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How To Combat Your Blog Content Being Stolen

Tweet Auto-blog systems that run spam blog or auto blogs gets it’s content from other sites around the web using their RSS feeds. If you’ve got a WP blog then chances are that your content is being scraped and used on auto-blog sites a.k.a. spam bl...

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Is A Trailing Slash Good Or Bad for SEO?

Tweet This one has been on my mind for some time. I started to think about it when it came time to set my permalink structure in WP on a new blog. I use a custom permalink structure for all my blogs. i.e. /%postname% But the question was, do I add a trailing s...

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Q&A: Earn A Steady Income, Outsourcing, Website Set Up

Stu Sensei answers the top Internet marketing questions asked by his readers for this week. Learn about creating a steady income, outsourcing your work and setting up a website. ...

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Comment To Get a Free Link Back To Your Blog

Comment to get a free link back to your blog, twitter page or facebook profile page. I’ve got Comment Luv installed so enjoy some free traffic from me! ...

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