Free Training: How to Set Up A Squeeze page From Scratch

Thanks and welcome to this free training video for beginner list builders.

In this training video, I’m going to show you…

  • where and how to get ‘ready-made’ squeeze page templates,
  • how to add an opt-in form to the squeeze page
  • how to upload it to your web host/server
  • how to edit a Word doc and convert it to PDF
  • how to upload it and attach it to an email
  • how to make sure your emails don’t go in the spam folder

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Sites and resources mentioned in this video:

Enjoy and catch you in more training videos!

Stuart Stirling


Squeeze Page Split Test Results Round TWO!

A couple of weeks ago I posted some results of a very surprising split test with my weight loss list building campaign.

After finding the winner of that split test, I decided to run a new split test with the winner of that going against another squeeze page.

Again, two completely different pages, but essentially offering the same thing.

Here are the results of Test 2 for you to check out and analyze!!


The New Skool Squeeze Page (2-Step Optin Form)

Winner of Test 1, Made with 1 Minute Sites



Old Skool SIMPLE Squeeze Page

Winner of Test 2, made with a free HTML editor and a stock image!



I used Ad Trackz Gold again to run my split test. I love that tool.


This again surprised me because it was the exact same traffic as I was getting for the first test.

I was running the same ads on the same PPC network.

Another interesting factor is that the winner of this test (SIMPLE old skool page) is NOT mobile optimized whereas the New skool made with 1 Minute Sites is.

I guess for a simple page like this, it still looks reasonably good on a mobile device so it still converted on mobile traffic.

The BIG HEADLINE really stands out no matter which device you use to look at it.

Why am I showing you my results?

I’m not worried if you copy these pages. Heck I don’t even mind if you copy them word for word, but if you do, TEST other versions and keep testing  until you find something that beats these! It probably won’t be very hard. These pages literally took me minutes to create.

I find it fascinating to see the results of split testing and this data is PRICELESS. Marketing is a numbers game so if you can pump up the numbers you’re going to me making more $$$.

Of course there are other immeasurable factors that go into marketing success, but for the most part, get the numbers right and you’ll have success.

Let me know your thoughts, questions and comments below!

You can see the results from the first split test here if you haven’t done so yet.

Stuart Stirling



Surprising Results! Results From My Squeeze Page Split Test

For the past year, I was running an ugly old skool squeeze page my Weight loss site.

Ugly graphics, the works. You can see it below.

I recently decided to fire back up some traffic to my weight loss squeeze pages because I want to focus on building my list bigger in that niche again.

Everyone Loves Split Testing!

Seeing how split testing is “all the rage” right now (it has been forever actually) I pulled my finger out and created a nice, sleek new skool squeeze page using 1 minute sites to run against my old template.

The whole purpose of split testing is to find the better converting page. In this case, I wanted to find the best converting squeeze page so I would get the most subscribers from my advertising (traffic) dollars.

Here’s a preview of the two pages I split tested.

New skool template is on the top. I used 1 minute sites to create it in literally a couple of minutes. It’s one of those flashy 2-step optin pages when the user clicks the button and an optin form pops up.

The old skool one looks like it was made in 2007 (it probably was). The template came from a PLR package. I just modified the copy and slapped my optin form code on it.




As with any split test I run, I had no idea which would convert better.

Sometimes you can get a pretty close prediction, but no-one ever does know which page will convert better until you test it.

I was actually thinking the old skool one would convert better.

But to my surprise the new skool template converted almost TWICE AS BETTER!

And the winner is….

optin page split test

The loser was the old skool template.. so guess what I’m doing with that?! It’s going in the recycle bin.


I used Ad Trackz Gold to run the split test. Here are the detailed numbers…


To be honest, I only started split testing and tracking stuff about 18 months ago. Big rookie mistake (that I was committing for almost 5 years! doh!)

TIP: If you’re serious about your business, you’ve got to track and split test too – unless you like throwing money down the toilet. 

Why such a big difference in conversion rates?

I am not entirely sure. The copy is almost the same. The headline on the new page has the word FREE in it. That could have made a difference.

My biggest suspicion is that the new skool squeeze page I made with 1 minute sites is MOBILE RESPONSIVE (optimized for mobile… it looks great on a mobile phone or tablet.) whereas the old skool template is not.

Especially in the weight loss crowd I was targeting, the majority of traffic was coming from mobile. (mobile traffic is crushing it no matter what niche)

My ads were running on all platforms (desktop & mobile) and I wasn’t able (or I just don’t know how to) segment my ads to use both separately.

In other ads in the weight loss niche I’ve run on Facebook, (the test above wasn’t using FB, but another PPC ad network) about 800% more traffic came from mobile.

The short story, YOU MUST HAVE mobile responsive page if you want a good conversion rate. That’s a great thing about 1 minute sites which I used to create the New skool squeeze page.

You hear talk from marketers saying this is better and you should do this, but one thing I’ve learned is that you just never know how well a page will convert until you test it.

Marketing is not some magic voodoo thing that only the ‘lucky’ can succeed at. It’s a numbers game largely. It takes a little extra work to run tests, but you really need to if you want to succeed.

Leave your thoughts and comments below.

Stuart Stirling

p.s. Click here to see the results of my next split test which I ran with this winning page against another very ugly and simple old skool page.

p.p.s. Keep up with my marketing activities and insights on Facebook and if you’re not on my email list yet, join here and get some free stuff too.

Aweber’s Bad Deliverability, Low Email Open Rates, & Down Time

Is it time to switch from Aweber to a new autoresponder service?

Aweber used to be cool, but they’re starting to go down like a sinking ship with all the numerous problems.

I use Aweber and have been recommending aweber for years.. but I’m starting to get fed up with them.. for real!


The latest problem they had was a DDOS attack… which resulted in the whole site and all forms being down for 48 hours. Not cool!

Then there’re the other horror stories that have been around for much longer and are ongoing….

  • People’s accounts getting axed for no reason at all…
  • Email delivery in the toilet (this one hurts the most)
  • A buggy-as-hell email template editor..
  • No official mobile app..
  • And the list goes on…

I will give it to aweber that they do have a lot of good things going for them.. they’re support and web forms are very good… and they’re stats/reporting are amazing.

But really.. if their forms go down and they struggle to get emails to the inbox… there are some serious issues.

So what’s the solution? Switch to a new autoresponder.

Aweber isn’t the only autoresponder on the scene, even though they’re one of the most popular. But definitely not the best, anymore.

These are my next best recommendations.

So which one should you get?

If you’re a complete beginner, go with Pure leverage because they’re simple to use AND they come with a whole tool suite to crank along your business… plus they’re affordable, just $1 to start …AND they have a bad-ass affiliate program.

In case you’re wondering, yes I’m an affiliate of Pure leverage and am happy to promote them. I haven’t had any issues with their system at all. They’re not perfect but they offer a great all-in-one solution for beginner to intermediate marketers.

If you’re a pro looking for a state-of-the-art system, go with either Get response or Send reach.

I’ve used all of these and more…. so I’m not just blowing hot air out of the woozy here.

Yes there are a ton of other Autoresponder and email marketing systems, including self-hosted systems. But for simplicity and the beginner user in mind, the above three are my top recommends.

So if you’re fed up with aweber and want to move to a more reliable and simple, cost-effective 3rd party platform, one of these are the way to go.

I myself am starting to phase out my use of Aweber. I’ll be keeping it as a back up option. I have dozens of lists with thousands of subscribers on them so I’m in no hurry to delete it. But I am starting to build all my new lists in either Pure leverage or Send reach.

Are You Getting Subscribers But Not Making Sales?

Does this scenario seem familiar to you?

You start list building because you’ve heard that’s ‘where the money is’ so you get a squeeze page set up….

…then you and go out and buy ads; solo ads or PPC or banner ads and paying a premium price to build your subscriber base..

BUT, you are not seeing sales right away.. Darn.

Maybe you’ve got an OTO and a downsell and ads on your thank you page but the new subscribers just don’t seem interested in buying anything.

Perhaps you suck through a few sales but it doesn’t cover the cost of the ad you bought.

So does this mean you’re losing money? To the new comer to list building, yes. It looks like you’re paying for subscribers that don’t buy.

It might scare you and make you think you’re throwing away money, but don’t fear.

Because the profits you will earn from your list are in the ‘back-end’.

What do I mean ‘back-end’?

I mean, the “follow up”.

The money isn’t really in the list, it’s in the follow-up.

You might or might not have heard it takes, on average, 7 points of contact before people will buy.

So in simple terms, it could mean that your subscribers won’t buy from you until they’ve received 7 emails from you.

Another thing to think about is the price of the ‘back end’ products you’re selling them.

If you’re paying $2 or $3 per subscriber, it will be hard to make a decent profit with $27 offers in your “back end”.

It’s ok when your list is big. Those $27 sales can add up, but even so, to really come out in front, you need to be selling a few mid to high range products.

By all means have a $27 product, but then also have a $500 product and a $5,000 product.. and products in between and even higher.

You might sell “bugger-all” of the $5,000 product.

But what if you only sold 1 a month?

Do you think that would instantly re-coup your ad spend for that month and give you some to leverage for the next month?

Do you think then you’d mind spending $3 or even $10 on a subscriber if you knew that you’d be able to sell a $5000 product that month?

Marketing amazes me that it can all be stripped down to mathematics.

Even though I suck at Maths, I know that having a high-ticket item in your funnel or follow-up will quickly put you in a positive ROI.

The moral of the story:

Create a good follow-up sequence and have a big Back-End and you’ll be right ass rain. 😉


Are you promoting a big-ticket item in your back-end?

stustirling2013-100pixTell me about it and what you think in the comments below.

Stuart Stirling 3000 Members In 17 Days, $5000+ Paid To Affiliates! Here Are The People WHo Made It Possible….

My new viral list building and marketing system is growing at break-neck speed!

Launching on July 8th and just now, 18 days later, we’ve had over 3,000 members join and we’ve paid out more than $5,000 in commissions and prize money to members.

We launched with a bang on July 8th with a Referral contest.

The contest ended when we hit 3,000 members earlier today, July 26th.

I really owe the HUGE success of to the members/affiliates/JV partners who have joined and referred people to the site so I want to give the Top 10 referrers credit right here on this post.

#1 Referee and Contest Winner

Frank Salinas

Prize: $500 cash



#2 Place:

Dave Whitworth

Prize: $300 cash



#3 place:

Mike Steup

Prize: $200 cash



#4 place:

James Brown



#5 place:

Mark Wade



#6 place:

Frank Bauer



#7 place:

Paula Frye



#8 place:

Frazer Lazell



#9 place:

Marco Baldwin



#10 place:

Singing Steve Bermann



Thanks once again to these members who promoted like crazy for this contest and are still sending traffic like crazy.

30 Minute List Traffic Ranking on

(as of July 26, 2013)

alexarankJuly25 alexarank2July25

Why is 30 Minute List such an amazing website that members are drooling over?

  • It’s free to join
  • It’s a complete system in a box that builds your list and pays you
  • No tech skills needed (if you can copy and paste you’re in business)
  • It’s easy and fast to set up (less than 30 minutes)
  • The viral system leverages your efforts to build your list 5 x times faster
  • Your referrals actually build your list for you too
  • You get paid Instant commissions on referrals
  • You can advertise inside the site
  • Great leadership and expert training (by yours truly)

How to join?

Easy, click here and create your free account at

Set aside 30 minutes to watch the videos after joining and get set up.

Then send people to your 30 Minute list referral link and let our website do the rest.

It’s simple, fun and fast.

Members are already seeing amazing results. See testimonials here…. is the fastest way to start seeing real results online if you’re starting from scratch or a seasoned marketer.



Create your free account at today



ninjastuThanks and I’ll see you inside!

Stuart Stirling

Ninja Marketer in Japan

How To Build A List The Easy Way Without Any of The Techy Stuff & Finally Make Money Online

It you haven’t heard yet, the most effective way to make money online is with a ‘list’!

The more people you can contact via your emails, the more money you can make.

Email marketing and list building is the #1 favorite way to market online because with the click of a button, you can be putting your offer in front of them any time of the day, any day of the week.

Of course I don’t recommend sending them just offer after offer, unless it’s the same offer or complimentary offer… I like to email my lists until they buy 🙂

(When they do buy, I put them on a new list so I don’t pester them to buy it any more (there’s a little ninja trick for ya) )

The problem though is, with ‘traditional’ list building it’s just too dang hard to get past the “techy” stuff…

For most people, they simply don’t know how or what’s needed to build a list.

Well the good news is, you don’t need to know how to set up a website or squeeze page…

Because in 2013, I’ve created a completely TURNKEY list building and money-making solution.


My new 30 Minute List system takes away ALL the techy barriers when it comes to building a list and making sales.

Here’s how you get started with (in 30 minutes or less…)

  1. Sign up for a free account
  2. Set up your list capturing system (create a new list and form in your aweber acct. and paste in the code in your profile.. video tutorials provided)
  3. Add your paypal email address so you can collect instant commissions
  4. Promote your unique referral link

As you promote, you will actually be building YOUR list*.

(*as explained in the video, you pass up your 1st 4 subscribers to your sponsor, then every one that joins after that will be jumping onto YOUR list first.. then your referral’s first 4 referrals will join your list.. and THAT’S where to viral power lies!)

Now that is just the list building side of things.

(Yes there is even more to this beast!)

The other cool features of the site are…


You can advertise inside the site members area with banner ads and text link ads. We even offer login ads and free gift spots where you can add your free gift.

This is how you can get traffic to any other program or product you want to promote.

Instant Commissions

As a member of you become an automatic affiliate so you can collect instant commissions on upgrades purchases your referrals make.


We have 5 levels of memberships at with different commission payouts and advertising benefits.

Since we launched 9 days ago, 1,620 members have joined and the feedback from everyone has been awesome.

30ML rocks!

Members are loving it because they can finally use a system that is easy and actually works to deliver results.

And you will too when you sign up to

It’s free to join and use the system. You can even make instant commissions promoting  as a free member, but if you upgrade to a higher level, you can make higher commissions, and get a whole lot of other ‘perks’ to help you build your list faster!

Get your Free Account at Now!

You’re going to love it. List building and making money online has never been easier.

Stu Stirling