My Wife Said I Couldn’t Make Money Online – She Was Wrong

Tweet “You can’t make money online!” This is what my better half told me when I first said I was going to start in Internet business. I had just moved to Japan and gotten married, and I wanted a way to earn money that would also give me the f...

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“I’m A Nobody, Why Would Anyone Buy My Products!?”

Tweet I remember having these exact thoughts when I first started out…. “What makes ME qualified to sell to anyone?” “Who on earth would ever buy from me? “ Maybe you’re having these same feeling too if you’re just get...

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Perfectionism Kills Productivity

Tweet I was chatting with a customer a while back and he was telling me about two info-products he’s been working on for around 6 months. He still he isn’t ready to release them and show them to the world yet because they’re not perfect. I sa...

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Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

Tweet How powerful (and dangerous) is the mind? I’ve recently joined Empower Network and got stuck into their training and am devouring it like a hungry wolf! It sure is empowering¬† – I’m feeling a transformation already in the way I’m...

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