Gary Vaynerchek Talks Patience & Passion & The Art Of The Hustle

Yet another Gary Vaynerchek video for you today. This guy is full of energy and I want some if that! I hope his passion runbs off on you too, so here’s your daily dose of Gary for today.

This is an old one, where he talks about Patience and Passion.

Watch for the part in the middle about ‘Legacy is greater than Currency’. He talks about doing remarkable things – things that will people will remember you for – things your grandchildren will be proud of you for.

Thanks Gary. Rock on!

Stuart Stirling

Why You’re Never Too Old To Start An Online Business

You’re never too old to start an online business. Just because yoou never grew up with facebook or Instagram, doesn’t mean you can’t learn it.

This video is geard towards the 40 – 80 yo’s who are thinking of taking up golf insted of chasing their dream of creating their own business.

Watch in this video to get fired up about starting your business. It’s never too late!

Gary Vaynerchuk is the man in this video. He builds businesses. He doesn’t make excuses. Let’s be like Gary!

If you’d like to learn how to start an online business, enter the form below to download your free guide or get the same one from this link.

Stuart Stirling

You’re Only Millimeteres Away From The Success You Want

Here is a bit of good advice one of my mentors gave to me a few years ago when I was struggling….

He said..

“Stu, the reason you’re not making sales is NOT because you’ve got it all backwards.. it’s just a matter of a few small adjustments….. You’ve got 95% of things right.. and only 5% wrong.. fix those little things and you’ll get there.”

So I want to pass on this advice to you too.

If you’re still struggling.. it’s not because you’re doing everything wrong.

You’re probably doing MOST things right.

But the little things you’re getting wrong are keeping you from seeing that success.. or, your breakthrough.

As Tony Robbins says, “The difference between butt ugly and gorgeous is 2 millimeters.”

SO how do you make the adjustment of that 1 or 2 millimeters that can change everything for you?

One of the best ways to see what’s missing in your business is to spy on your competitors and model what they do to succeed.

If they’re getting the results that you want, they’ve got the “Secret sauce” that you need..

You just need to find it and apply it to what you’re doing…

And… bingo!

So today, and over the weekend, do some spying on your competitors.. look closely at what they are doing.

Then try to find what it is that’s missing in your business.

If you’re still looking for the missing piece that is so close, read this blog post where I expand much more on how to copy the masters of internet marketing for mega success…

I’m sure you’ll get a few more juicy insights from it.

ninjastuTell me what you think about it too! Leave your comments below.

Stu “Ninja Marketer” Stirling

5 Skills You Need To Be A Master Marketer

The biggest secret to becoming a master marketer is simply adopt and emulate marketers who have already mastered the art.

So then, naturally you’d be asking what are the skills that great marketers possess? What makes them different to the average marketer who gets average results.

I don’t claim to be the word’s greatest marketer or have any outstanding skills, but I strive to learn from and try to emulate them. So I’m always looking very closely at those more successful  than me so I can think act and run my business like them. Here are a few skills I have noticed among the great marketers I’ve had dealing with.. whether on a personal level or looking at from a distance.

Persuasion – This would have to be #1 skill when it comes to marketing. Marketing really is just persuasion. You’re trying to persuade people into trading their dollars and time for whatever it is you’re selling. From crafting offers, writing sales copy and emails to working with business partners, JVs and affiliates, your success is largely determined by how good your persuasion skills are.

Time management – Every entrepreneur or self employed business person will testify that time management is key to getting ‘productive’ things done. I can tell you as a work at home dad, it’s one of the biggest challenges I face. It takes real self-discipline to use (the limited) time you have to the best you can to get productive work done. This could really be the difference between the speed at which one succeeds. Sure if you learn the other skills but are slow at implementing them, then it’s naturally going to take you longer. As they say, “money loves speed”.

Delegation – Everyone has just 24 hours in a day, 2 hands and 1 brain. The masters of marketing have a team around them to tear through the work so they can ‘run the show’. The biggest trap online entrepreneurs get into is trying to do everything by themselves.  It’s inevitable that you will hit a plateau very quickly if you stick on this path. The only way to grow is to delegate work (outsource) to competent staff around you. It may take a little time to train them in the beginning, but it’s worth it to have more hands on the job and your mind free for the long-term success of your business.

Patience – Success simply doesn’t come over night and I’ve never seen any truly successful person who is always looking for the quick buck. The successful marketers are always level headed, calm and relaxed. Possibly because they’re already successful and don’t need to worry about money coming in, but I would think this is a skill or trait they’ve always had. They realize that for true success, you need a plan, and there are several steps in a good plan, and sometimes it just takes time for that plan to unfold. The result of waiting and executing a bigger plan however results in a much greater pay day.

Persistence – Winners never quit. Rocky was spot on there. Winners get to be winners because they never quit. This goes for any successful person regardless of it’s a marketer, sports person, actor or professional. Persistence is the key. If you really want to be successful, you have to hold on through the rough times. And realizing there are going to be rough times is a part of being in business or life. Expect there to be hard trials but remember just like there is night and day, if you hold on and try to overcome the hurdles, you will come out on top. It’s easy to quit, but quitting won’t get you to where you want to go.

To your success,

Stu Stirling

p.s. What other skills have you noticed that successful marketers posses? I know they have a lot so feel free to add your thoughts in the comments below.

How To Start A Business With Little To No Cash

When money’s tight it’s hard to start and grow a business. But the good news is that you don’t need a lot of money (or any money at all for that matter) to build a business if you ‘barter’. You can barter to get everything you need for free or get a major discount on things you need.

Not everyone might have the skills or resources to trade for high-priced items, but you can definitely stretch your budget through bartering.

How does bartering actually work? Well it’s basically a trade of ‘you do this for me and I’ll do this for you’. Some examples of bartering for online business owners might be for a freelance writer to write content or articles for a web designer to create him a nice website.

If you have any skills that you could charge for, whether it’s copywriting, website design or consulting,  it’s amazing the kind of things you can trade with other website owners and marketers for. In the tough economy we’re all facing,  more and more ‘onlineers’ are doing barter exchanges in order to save dollars while still being able to grow their business. Maybe you’re next?

But let’s go back to the problem of how can you as an entrepreneur with limited skills barter for what you want or need for your business without spending a dollar out of your pocket, when you don’t have a product that is of equal value to trade? Here are seven tips to help that come from two successful Entrepreneurs, Traders and hosts of the new TV show ‘Barter Kings’ Steve McHugh and Antonio Palazzola.

  1. Leave your wallet at home. When you go to do a trade, don’t take (or mention you have) any cash with you. That way, you can’t be persuaded to add in a few extra hundred dollars to even out the trade. Simply say you have no cash available. It must be a straight trade or nothing. This can also work online or offline.
  2. Look for the soft spot. The pair chat up traders to find out why they’re selling. For instance, one trader needed to get rid of his son’s dirt bike because the boy had broken his leg, and his wife was mad. Another had made a vow to his wife not to ride motorcycles as long as they had kids at home, so the bike had to go. When you know the trader has to ditch their item, you’re in a stronger position to negotiate and trade them a slightly less valuable item.
  3. Be stoic. Never let a trader see you’re crazy hot to get an item. Stay impassive and act like you don’t care to make the best deal.
  4. Leave some mystery. When you’re listing an item to trade, don’t advertise all the details. Post a good photo, then leave it with a basic description so the prospect has to call you to find out more.
  5. Craigslist rules. Both hosts recommend the popular site as the top place to scan for trades. Not everyone posting on there will be savvy about how much their item is really worth, giving you an opening to potentially trade an item.
  6. Know your item’s value. You can’t come out on top in a deal if you’re not sure what both the item you’re trading and the one you’re getting are really worth. Often, traders will price items with sentimental value in mind or still have the original retail price in their heads, both of which are irrelevant to the resale market. Bring an experienced trader with you, or a smartphone for checking eBay to establish what this item is selling for today, in its current condition.
  7. Watch out for scams. There are plenty of shady traders out there, Palazzola says. If you smell something fishy, run the other way.

Bartering provides a great solution for business owners and entrepreneurs to get started or expanding it by getting what they want by trading.

What do you have that you can barter with? What skills or products can you trade?

Have you ever done a trade before to get something for your business? Leave a comment and tell us about your experiences with bartering!

To your success,

Stu Sensei

Are You Spreading Yourself Too Thin?

I got an email a while back from a frustrated reader who was trying a lot of different ways to make money on the internet, but failing chronically.

He also relayed his feelings to me in this way…

“Sometimes I feel like I’m a mile wide and an inch deep by trying to many different things. Since you seem to be doing well, what do you recommend?”

Do you ever feel like that?

This is how I answered him.

“I focus on one thing at a time. I’ll stick with one niche, one website, one traffic generation method and wait to see results from that. Then I’ll try to master and get results from other traffic sources and try to get it all running on auto-pilot as much as possible.. THEN I’ll move on to the next thing.”

I’m not perfect – there are times when some new shiny thing will catch my eye and I’ll want to try this out or that and float away from my focus from time to time, but I try to control my thoughts and actions and get back on track as soon as I can.

There are way too many ways out there to make money online or whatever you want to do.

Our inbox’s and social network news feeds are constantly bombarded with them!

So it’s really easy to get lost and hung up on all the new and different products and methods – but as you know, you end up going nowhere.

That’s where the feeling of  being “a mile wide but only an inch deep” comes from. You’re trying everything a little to see if it makes a difference, but the reality is that doing little bits of this and that lightly won’t get you where you want to go. You simply don’t get traction and you stay penny-less.

The thing that really makes a difference is this – consistent, focussed effort.

That’s all you really need.

If you’re just starting out – choose one niche, start one website and focus solely on that project until you succeed.

The only way to be successful with our online business is to focus all your efforts, resources and skills into one campaign…and not even contemplate chasing after another until you succeed at the first one.

The point I want to make is don’t spread yourself too thin across too many different websites and campaigns all going at once.

Learn and master one method or skill at a time. i.e. learn to write good articles and fast, get a system for backlinking in place.

Just like an Olympic athlete doesn’t try to get the gold in every sport in the games, they specialize in one type and win in it. The same goes for entrepreneurs. You will find success when you focus and stick with one project at a time.

It’s hard to be disciplined to stick with one thing – even when you think it’s going nowhere – but that’s the difference between the mediocre and those who really succeed.

Stu Sensei

The More You Give, The More You Get

There’s a key law of success that goes back as far as man can remember.

Give more to get more

It’s such a powerful concept that it has been incorporated into the teachings of many world religions.

Some people call it ‘Karma’, other people know it as ‘The Golden Rule’, and others just call it ‘Common Sense’.

This ancient and well known law of success simply states that the more you give the more you get.

How does that apply in business? Simple.

The better you treat your customers the better they will treat you, the more likely they will be to refer you to others, and the more likely it will be that THEY will work to keep YOU as their provider.

Think about it. Take this restaurant situation for example:

-If you go to a restaurant and the staff goes out of their way to provide you excellent service and serve an excellent meal, how likely is it that you are going to return?

-How likely is it that you are going to tell a friend how great the meal was?

-How likely is it that you would be willing to pay a couple of extra dollars next time to get the same delicious food and the same level of service?

It’s easy to think about business solely in terms of numbers.

After all when we started our businesses it was the dream of a large bank account, fancy cars, and financial stability that gave us our early motivation.

But any salesperson worth his salt will tell you that businesses are built on relationships and not numbers.

It doesn’t matter if you have the greatest product in the world if you treat your customers like second class citizens.

No matter what line you are in, you rely on someone to give you money and people are far more likely to give money to someone they trust and are comfortable with.

Trust can only be built by delivering a quality product on time and for the expected price. Another word for this is ‘value’.

Note that I didn’t say cheapest price!

People are willing to pay a premium for better service and there is no shame in charging for it.

But if you are going to charge someone an extra $5.00 because you offer the best support in the industry, you better be willing and able to deliver on that promise.

It may seem like you are wasting time when you send out notes to your clients just to give them some free info, wish them a happy birthday, or forward an article you think they may be interested in but it is not a waste at all.

The more genuine human contact you give to your customers the more they will think of you as an associate and not just as a nameless service provider.

These little “time wasters” can result in big profits down the road, it’s just hard to recognize that when you are starting out.

So do something extra for your next customer. Go out of your way to give them more than they are expecting.

It’s all about over-delivering on value…and any marketer or business owner will testament to the power of over-delivering.

You don’t have to go overboard, of course. Just go the extra mile and make them feel like they are your most important customer because the reality is that EVERY customer is your most important one. In the long run, the payoffs can be huge.

Stuart StirlingTo your success,

Stu ‘Sensei’ Stirling

p.s. If you have any stories of where exceptional service or someone going the extra mile turned into bigger sales, either for you or from you, let us know!