Tips To Get Your Emails Opened Now!

Is email marketing dead?

By no means is it dead, it’s still super effective for getting traffic and sales fast, but I do think it’s harder than it used to be 2 or 3 years ago.

While it’s easy enough to build an email list, the biggest challenge seems to be in getting those who subscribed to open and respond to your emails.

How do you increase open rates?

I’m definitely not an email marketing scientist who has experimented and tracked stats for months, but I do know what has worked for me and what works for others  by doing a little research.

Here are some quick tips to try in your email marketing…

1. If you’ve got a special promotion coming up, send out a ‘warning’ email before you send the pitch email to tell your readers to look out for your next special email.

Giving a warning ahead of time will spark their interest and just give them a heads up so they know to look out for it.

Pre-selling goes a long way back and it’s still effective today.

2. Sending on a particular day and particular time of day? It’s often said that Mondays are the worst day for mailing out and Tuesdays are the best and the best times are between 11 AM and 2 PM EST.

In my experiences, there is not a huge difference in the day you send out nor the time! I have emailed my list at 12 midnight EST and had similar response to emails I sent around lunch time.

I do avoid emailing on weekends though. For one, most people aren’t at work where the majority of email reading goes on. And two, most people are relaxing and trying to enjoy a quiet weekend so I don’t like to bother them.

3. Have a planned promotion over several days.If you have a promotion where you’re increasing the price after X days or offering a limited bonus, this will create urgency which gets people to move sooner rather than later.

Also, if you add something new to the offer, you have another excuse to send to your list again to tell them about it.

4. Be known for sending good stuff. This goes without saying but if your readers know you for sending awesome stuff, they won’t be able to wait to open your emails. But on the other hand, if you’re not giving them what they like or too much hard selling them crap etc. your readers will soon ignore your emails and unsubscribe.

There is nothing wring with selling to your list. They expect to receive promos for you. Just make sure the offers you send them are in line with their interests and worth their time to check out/purchase.

Email marketing isn’t dead, but you need a little finesse with your email marketing techniques and strategies to get people on your list opening and reading your emails.

In closing, you might want to check out this short 2 minute video I found about a cool little strategy to increase open rates by 50% in 7 days.

This video was made by the guys at Aweber.

For the most reliable, high performance email marketing software, you really can’t go past Aweber. I’ve been using it for the last 3 years and have never had an issue with them.

To your success,
Stu Sensei Stirling

p.s. What do you think works best for increasing email open rates and CTR?