Throw Out the Suit! You Can Be Yourself And Be Successful!

My buddy and mentor James Brown and I were chatting last night and talking about some of the highly successful leaders and money earners in the internet business industry, in particular, those in Empower Network.

And one thing that came up in our conversation is that the top earners aren’t these stereotypical, corporate looking MLM guys that you usually see in massive multi-million-dollar companies, which Empower Network now is.

For example, you’ll never see the two creators of Empower Network, Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe wearing a suit!

I mean, you’d be lucky to see Dave Wood wearing a t-shirt with sleeves in his videos! Even his sales videos when he’s selling $3,00 products!

Since joining Empower Network and consuming  the training (which is awesome and extremely empowering, by the way) I got thinking that the typical ‘suit and tie’ business is serious type of mentality is not necessary.


I just recently watched a hilarious free training video by Dave Wood on the Empower network blog, which confirmed my thinking.

James Brown my buddy also says often, that “Business is personal” and in our chat last night he said, these guys in EN are just being themselves. And if we want to succeed and help others succeed in EN we have to just be our plain old selves… and encourage others to be themselves too.

Isn’t that so much better?

Running a massive successful business without having to put on the “serious face” and talking only about boring business stuff like the ‘keys to selling’ and the ‘keys to productivity’.

Wouldn’t you rather be yourself, wear what you want to wear, say what you want to say and share what you have learned that can help others in the way YOU want?

Now that’s what being an Internet Entrepreneur is about!

It’s 2013, not 1990. People just don’t give a crap about boring ‘sales’ or tech talk anymore.. because there is a TON of it all over the internet already. You don’t need to add more to it.

I’m not saying don’t produce training… I’m saying produce and teach but add YOUR personality into it. Be yourself. Business is personal. People relate to people. Not everyone relates to everyone.

That means, you can’t relate to 100% of the people. If you try, you’ll come off looking and sounding like a dork robot and boring as hell.

So what if you don’t relate to 50% of the people in your niche. Only a handful might relate and like your stuff, but those handful will be there every time, watching for your emails and your videos… and they’ll share with their friends like them who will also most probably relate you you.

So the point is, don’t be afraid to be yourself in business. Forget the serious shirt and tie serious style. You will have better results.

It might feel uncomfortable at first because it feels like you’re not doing it ‘right’, or you may be afraid someone will not like you or your style, but you have to get over that!

Have fun your business, be yourself, and people will come to you because you are who you are.

That’s me out for this blog post!

I’m going to change my blog header image here because I hate that photo of me wearing a suit and tie!  I NEVER wear a suit and tie expect for wedding and funerals.. and the odd time I go to church.

Expect to be seeing the real me who loves sports cars, basketball and heavy metal music like Slipknot!

Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


Stu ‘Ninja in real life’ Stirling

p.s. I’m heading to Australia tomorrow for a 3 week vacation! Can’t wait! It’s my first real vacation in 2 years. Well deserved if I do say so myself.

Will Mrs. Glitch Get Her Break? [LOAIM Ep. 3]

Poor Mrs. Glitch has been chasing after online riches for a long time with no results.

In episode 3 of my “Life of an Internet Marketer” series, her frustration builds so she goes to an Internet marketer for help like Mr. Klinx did in Episode 2. This is what happened…

These videos are pure fun… but can you see where she went wrong?

Are you in a similar situation? (I hope not!!) What can you do to NOT be like Mrs. Glitch?

Leave your comments below.

Stu Sensei

Mr. Klinx Wants To Make Money Online [LOAIM Ep.2]

I had so much fun making the first episode of “Life of an Internet Marketer” that I made a second episode.

This time, Mr. Klinx, a poor old jobless robot, wants to make money online so he talks to an Internet marketer for advice.

This is what happens…

It might seem funny (or not), but this is a pretty realistic scenario!

i.e. The guru internet marketer wants to sell his expensive course, but the desperate guy looking into it has no money!

I hope Mr. Klinx can make some money soon!

Stu Sensei

p.s. Let me know what you think of the videos? Do you want to see more?

“I’m An Internet Marketer” [LOAIM ep.1]

Time for a change of pace with something a little amusing…

Have you ever been asked “So, what do you do?” and you respond with “I’m an Internet marketer.”

Then they look at you like you’re a drug dealer? Here’s a funny video I made of that exact type of conversation.

I hope you like it!

This is the first episode in my new series called “Life Of An Internet Marketer” or “LOAIM”.

I’ve got more coming soon, so if you want to get alerts of them by using the form in the top right of this blog to subscribe.


Stu “Sensei” Stirling