3 Tips For Selling eBooks & Info-Products Online

The majority of my online income comes from selling my own and other people’s information products such as “how-to” ebooks and video courses.

If you’re selling “how-to” info-products or want to get started in this business, this post will help you succeed faster. These are things that I’ve learned over the last 5 years of selling info-products online.

1) Choose a “Desperate” Niche

What makes a desperate niche? Simply put, it’s a niche group of people who are desperate to find a solution to their problem urgently.

Most buyers choose to buy something through their EMOTIONS. There are people who buy on impulse and a few who buy something based on a logical decision.

But the best buyers you can be sure are going to NEED your product are ones who have a problem with emotional feelings involved that needs an urgent fix.

That’s why niches in health, money and relationships are so huge and lucrative.

An info-product based on a hobby can be good too.

Take the niche of “Golf” for example. People who play golf want to improve so they can impress their peers and clients so they can make business deals with them. There is somewhat an emotional background to wanting to improve at golf.

This is a bit of a bonus section, but a lot of info-preneurs fail when going after a “hobby niche” because they make a product based on what they themselves are INTERESTED in rather than what the market wants and is looking for.

You’ve got to know if there is a market who is hungry for your product otherwise it won’t be profitable for you.. it will be nothing more than a learning experience.

If you want to make money with your eBook or other Information Product, then you must choose a niche that is loaded with buyers who are EMOTIONAL about their need for your product. This makes it so much easier for your job as a marketer.

2) Laser-In On Your Niche

Another reason why some eBooks and Information products fail is because the creator was trying to hit everyone. Very rarely do “one size fits all” solutions work.

When a customer goes out searching for an answer, they are looking for a specific answer and they will buy something that checks all their boxes.

Let’s say a woman wants to lose 20 pounds and get in shape for her wedding in 3 months. She wouldn’t be really interested in a “general dieting” ebook.

She wants a book called “The Bride’s Guide To Losing Weight: How To Lose 20 Pounds In 90 Days Or Less.”

Sure the search volume on Google for “dieting ebook” might be massive compared to “how to lose weight before a wedding” but if your product is targeted specifically to that keyword string, the prospect is going to be several times more prone to buying.

And like Seth Godin said- “Don’t try to please everyone. There are countless people who don’t want one, haven’t heard of one or actively hate it. So what?”

3) Give People A Taste Of Your Product For Free

In recent years, the internet has become polluted with flimsy info products with little to no value (simply because it’s so easy to sell or distribute ebooks online) that customers are becoming more aware of scams and thinking twice before they hand over their money.

That, and the increase of competition means that your customers have more options.

How can you cut through that noise and make that person buy from you an no-one else?

The best way is to give them something of value first. Give them a sample of how good your product is.

It could be a few chapters of your ebook or a special additional report or video that informs but also pre-sells your main product.

But don’t make the mistake of putting together any old junk just because it’s a “freebie” – give them a taste of your BEST STUFF.

When your prospective customer comes to your website and gets something that’s very, VERY valuable from you for free, it shows them y

1) You really know what you’re talking about.

2) You are a cool guy (or girl) for giving it away free

This works great for you because you build an instant relationship with your prospect and show them you’re an expert which makes them much more likely to buy your product(s) in the future.

So give your prospects a taste of your BEST stuff for free – just make sure you get their email address so you can continue to follow up with them and help them place their order.

When they you get them on your list, you can promote not only your product to them, but also any other related products as an affiliate. This is the power of list building.

To your success,

Stu Sensei

Weekend Assignment

This may be the best bit of advice I have given you in a long time so please read this entire post.

But first, let me ask you a question?

“How many courses or ebooks on ‘how to make money’ have you bought this year, this month or this week which you haven’t finished or worse, not even started yet?”

I myself am guilty of starting and not finishing of one or two courses.. and I have a feeling that many of you are the same.

One of the things I hate is to waste money. If I buy a course or a product, I have to use it. If I don’t, I’ll be angry at myself.

So, I’m creating a challenge for myself this weekend and I want you to take on this challenge too.

Here it is…

“This weekend, commit to finishing that course or ebook that you haven’t completed yet.. or even started yet.

You’ll know the one to choose. It will be the one that you always say to yourself, ‘I’ll get around to it.”

Well, NOW is the time to get around to it!

If it contains more hours of material than the 48 hours, then get through as much as possible the next two days.

If you don’t finish it by Monday, commit to continue through next week until you do.

That means you’re going to have to take real control of yourself. No distractions, no checking email 50 times a day, not even working on your biz.

You may be tempted to try out what you just learned, but try to hold off until you complete the material.

The reason is that you might find some extra info on how to do it better if you go through all of the content before you implement.

Put it all on hold and just go through the course.

Think of it as going to a live seminar in your house. All your attention needs to go to studying.

After finishing your course, I’m positive you’ll walk away with two things…

1) You’ll have an awesome feeling of accomplishment

2) You’ll have gained knowledge that you can use to better grow your business.

I am taking this challenge too this weekend, so we can work on this challenge together.

So what do you say? Are you in?

To your success,

Stu Sensei Stirling

p.s. If you don’t mind telling me and others, what course or ebook do you have burning a hole in hard drive that you are going to commit to completing this weekend?