4 Internet Marketing Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes in business, and it’s OK, because that’s how we can improve.

All you need is to realize where you’re going wrong and learn how to fix it.

This article will show you a few mistakes I made (and still make) so you can skip them and succeed faster

4 Big Mistakes You Can Learn From

1. Not having a clear goal.

You might have heard this before…

“If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know where you get there?”

Most of us have an idea of what we want to achieve but until you actually sit down and make really targeted goals, you’ll be wandering around aimlessly.

2. Being too perfect.

Perfectionism is a big hurdle that slows progress big time!

I can be a perfectionist sometimes…but I really wish I wasn’t. Sometimes I’m stuck before I start because I’m trying to make my idea perfect.

But some of my biggest successes have been when I got an idea and ran with it. It wasn’t perfect but it was good enough.

3. Tying to do it all by yourself.

Running your online business by yourself is a big job, as you might already know.

I still do most of my work myself…but I should outsource more.

When I DO outsource, it’s a massive burden off my shoulders. I really recommend it. Even if it’s just small things like getting graphics or articles written, this is where you can really get things done.

4. Not developing skills.

An online business requires you to have computer skills, marketing skills and a whole lot more.

I found that as I learned new skills, like copywriting for example, it helped me write better ads which helped my business grow.

You still might be learning how to use your PC or to type.. and if that’s the case, learn it well!

Your computer is your tool you use to run your business, and if you don’t know how to use it, you can’t run it very well.

It’s like trying to win the F1 and not even knowing how to drive a car.

The more skills you can develop, the more help and service you can provide to your customers.

Remember though, you don’t have to learn how to use every video and photo editing software..or learn php coding… because like I mentioned above, you can outsource that kind of work.

Skills like that can be “borrowed” but skills you might want to develop as an online business owner could be marketing, networking, time management and managerial skills.


I hope these little pointers help you avoid some mistakes that could stop you from achieving your dreams of making a living online.

Stuart Stirling

How To Make Money Giving Away Free Stuff

FREE! It’s the most powerful word in advertising.

But logically, it doesn’t make sense that you can actually make money giving away free stuff.

To newcomers to internet marketing, this concept may confuse them and lead them to ask the question, “If it’s free, how do you make money?”

To seasoned marketers, we know the power that lies in the “free” marketing concept to make a lot of money, while giving our customers exactly what they want.

Just about everywhere you turn, there is someone offering a free membership, a free report, free advertising, free trial and so on.

But…what happens when the recipient wants to get the free thing?

They sign up!

In other words, they become a lead, a subscriber, a prospect, allowing the marketer to continue contacting them and lead them down the sales funnel.

The free stuff is just the bait – to get them in the door.

Giving away that freebie is NOT the end, it is just the beginning of the relationship between prospect and marketer.

After the freebie seeker has signed up, they’ll be placed in a database to contact in the future.

And in those future contacts, they’ll be shown offers to buy something, upgrade their membership or register their software. Sometimes an offer is made to the prospect right after they sign up!

And that’s where the money is made.

Leads are where it all starts. That’s why list building is so important. And the great thing about having those prospects on a list is that you can contact them over and over.

The thing to remember is that you need to provide value in your free stuff. Because your prospect will think, “Wow! If his free stuff is this good, his paid stuff must be frikkin awesome!”

I’ve got numerous websites where I give away really great info and services away for free…they’re lead collectors for me while they give the recipient what they want.

But, I know you might not have your own website or free offer to get people on your list.

If that’s the case, you can become an affiliate of and promote other websites which have good free offers and upsells which you can make commissions from.

The websites of mine which affiliates have had the most success promoting are

1) www.TurnkeyCashkits.com and

2) www.StartMyTraffic.com.

Both of these not only have great free offers you and your referrals will love, but also high-converting back-end offers which you can make money from when you refer a sale.

That is the key to getting this business model to work

1. An irresistible free front end offer,

2. A high-value upsell,

3. …and if you can throw in an affiliate program

like I have, your websites will take off because they make everyone (your affiliates, your prospects and you) happy. It’s a win-win-win!

To your success,

Stuart Stirling

Where 99% Of Online Marketers Go Wrong

I have to say that I was guilty of making this mistake, particularly when I was just starting out starting up my internet business. But I feel that many others are making it too.

The common mistake is to be solely focused on “making money”….or making a “quick buck”.

Of course, almost all of us, myself included, like money. We need money. We work for money to bring in the moolah that will let us live the life we want, or simply just pay the bills to get by every month.

However, many people’s mindsets suffer from a misconception when it comes to making money “online”.

They think for some reason, (probably all the hyped up videos and sales letters) that making money online is as easy as clicking a few buttons, writing an ad and voila – you’re a millionaire overnight!

So people go around with the mentality that they can sell anything and it will be an instant success, turning them into internet marketing rock-star millionaires like the ones they see on the websites…

Well, sadly, if you haven’t had a taste of what actually happens online, then you probably are yet to find out that all that is total garbage.

So what is the right mentality to have?

Plainly put, “making money” should not be your first objective. Of course, we want money, but seeking only money, rarely results in it coming into our hands.

What I had to re-shape in my mindset was that before thinking…“what can I do to make money?”

….I first try to think “what can I do to help people get what they want?”

When you ask the latter question, the getting money part seems to work itself out without much effort at all. It’s easy to ask a decent price for a great service or product that fulfills thewants/needs or solves a problem of your customer’s.

After all, money does NOT grow on trees. You can’t make it from thin air.

Earning income is the process of customers trusting you enough to invest in your product or service.

And if you can show them how much your doobie-whacker can really help them, that’s when the cash really starts flowing in. But by then, you’ll probably be more pleased that people are loving your product than by the dollars filling up your bank account.

This is a quote from Zig Ziglar that sums it all up:

“You can have everything in life that you want if you just give enough other people what they want.” — Zig Ziglar

Remember that. Practice it…and you’ll never go wrong when it comes to succeeding in business getting anything else you want out of life.

Stuart “Sensei” Stirling

What Is The Right Niche For You?

When you decide that you want to start an online business, the first thing that comes to mind is often “what kind of niche market am I going to sell to?”

At first you might instantly think “the money! I want to go where the money is!”. While that’s high on the list for most marketers, it’s not the only single thing to consider when choosing the right niche for you.

There are two main things you want to consider when choosing a market before you dive right in.

And these are the 2 questions to ask yourself, (and not necessarily in this order)

1. Is there money to be made in this niche?

2. Am I passionate about working in this market?

Ok, let’s talk about the first one first, “is there any money to be made?” Of course, if you’re doing business for profit, you’ll want to get into a profitable niche rather than one that isn’t right?

Some people say that you can monetize any niche, and although that might be true to some extent, some niches are more “full of buyers” than others. You want to know which ones have the buyers so you’re not wasting your time with tire-kickers.

So how can you tell if a niche is profitable?

A good way to gauge how many people are buying is by looking at how many products are for sale and how much marketing is going on already in that niche. If you go to a related site within your potential niche and see a lot of advertising going on, then you can assume there is money being made!

Another way is to go to a popular affiliate market place such as clickbank.com and check out the latest top selling products. I say ‘latest’ because as the times change, so do popular and profitable niches/products.

Next, are you passionate about the niche you’re looking into?

Even if you find a profitable niche, you may not have the passion to give it all you have keep at it before you make your venture a success.

For example, I wouldn’t enter the “stamp collecting” niche even if it was lucrative, because I’m simply not interested in it (no offense to any stamp collectors out there).

Being an Entrepreneur, a home business owner, Internet marketer or whatever you want to call it is more than just a way to make a living, it’s a lifestyle. And it’s a lifestyle that requires hard work and dedication, just like many other “jobs”.

Luckily for us, we can choose what we want our lifestyle and “job” to be – that’s the beauty of being an entrepreneur!

Make sure you choose a niche you have a love for, something you can see yourself doing everyday.

Even when times get tough, you will still have enough drive and enthusiasm to battle through if you’re doing something you love.

Another point I might add is that it’s ideal that you have some kind of “expert” knowledge about your niche topic. Most of the time however, we are experts at what we love, even if we know it or not.

Sometimes we forget just how much we know about a certain topic because we’ve been “into it” for years. Don’t short sell yourself by thinking you don’t know enough about one type of niche.

Chances are you know 95% more than the rest of the world on the topic you have a passion for.

Stuart StirlingAnd as you know, knowledge is power and that power can be translated into great products and services you can sell for profit!

To your online success,
Stu “Sensei” Stirling

How To Start A Successful Internet Business

Selling stuff via the Internet (commonly known as Internet marketing) is a great business to be in! Billions of dollars are spent online each year by consumers and that number is growing bigger every year.

Maybe you’re eager to get into the IM scene and start an Internet business for yourself, but before you jump in, there are a few things you need know about.

And these are four most important online business fundamentals you need to know, in my opinion.

– How a business works
– How to sell (receive money) and deliver a product online
– How to get web visitors to see your offer
– How to grow your business

I’m going to try to answer these 4 big questions for you to give you an outline of what an online internet marketing business is made of.

1. How A Simple Online Business Works

In my short internet marketing career since starting in 2006, I have learned a lot about what makes an online business profitable and what makes a business un-profitable.

These are the 4 main things that make up the guts of a good solid online business:

1) You need a product or service you sell
2) You need a killer sales message (USP-Unique Selling Proposition)
3) You need a way to get paid
4) You need a way to deliver the product or service to the customer

That’s basically it – a simple online business structure described in a nutshell. Pretty simple right?

Other basic principles (or ethics) to make a successful business to take note of are: The customer is always right. Customer service with a smile goes a very long way & under-promising and over-delivering on your offer goes even further.

2. How To Sell, Collect Money & Deliver Your Stuff

The engines that runs all the selling and product delivery for your business is typically a website. Unfortunately, for a lot of newcomers to the internet, setting up a website is where most get lost and give up.

Websites can be as complex as the Starship Enterprise or as basic as a bicycle in terms of functionality.

As long as it does the few basic functions of displaying your sales pitch and then collecting the money you ask for your product or service, that’s all you really need.

A sales message doesn’t have to be any amazing masterpieces to work either. A good sales letter can be nothing more than a short description of your offer with instructions on how your customer can get it.

Which brings them to the next part – an online merchant account to take orders via credit card, debit card etc. It’s not everyone’s favorite, but I recommend www.Paypal.com to manage online payments. It still is a popular choice for many online business owners.

After your customer goes through the order process, they then need to be able to download or sign up for access to your product. For this, you need is a separate “thankyou page” where your customers are forwarded to after payment.

On this thankyou page, you can have your download link if you sell downloadable products, or a form to collect their name, email, shipping address etc. if you’re selling a physical product. Services like Paypal can redirect your customer to any page you specify for you.

Luckily, there are website systems you can set up to manage this type of e-commerce website. I have been using the RAP script for quite some time with great results. It offers all the functionality I need and more to sell my digital products online with security and automation.

3. Getting Customers

Once you have your online “store front” ready to take orders, you now need people coming to your site. This flow of visitors is called TRAFFIC!

The best advice I can give for traffic generation is this: USE THE RIGHT BAIT IN THE RIGHT LAKE!

In other words, you need seek out where those people who want your product are hanging out and don’t waste your time anywhere else.

If people are searching on ebay looking for what you sell, advertise it on ebay.

If people are searching Google for what you are selling, get your website ranking high in Google with SEO (search engine optimization) and so on.

The wrong way to go about traffic generation is to buy a bunch of cold, un-targeted leads just because you think 10,000,000 random email addresses for $100 is a bargain.

Go where the right crowd for your offer is. Seek out where your TARGET market spends time online and go after them with your advertising!

4. Plan For Long Term Success

For real success, we need to be in this business for the long shot. We need to have a long term vision and plan it.

The truth is, it takes time to build a real business. If you are too worried about making money now, you might give up before you get anywhere.

Everyone starts at the beginning and works their way up. It can take more time for some – and less time for others. It’s a combination of learning and doing and being patient while doing both.

But the most important thing to do is to actually start doing what you learn. That’s why I created the Newbie Start Up Guide, so as to help beginners take the short cuts to getting up and running online with a simple internet business.

Internet marketing is a constant learning experience. For me, my long term plan is to grow my business bigger and better while learning as much as I can. I try to be constantly thinking of and creating new products and offers to fit my customers needs to help them achieve success with their online ventures too.

To achieve this, it means thinking ahead, setting goals and working towards them with the big picture in mind. That with a positive attitude and determination, it’s almost impossible to fail with your online business.

Stu Sensei