How to Legally Steal Your Competitors Traffic

Here’s a simple yet effective technique you can use to get free traffic back to your website from your competitors’.

The method: Post comments on blogs and forums on the pages that come upon page 1 of google for a search term that is targeted to your offer/website.

This way it’s like you’re getting page 1 listings without paying for them.

The trouble is that you’re only going to get a portion of the traffic that comes to the page and it’s hard to get your comments approved.

But the upside is that any comments with your links in which do get approved, they’ll be there for a long time drip-feeding you traffic daily.

Watch the video for more details.

How to write a comment that will get approved:

  1. Read the post
  2. write a related, intelligent comment, some extra insight would be good too
  3. Leave your link in plain site under your name and comment. In the “URL” field is fine too if you don’t want it to show in the actual post.

Most comments will be manually approved, so if you wanted to check back on the ones you do submit, make a spreadsheet with all the urls you make a comment on and check back a week later to see if it’s there.

For forum posts, they get approved instantly so they’re a goldmine. Just try to get in on the 1st page of the thread.

Hope you like it! Let me know what you think of it.

Stuart Stirling

The Slow Way And The Fast Way To Reach $1k/Month

The speed of reaching your income goal really depends on how fast you can get traffic!

fast traffic

Image from this guy on flickr

It’s easy to get an offer or product together ready to sell. There are countless business opportunities and affiliate programs you can join instantly and earn commissions. But just having a great product is not going to pay you anything without traffic and the right kind of traffic.

With any traffic that you get I highly recommend you’re building your list, collecting leads, whatever you want to call it. If you’re after a simple list building system, check out my Viral builder & 30 minute list memberships.

The best is if you have your own unique squeeze page so you have something completely unique. You can build your own squeeze pages with a tool like WP Optins which lets you create nice looking squeeze pages with the ease of WordPress.

If you’re in a program like Empower Network or Pure leverage they supply you with ready-made squeeze pages for you to use to build your list and promote their program.

See, getting a list building and income system together is only half the picture and it’s easy.

The trick to succeeding and reaching your income goals is to actually advertise your squeeze pages effectively. i.e. drive traffic and getting qualified leads on your list!

This is where most fall over and get no-where and quit after they see no results  – because they’re getting no traffic!

It really comes down to getting traffic. And how much traffic you can get depends on either 1) how much time you have to spend getting free traffic or 2) how much money you have to spend on advertising.

If you want fast results i.e. fast traffic, you’re going to have to buy advertising. My favorite paid advertising methods are ppc, fb ads, media buys, solo ads, ezine ads and paid press releases.

The whole thing with business is that you need to see money as a leverage tool.

Most people go into a MLM or business opportunity with an employee mentality, which is a big reason so many fail.  They see money as the thing they earn in exchange for showing up at their job and working for a set time. They see it as their reward and something to keep safe, in their pocket and shut away in their bank.

You need to see money as just a leverage tool, a resource that you can use to create more money, and save time because time is money. If you have this mentality off using money as a leverage tool, you’ll be able to see the results you’re looking for faster.

It’s simple math. You invest $100 in advertising, and get $120 back.. maybe you only get $101 back, but you just want to have something with a positive ROI.

If you go into business with ZERO dollars for advertising, there are ways but it will cost you time, and you probably won’t see a lot of traffic fast. It is usually a slow trickle of traffic, which means your results will be smaller and take longer to see.

The best free traffic generation methods are posting youtube videos, forum marketing, facebook fan pages, article marketing, blogging, article submission, free press releases, guest blogging, links aswap, banner ad swaps, and email ad swaps. There are more but you can’t do everything if it’s just yourself.

So in short, the next step to getting your income goals after you’ve got your business or system ‘set up’ is to get the traffic. You either buy it for fast results or use free methods for slower result.

I actually recommend you do both. Both free and paid traffic. A lot of free traffic methods like Youtube and articles will send traffic long term, even though it will be a trickle. Paid traffic is essential to get leads fast and some momentum going in your business.

Stuart Stirling

Video Curation: Not Your Typical Youtube Traffic Method

This is a traffic generation method that you might not have heard about before.

It’s called Video Curation. It has actually been around for a long time but hasn’t been well-known or been called ‘curation’ until recent times. I only learned about it a few weeks ago when it started generating a lot of attention in the IM scene.

If you were like I was a few weeks ago, you’d be thinking to yourself… “What the heck is Video Curation?”

Simply put, it’s where you compile whole or segments from other people’s videos on a particular niche and add your own comment, opinion or idea about those videos into one video you create and upload to Youtube.

Sound hard? No not even. The beauty of the Video curation method is that the content is ALREADY made and ready to use. You simply are making a compilation of related information and sharing it for those interested to find.

howt to do Video curation There are many other reasons why video curation is not only doable and easy enough for even myself (a lazy, non-techy) but a highly effective traffic generation method. The image you see above is from one Youtuber’s channel who specializes in curation. Yep.. that’s nearly 2 BILLION video views.

It’s Google friendly. The big thing with this method is that it gets people talking. When you do it right, people will leave good comments, bad comments, likes, dislikes.. exactly what Google loves. And you probably know that videos with the most activity rank higher in the Youtube search results.

No SEO necessary. It’s actually anti-SEO because you don’t need to worry about keyword research or backlink for traffic. You do have to know however some trending keywords and use them in your video title and tags so you can get a chunk of the people searching for trending keywords, but as far as boring old keyword research and back linking goes, you don’t need to do it.

Fast results. There are just so many people on Youtube at any given time of the day that any video you upload it bound to get hits. But if you do Video curation right and you use trending videos, topics and keywords, people are going to pick it up faster.

No video creation of your own. I mentioned this above but it’s the greatest benefit that makes this method so great so I’ll say it again. All the video content is already created. You as the curator are simply organizing them, compiling them and sharing them. You don’t even need to speak on camera if you don’t want to. You can simply add text for people to read when you want to add your comment.

Works in any niche. Well, it will work for any niche that has videos.. and there aren’t many niches that don’t have videos. So no matter which niche you’re in, this method can work for you.

No expensive tools (optional). You can go our and buy expensive video editing software if you want, but you actually don’t need any special tools to make these curation videos.

Did you know Youtube has it’s own video editing tool built in to it? Yeah, they do! I was playing around on it the other day. You can obviously use it to edit your own videos but there is also a feature where you can search for and import other users videos and chop and change them to create your own compilation. It only takes just a few minutes.

I have just covered the basics here about Video curation so if you want to learn more about it, see some real example’s of people using it (and getting results) and see a great value offer which includes training and software, check out Ninja Curation Profits. (<- affiliate link)

If you decide to buy this through my link, I’ll hook you up with a cool bonus – my “How to get 10,000 Youtube Views” with PLR. So check out this page now to learn more about Video curation and how you can use it to drive massive traffic, build authority sand generate profits. Send your receipt to my support desk and I’ll give you the download link for the bonus.

To your success!

Stu Sesnei Stirling

p.s. What do you think of Video curation? Are you using it? Want to try?

7 Ways To Get Traffic Without Relying On Google

I love Google for all the free traffic it sends me but trying to please the big G is getting harder and harder with all the updates like Panda, Penguin that seem to be coming out on a weekly basis.

I used to think SEO was easy but I find it’s now becoming a game that is too exhausting because Google seems to be changing it’s algorithms more than the Google boys change their underwear.

The good news is that Google is not the be-all and end-all of website traffic. After all, your goal is to get traffic, not to be on page 1. There are plenty of marketers who can brag about getting to page 1 position #1 but aren’t making any money. So realize that it’s all about traffic and conversions… and Google really is just one out of a million different traffic sources you can use to get traffic to your website.

There probably are more than 1 million ways but here are seven that you can start implementing today to get reliable website traffic.

1. Swap Links With Other Website Owners

This is the most fundamental of all traffic generation methods, but little of it goes on these days.

It takes 5 minutes to send an email to a website owner and another 30 seconds to add a link to your site, but your link will stay there for as long as you and the other guy are in business.

2. Article Submission

I don’t care what people say about article marketing.. it still works and is going to work for a long time yet. If your article is good quality, it will get read and possibly shared by other bloggers and ezine owners and general internet users via social networks.

3. Buy Traffic

Free traffic sources are great, but sometimes it takes a long time to see traffic flow. Buying traffic is how to get instant traffic to your site and if you’ve got a good funnel in place, you can get a positive ROI on it. A lot of marketers don’t look at buying traffic as an investment, just a cost they try to avoid – but why wouldn’t you want to pay $1 per click if you can make $2 back?

Good paid traffic sources include PPC (, MSN adcenter, Google Adwords) then there are ezine ads, solo ads, banner ads, media buys, classified ads. There is no shortage of paid traffic services online.

4. Video Sharing Sites

Youtube is huge and the ‘how-to’ category is climbing up the ranks of the most searched category on Youtube – now currently in third position. Making a quick screen capture video with Jing or a vlog directly on youtube is easy to and quick. Much faster than typing out an article. Don’t forget that videos get shared around more than anything else online.

5. Ebooks

You’ve probably heard of PDF and document sharing sites like and and slideshare, but if not you should definitely add these to your traffic gen arsenal. But not only are free PDF sharing sites good for getting traffic, selling them is also a very powerful tactic. If you include links back to your website and sell the ebooks with master resell rights or PLR, they can get spread around to the far corners of the internet.

6. Forum Links

For highly targeted traffic, participating and becoming known in an online forum in your market can send you lasting website visitors. Make sure you have a link in your signature and you are adding value to the community and posting intelligent comments. If you are really hardcore about your niche, why not start a forum of your own?

7. Affiliates

This method requires you have a product or service that you’re selling, so it’s kind of an advanced method. But the traffic affiliates can send to your site is usually high quality and you as the website owner don’t have to do anything to get it. Of course you will be sharing revenue from the sales they generate in the form of commissions but for auto-pilot traffic, there aren’t too many traffic sources that beats affiliates.

Like I said, there are a million different traffic generation methods and 99% of them don’t have anything to do with Google. So try to get into the mindset that you don’t have to rely on them and no matter what the next Google update is, you won’t even need to batter an eyelid.

I’d love to hear your comments on this and add any more traffic sources that you use.

Stu StirlingTo your success,

Stu Sensei

Can You Really Get People To Your Site Without Spending Money Or Time On SEO?

This week’s question comes from Stephen:

He wants to know, “How do I get people to my sites without spending money and tons of time on seo?”

free easy fast trafficHere’s my answer below…

“Hi Stephen, Thanks for your question.

This is every marketers burning question! It’s a quest we are all on and only wish for free effortless traffic.

The answer is… it doesn’t really exist! Sorry if I burst your bubble of hope and lazy traffic and sales.

However, the closest thing to free fast, easy traffic is viral traffic. To benefit from viral traffic, you need some kind of viral system in place on your website. It can be a video or viral PDF or content locking script so other people will share it..

There are some tools that can help you make a page go viral but it really depends on the thing that you create that gets passed around. It has to have value and your people must want it, love it and think it’s good enough to share it around.

If you can’t get anything viral going, you’re gonna have to pay for traffic if you want it fast. The options there are solo ads, PPC, banner ads, media buys, etc.

There are ways to swap traffic too.. link swaps, email swaps, but first you need to get traffic to get the ball rolling, and then you’ll be able to swap it… and that comes from either buying it or spending time to generate it.

SEO is a good investment if you can afford it and can wait for rankings and traffic, but if you don’t have the time to do it yourself, you can outsource it. Search engine traffic is highly targeted an if you do it right, it will continue to drip into your site for months or even years.

But its like anything, the more you put into it, the more you get out of it.”

That’s all for this week’s lesson.

Remember, nothing really is free. You pay for it with either your time or your money. At first, you may not have a lot of money to spend to generate traffic, but you have the time so you should do it yourself . When you start seeing income coming in, invest your profits back into your business to get more traffic and increase your profits. That’s when you’ll see your biz really moving.

Stu Sensei

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Less Traffic, More Sales – Getting Traffic That Converts

You may look at the title of this blog post and be a little confused. Is it really possible to make more sales from less traffic?

The answer strangely enough is “yes” in certain circumstances. (I’ll explain in a second).

This may come to you as a surprise because everyone is talking about internet marketing being a “numbers game”.

You’ve probably heard a handful of marketers say that everything is proportional and you just have to ramp it up! i.e. the more traffic you get, the more sales, subscribers, clicks etc you’ll get.

That is somewhat true, but they often forget to leave out one important part of the formula.

And that is that “the quality of the traffic” is important factor in the traffic/conversions equation.

Don’t Dismiss Quality

I decided to write this post after I was asked this question recently by a customer.. “how long will it take to start seeing sales…?”

I answered by telling him that it all depends on how long it takes you to start getting quality traffic.

I continued to explain that “if you could get 100 targeted unique visitors that come fresh from the Google search results, that will be much better than 1000 or even 10,000 hits from a traffic exchange, safelist or ad blaster”.

If numbers where the only thing that mattered when it comes to making sales, then all the spammers with email list of 1 million emails would be the richest people online.

You and I know that is far from the truth. (warning: whatever you do, do NOT send spam! that example is for demonstration purposes only!)

Google traffic is quality trafficThe point is, that you DON’T need a lot of traffic to get sales.

You just need quality traffic. And when you find a way to tap into that quality traffic, THEN you can start ramping it up and multiply your results.

With my niche blog that I’m working on, I only get about 30 uniques a day but I make 2 to 3 sales of a $300 or $400 product a week.

All that traffic is generated through the search engines (Google).

So if you’ve read this far, you might be wondering..

“Where do you get QUALITY traffic?”

I recently listened to an audio course by Sean Mize in which he told the story about his beginnings in internet marketing and his “quest” for traffic. He tried over 25 different types of traffic… everything from PPC to solo ads, to banner ads and ezine ads.

At the end of his experiment, he had tracked all his sales and when he looked at his results, it was clear that most of the sales had come from two sources – JV traffic and article traffic.

JV traffic is when you swap traffic with another marketer via ad swaps, for example, or they promote your product (usually with an affiliate link) and it’s pretty easy to see why this traffic would convert so well. It’s people coming from a recommendation. It’s warm traffic. It’s not cold traffic like you get with advertising with banners or in ezines.

But aren’t you surprised that his other best performing traffic source was article traffic?

Sean explained a little why he thought article traffic converted so well.

Some of the reasons were because when people find your article and read it, they instantly are able to bond and feel a gratitude towards you, because you simply helped them to overcome their problem or shed light on a subject they were trying to learn more about through your article.

But the interesting thing is that 99% of article traffic comes from the search engines. So in fact, article traffic is really search engine traffic.

In fact, article traffic might just be even a notch better quality than organic search engine traffic because for the visitor to actually get to your site, they have to wade through all the other links on the article page and click on your link in your resource box. Definitely a qualified visitor there!

I completely agree with Sean’s findings. He and I both have the theory and the proof to back this up.

If you want to get traffic that converts, these are the three traffic strategies you should pursue:

1. Article Traffic (article marketing)

2. Search engine traffic (Google, SEO)

3. JV traffic (ad swaps, guest blog posts)

Each strategy is equally good in terms of quality in my opinion.

The easiest ones and most reliable methods to go for are the first two (article marketing and SEO) because you can sometimes get a bad batch of traffic from some JV partners. The other two are surefire.

So if you’re wondering how much traffic you need to start making sales, then it isn’t as much as you think IF you drive quality traffic.

The awesome thing is with the IM game is that you can break things down with simple maths and actually predict your income!

Let’s say you make 1 sale from your first 100 uniques you generate from Google. You can then safely assume that for every 100 visitors you get from that time going forward you’ll make another sale.

And I have noticed that with my own niche blog. I get sales like clockwork. Every 4 to 5 days I get a sale. I was lucky last week and I got 2 sales in 2 days.

How cool is that? See this IM stuff isn’t as hard as you think 😉

Stuart StirlingTo your success,

Stu Sensei

p.s. Got any questions regarding how to get quality traffic that converts? Pop them down below.

My 3 Favorite Free Traffic Generation Methods

Three of the best free traffic generation methods I love using to promote my websites are…

1) Exchanging Traffic

Exchanging or swapping traffic is an easy way to multiply your traffic especially if you’re just starting out and aren’t getting a lot to begin with.

The most simple method that comes to mind is to link swap with other website owners. But this same technique can be used in any form of ad swapping.

Email ad swaps, banner ad swaps, autoresponder follow up email swaps, blog post swaps, jv giveaway events.. the list goes on.

A lot of this traffic exchanging is done manually, i.e contacting and setting up swaps with other marketers, but there are some systems out there which help automate some of the traffic swapping process. is a well known online source for finding email ad swap and integration marketing partners.

But for other more simple exchange systems like banner exchanges, text link exchanges and the old-skool hit exchanges, check out sites like and

SEO2) Search Engines

Number 2 on my list is getting free traffic from the search engines. And to do this, you need to get involved in SEO (search engine optimization).

SEO is all about making your site optimized for keywords that people are searching for on Google. Yes, there are other search engines like Yahoo, MSN and Bing, but usually what works for one will work for all.

There are basically two elements to work on to win at the SEO game.

The first being “on-site” optimization (e.g. placing your keywords on your page, in your title tags, meta tags, etc).

The second being “off-site” optimization which is mainly made up of getting backlinks.

Backlinks are hyperlinks that are coming from other web sites and are pointing to your website, preferably with your keyword as the anchor text in the hyperlink.

Backlink quality comes in all shapes and sizes. Preferred backlinks are one-way links, .gov and .edu domain backlinks and links coming from a web page with a high Google page rank.

Now for some low competition keywords, just a few of these backlinks is all you need for high ranking.

But for really competitive keywords,  it can take thousands of backlinks to get any decent listing in the SERPS.

Most marketers don’t want to spend all their time getting backlinks so they use special automated backlink services or hire outsource people to get backlinks for them.

3) Affiliates

Having affiliates send you free traffic is one of the easiest ways to get a good flow of traffic to your site.

But in order to have affiliates send you traffic, you must have an affiliate program, which means you must have something to sell.

This method is not really possible for all marketers at the moment if you don’t have your own product, but when you do have your own product, an affiliate program is a must.

The key to getting affiliates to promote is to have a product that converts and makes them a decent commission. No affiliate will promote a product that won’t make them any money.

100% commissions is a great incentive for affiliates, but make sure you are collecting the customers details and perhaps have an upsell where you keep or share the profits.

The next important things for a successful affiliate program is to help your affiliates as much as you can so their job is as easy as possible. Having pre-made promotional tools is a big help.i.e. email swipe copy, banner ads, rebrandable reports, various landing pages etc.

The down side of running an affiliate program is that usually a system to manage it is costly. For example the RAP script is brilliant and pays 100% commissions, is relatively easy to use and quite reliable, but costs around $250.

The other options is to use an online affiliate program like Clickbank or Payspree which manages everything for you but you have to pay fees for product listings (Clickbank) and when sales are made or both.

So although affiliates will get you free traffic, there are some expenses to get the system set up and running.

But once the traffic comes, generating sales and having a customer database will pay for it and is a great way to build your business.

To your success,

Stu Sensei