Struggling to Get Subscribers & Sales?

The beginning is always the hardest!

You try and try and try but see nothing in return for all your hard work!

I know your pain!

I used to write articles and submit them to EzineArticles and publish them on Squidoo pages back in the day. It would take me aaaaages to get traffic and the subscribers I got from them trickled in slowly. I used to send emails to safelists and get 5 or 10 subscribers at a time. It was a long, slow process, but I eventually got there.

So before you give up or smash your computer, here are a couple of pointers for you to keep in mind.

  1. Everyone starts at the beginning.

  2. Business (and life) is a marathon, not a sprint.

  3. Internet marketing is a numbers game.

  4. Anything worthwhile takes time to build.

  5. FOCUS is soooo important.

  6. Keep chipping away! Businesses build up slowly.

  7. “Just keep swimming!”  as Dory the fish would say.

  8. Eventually, the snowball effect will kick in.

  9. Slowly, but surely, things will happen for you!

  10. Everyday is a new day! Today, right now, you can make a decision to be the best you can be!

This post wasn’t meant to get too much into personal development, but these things will help you to get in the right mindset that is necessary for success.

Mindset is the difference between those who just dream and those who actually achieve.

Now, before I end, there are a couple of specific marketing related tips that I want to share.

There is a difference between cold traffic and warm traffic.

Cold traffic is the group of people going to your site that don’t know you, have never seen you or your business before and/or is not coming from an endorsed source. This is what you get when you place ads on Google adwords or Facebook or rent an email list for a solo ad etc.

Warm traffic are the group of people that already know you and your brand. These are the people who are subscribed to your email list, your Youtube channel, Facebook group members, your Twitter followers etc. They know what you’re about and what you sell.

Don’t make the mistake of treating these two groups the same! There is a big difference between cold and warm traffic!

The general rule is that when advertising to cold traffic, you want to turn them into warm prospects and keep them within reach of your future messages.

A good way to build your audience is to offer them something for free and ask for their email in exchange for it. In other words, send cold traffic to a squeeze page and build a list

Getting subscribers to your email list makes it super easy to be able to follow up with them any time you like. You just send an email!

Once they become warm, then you can send them directly to your offer page for a paid product. They’ll be much more interested and inclined to buy at this stage because they’ve gotten to know you. I talk more about building trust and a relationship with your audience in this post if you want to continue reading.

Hang in there! You can do it!

I’ve laid out what you need to do to get a good foundation to work from in this post. Now it’s just a matter of you going out there and doing it!

Stuart Stirling

– IM Expert

Gary Vaynerchek Talks Patience & Passion & The Art Of The Hustle

Yet another Gary Vaynerchek video for you today. This guy is full of energy and I want some if that! I hope his passion runbs off on you too, so here’s your daily dose of Gary for today.

This is an old one, where he talks about Patience and Passion.

Watch for the part in the middle about ‘Legacy is greater than Currency’. He talks about doing remarkable things – things that will people will remember you for – things your grandchildren will be proud of you for.

Thanks Gary. Rock on!

Stuart Stirling

Why You’re Never Too Old To Start An Online Business

You’re never too old to start an online business. Just because yoou never grew up with facebook or Instagram, doesn’t mean you can’t learn it.

This video is geard towards the 40 – 80 yo’s who are thinking of taking up golf insted of chasing their dream of creating their own business.

Watch in this video to get fired up about starting your business. It’s never too late!

Gary Vaynerchuk is the man in this video. He builds businesses. He doesn’t make excuses. Let’s be like Gary!

If you’d like to learn how to start an online business, enter the form below to download your free guide or get the same one from this link.

Stuart Stirling

My Wife Said I Couldn’t Make Money Online – She Was Wrong

“You can’t make money online!”

you can't make money online, skeptical spouse

This is what my better half told me when I first said I was going to start in Internet business.

I had just moved to Japan and gotten married, and I wanted a way to earn money that would also give me the freedom to travel to and from Australia. An Internet business sounded like just the ticket.

My wife didn’t see the opportunity as clearly as I did though. I was DETERMINED though, so I had to boldly but politely say ‘Honey, I’ve got this’. I went for it.

I spent a couple of thousand dollars getting coaching (I was a complete newbie!) and the basic tools I needed to start an online business together (autoresponder, website, advertising, etc.).

Then it was up to me to PROVE HER WRONG! To be honest, that was a big part of my motivation. I didn’t want to let her or I down.

I was on a mission to make it work. I gave up TV and social events. I would stay up late, tapping away at the keyboard, making it work into the wee hours of the morning…

Slowly but surely I was chipping away.

I would get a few subscribers every day through safelists and free traffic from articles and feeder pages. Slowly but surely I got more and more subscribers. I got more and more order buttons up online for selling digital products I thought my list would buy.

Eventually, my hard work paid off. I started to make a sale a week, then one every two days, then one everyday.

The snowball effect start kicked in. My small successes added up to big successes.

I was seeing PROOF that this was working and I could turn this IM business thing into a serious income.. Now I just needed to keep it up! So I did.

Today, I am making a fine income from my online business, and most of it on autopilot. I was (and still am) building a business, not just making money.

It sure as hell didn’t happen overnight though.. there were days when I thought I’d never see a penny come my way!

“This isn’t working!”, “What’s the point?!”

Did I ever have doubts and come close to throwing in the towel? Of course. I don’t think there is any Entrepreneur who hasn’t had doubts and though a million times “Is this gonna work?”

I would ask myself almost daily “What’s the point?”

What’s the point of setting up this product? What’s the point of writing this blog post? What’s the point of making this video? What’s the point of writing this many follow-up emails?”

But do you know what?


Like feather’s on a camel’s back. Eventually, one too many will break it.

In my IM career, it truly was a case of starting slow, placing feathers on the camel’s back.

Results came in so small at the beginning. I could hardly see the rewards. But they were there.

Each new subscriber, each new blog post, each new video, each product launch, each JV connection, each email broadcast – were ALL a little success, progress – and it all added up.

Each small success was proof that I could do this.

Each small success was a boost in my confidence.


I just wouldn’t accept anyone’s dumb statements like “you can’t” or “you’re wasting your time”… Those kinds of comments can break you.

The skepticism comes because they simply do not understand what an ‘internet business’ is. They fear it. They don’t believe they could ever do it, so they try to smack down anyone who thinks they can. Don’t allow yourself to be brought down.

If you think you’ll get some negative backlash from someone, just don’t tell anyone your plans or ideas. You don’t need to tell anyone. Keep your dream and your activities secret from your family or friends who just don’t understand.

Avoid negativity at any cost if you want to succeed. And that includes the voice in your head.

Whenever someone (including your brain) says something negative, change the subject quickly. Go somewhere else or think positive thoughts. Think about the reasons WHY you can do it.

You don’t need to convince anyone but yourself that you can succeed. You will be able to convince other people when  the dollars start rolling in. How can they argue with you then?

Soak Yourself In Positivity

With the internet, digital and physical books and audios, it’s easy to feast on positive and motivating material. In fact, it’s a MUST!

Even though I didn’t have a lot of support from my spouse, I was surrounding myself with others online (particularly my coach) who were also doing the ‘online thing’.

I was also reading a lot of books and training courses. A book that changed my life was “The Magic Of Thinking Big” by Dr David Schwartz. I realized my potential to achieve anything I set my mind to.

If you can get your non-supporting spouse to read some books like that or meet some of your friends who are already successful online, then you can watch the skepticism wash away.

In fact, socializing with other successful business owners has huge benefits. Head over to and search for ‘entrepreneur’ or ‘business’ groups in your area.

Start mingling with like-minded people. That will bestow even more confidence in you and give you ideas, not to mention your network will grow and the possibilities of joint venture deals.

So when your spouse or other family member gives you negativity, be strong. Don’t believe them! Say ‘I’ve got this’ and do what you have to do to make it work.

I hope these ideas and tactics are useful for you to build your confidence and get small results, that will eventually break the camel’s back and turn your hard work into a business that provides a great source of income that you (and your spouse) can enjoy!

To your success,

Stuart Stirling


p.s. Skeptical spouses aren’t all that uncommon. Comment below if you’ve got (or had) a skeptical spouse, and what you’ve done to prove him/her wrong!


How Many Times Should You Try?

How Many Times Should You Try?

Something to keep in mind on your journey to achieving your goals and dreams.

how many times should you try

Click on the image to make it bigger.

Stu Sensei

5 Skills You Need To Be A Master Marketer

The biggest secret to becoming a master marketer is simply adopt and emulate marketers who have already mastered the art.

So then, naturally you’d be asking what are the skills that great marketers possess? What makes them different to the average marketer who gets average results.

I don’t claim to be the word’s greatest marketer or have any outstanding skills, but I strive to learn from and try to emulate them. So I’m always looking very closely at those more successful  than me so I can think act and run my business like them. Here are a few skills I have noticed among the great marketers I’ve had dealing with.. whether on a personal level or looking at from a distance.

Persuasion – This would have to be #1 skill when it comes to marketing. Marketing really is just persuasion. You’re trying to persuade people into trading their dollars and time for whatever it is you’re selling. From crafting offers, writing sales copy and emails to working with business partners, JVs and affiliates, your success is largely determined by how good your persuasion skills are.

Time management – Every entrepreneur or self employed business person will testify that time management is key to getting ‘productive’ things done. I can tell you as a work at home dad, it’s one of the biggest challenges I face. It takes real self-discipline to use (the limited) time you have to the best you can to get productive work done. This could really be the difference between the speed at which one succeeds. Sure if you learn the other skills but are slow at implementing them, then it’s naturally going to take you longer. As they say, “money loves speed”.

Delegation – Everyone has just 24 hours in a day, 2 hands and 1 brain. The masters of marketing have a team around them to tear through the work so they can ‘run the show’. The biggest trap online entrepreneurs get into is trying to do everything by themselves.  It’s inevitable that you will hit a plateau very quickly if you stick on this path. The only way to grow is to delegate work (outsource) to competent staff around you. It may take a little time to train them in the beginning, but it’s worth it to have more hands on the job and your mind free for the long-term success of your business.

Patience – Success simply doesn’t come over night and I’ve never seen any truly successful person who is always looking for the quick buck. The successful marketers are always level headed, calm and relaxed. Possibly because they’re already successful and don’t need to worry about money coming in, but I would think this is a skill or trait they’ve always had. They realize that for true success, you need a plan, and there are several steps in a good plan, and sometimes it just takes time for that plan to unfold. The result of waiting and executing a bigger plan however results in a much greater pay day.

Persistence – Winners never quit. Rocky was spot on there. Winners get to be winners because they never quit. This goes for any successful person regardless of it’s a marketer, sports person, actor or professional. Persistence is the key. If you really want to be successful, you have to hold on through the rough times. And realizing there are going to be rough times is a part of being in business or life. Expect there to be hard trials but remember just like there is night and day, if you hold on and try to overcome the hurdles, you will come out on top. It’s easy to quit, but quitting won’t get you to where you want to go.

To your success,

Stu Stirling

p.s. What other skills have you noticed that successful marketers posses? I know they have a lot so feel free to add your thoughts in the comments below.

How To Be Your Own Mentor

At some stage in your internet business career you’ll probably consider getting a mentor for that extra expert advice, support and ‘kick up the butt’ to push you to the next level.

I highly recommend a mentor if you can afford one. There is nothing like having someone to keep tabs on you and someone you can report to on top of all the advice they can share with you.

But unfortunately, for many marketers, especially beginners with a low budget, even if you want to get a mentor, you may not be able to afford one.

I was thinking about this the other day and was playing with the idea that you can be your own mentor. This would be the perfect solution to those who want to build up their business and save a lot of money.

If you’ve been working online in your own business for any time, you’d probably know that being your own boss is not the easiest thing to do. To be your own mentor and be your own boss is going to be even harder so this concept isn’t for you if you’re lazy.

In order to be your own mentor I believe you have to have more qualities than just being an average web business owner.

To make the leap up, you need to have extreme self control and an unstoppable drive to be the constantly learn, improve what you’ve already got, do new things better and do it more often.

Mind Control

I believe this is where 99% of “self-bosses” fail. They simply can’t control their minds to keep their thoughts focused on their business long enough to get any decent work done. It’s hard I agree and I am not saying I’m perfect in this area. There are so many distractions online. We have to get a handle over our inbox, facebook account, instant messengers and other activities that can suck our attention and our time. To be your own mentor, you’ve got to turn on the ‘boss inside you’ and listen to him. You’ve got to think like a mentor. You know when you’re mucking around and should be working  – think “would [insert mentor’s name here] be doing this?”. Then it’s only a matter of making that mental decision to stop procrastinating and getting back to work.

Try this too: If you find yourself screwing around wasting time, close all browsers and programs.. even go so far as to switch off your computer. Get a pen and paper and write out a list of things you want to do. Then plan how you’re going to accomplish them. Not knowing what to do when you sit down at your PC is the biggest feeder of procrastination.

Getting The Drive

First of all, you need to really want to succeed and have an undying dedication to your business. It’s pretty easy to get excited and hype yourself up to get motivated – you just have to imagine yourself when you have achieved your goal. If that doesn’t work, read some motivational books or listen to audios.

Constantly Learn

If you’re not increasing your knowledge everyday, you’re going backwards. The internet is changing everyday. Although the fundamental marketing strategies remain the same, new tools and marketing avenues appear all the time. Yes it’s good to buy some courses that teach you new (for you) methods to increase traffic. conversions, profits etc. If you don’t buy anything thinking you already know all there is to know, you’re shooting yourself in the foot!

Learning is one key to growing your business. You pay a mentor to learn new things so think of new courses and study resources as in investment. You do have to pay for knowledge, but it’s that knowledge that can make you rich!

Improve What You’ve Got 

There is always room for improvement so whatever you have learned, see where you can apply it to improve your business that you’ve already got going. Some marketers like to start new things and forget about what they’ve made in the past. I like to maximize what I’ve got because it’s a lot easier to make something better than start a completely new project.

Do New Things Better

Creating new things is what being an entrepreneur is all about. It’s a good idea to make what you’ve got better but you’ve got to always be looking to create and grow your product line, your customer base and build your brand. It comes back to learning – from courses that you buy to your experiences/mistakes – to do new things the better than before.

Do More

The awesome thing about having an internet business is that it’s a numbers game for the most part. Once you’ve got your conversion rates dialed in, you can pretty much predict how much you can make or how much traffic you need to be able to make X dollars. The next step is to just do more of what you already know what’s working. It’s not rocket science. You don’t have to invent a brand new business every time. Just keep pumping out offers sites and campaigns that you know are going to make you money.

Make Goals And Reward Yourself

You’d get a lot of satisfaction if your mentor gave you a big pat on the back and said “great job!” seeing all the great results you’ve accomplished. Being your own mentor, you should reward yourself for accomplishing certain tasks by a certain time. It can be a daily reward or a big reward after a big project like a product launch. This means you’ll have to set goals and deadlines to accomplish them. Having a reward waiting for you will keep you focused and determined to get the job done right. You don’t want to put yourself under too much pressure but you need a little to get the most out of your time – and simply get things done!

Becoming your own mentor is not impossible and it won’t happen overnight. It will take a lot of work but if you apply some of the qualities I talked about above, you may find yourself becoming the mentor you would have happily paid $1000/mth to. But as your own mentor, pay that money and all the extra you make from your improved business to yourself. You earned it!

To your success!

Stu Sensei