A Cool Easy Cash Idea Using Fiverr.com

You’ve probably heard me rave about Fiverr.com before and that’s for a good reason. That site is an amazing resource for Internet marketers like you and I. Not only to hire people to get work done but a cool place to make a few easy bucks doing small jobs for others. A great lead generator more than anything though.

You just need a few services to offer and post on Fiverr that you can do relatively easily and quickly. A lot of people write articles or make a video which is a pretty decent gig.. LOTS of demand for it but there are starting to get too many of these gigs around.

Today I want to share a cool little gig and Fiverr strategy that literally anyone can do. It’s quick, doesn’t require any skill or expensive software. Plus there is decent enough demand for it that you’ll have a steady flow o gigs coming in.

Here’s the plan:

You start a graphics design business on Fiverr.com. You set up a range of gigs which offer different kinds of custom graphics for internet marketers.

Now you might be saying.. “I don’t have Photoshop, nor do I have a designers bone in my body!”

No problem!

This is where the beauty of internet technology comes in. You don’t need to be a designer or have any design software installed on your PC.

The tool you can use to create these graphics can be found at www.SalesLetterPimp.com where there is a suite of point-and-click sales letter graphics creators.

In total there are about 7 graphics tools and a few bonus tools which let you create squeeze pages… again, all point and click.

You can create & sell:

…your membership there lets you create – Graphical headlines for standard sales letters and OTO sales letters, headers (for blogs and minisites), guarantee certificates, ‘belcher’ buttons for order buttons, call to action buttons for optin forms and some others etc.

So here are the steps to make this Fiverr cash plan work:

  1. Get your account at SalesLetterPimp.com(under $10)
  2. Sign up at Fiverr.com (it’s free)
  3. Create multiple fiverr gigs for each kind of custom graphic you can make

That’s it! Then wait for the order to start coming in.

The traffic flowing through fiverr should be enough to land you gigs often. Fiverr is free to sign up with and get just 2 gigs and your account with SalesLetterPimp.com is paid for.

An example gig would go like this…

“I will turn your boring text headline into a stunning graphical headline for $5”

Then, all you have to do when someone buys your gig is log in to your Salesletterpimp.com account, go to the page where the ‘headline creator’ tool is and copy and paste their headline copy in (which they supply or you can offer to write for another Fiver ;).

When it looks good, hit the big green ‘Save’ button. The online tool will create the image for you, which you then save and send off to your customer.

Here’s an example headline that took me literally 1 minute..

The whole job (from getting the job description in fiverr to delivering it to the customer) will take you about 5 minutes. Creating the graphics themselves will actually be the fastest thing!

Post similar gigs for all types of graphics that you can create…. the more gigs out there, the more chance for getting orders.

Would You Sneeze At Earning $50/hr?

Get 10 of these gigs a day and you’re earning $40 (coz Fiverr takes $1 for every sale you make)… the total time it will take you is less than an hour. Where else can you get a job this simple that pays you $40 per hour?

Just to be totally transparent, here’s a little disclaimer: I have personally used this exact method and got results but I cannot guarantee you will get the same results or make any money at all by doing this.

But I think you can see the potential for earning some dead-easy cash here.

So there you go.. any dummy can follow this simple plan and potentially see some decent pocket money coming in.

I’ll leave it at that for now but if you use a bit of creativity with this system too and you could get this really cranking in the $5ers. (hint: create a few ready-made graphic packs and sell them as instant downloads 😉

Stu Stirling

To your success,

Stu Stirling

p.s. Do you think this could work for you? If you have any questions about it or comments, feel free to contact me or leave them in in the comments box.

Q&A: Earn A Steady Income, Outsourcing, Website Set Up

First off, thank you so much for all the questions you submitted this week!

Here are the top questions and my answers to them:

Q1. How do I start making steady income online?

Just like starting a brick and mortar business, an online business needs a plan, an investment and long-term commitment.

A lot of people asked me for step by step instructions on how to start making a fixed $XYZ every month.

But just like skinning a cat (sorry cat lovers!) – there are several kinds of business models to choose from, and most of them work, they just need the 3 things I mentioned above to make them work.

In other words, you can half-ass it.

You must have a clear plan of what you want to start selling, how you’re going to sell it… then you need to build your online system and keep building traffic to it.

Realize that it will take time.

Yeah, it is possible to make fast cash, but for the average Joe who is just learning and has limited time, it’s going to take months, even a year or more before you start seeing any steady and reliable income.

Sorry if I just shattered your dreams about becoming a millionaire by next week by doing nothing. There is work involved – and if you’re prepared to put in the work, you can expect results.

Like the saying goes, “you only get out of it what you put into it”.

Now, if you’re looking for a step-by-step system, here is one so simple that you can’t go wrong with it.

Step 1. Find a mass market of proven buyers (desperate buyers are the easiest to get to take action!)

Step 2. Create a simple, quick product to give away (use PLR or create an audio of yourself or interview an expert)

Step 3. Set up a basic lead capture web page with a pitch for your free product and your autoresponder list opt-in form on the front of it

Step 4. Start writing and submitting 10-15 niche related articles per DAY to a few (high traffic and “Google friendly”) ezine article sites that send people to your capture page. Do this for a month.. or pay someone to do it for you 😉

Step 5. Load up your Autoresponder with a series of 15-20 follow-up emails. Include more free info and (affiliate) links to recommended products.

For this fool-proof business, you’re total investment would be a whopping $15-$20 for the 1st 30 days ($10 for domain name registration, $5/mth for website hosting, free 30 day trial using Aweber’s autoresponder (<- aff link), $5 for an ebook cover graphic using someone on Fiverr.com).

Total time investment would be around 10 hours, not including article writing time (and that’s being very generous). I can have one of these list building machines up with email series in half that time.

The hard part I admit is writing articles. It can really take it out of you if you do it everyday for long periods.

If you’re a fast typist, you can pump an article out in 15 minutes. If you hate typing, the only other way to go is to hire a writer to write them for you.

PLR articles are ok to use as a base. They need to be re-written however. Some article writing tools help a lot, but you still wouldn’t want to do these tasks yourself, you’d want to outsource them.

Q2. How can I start outsourcing?

Outsourcing is the secret to getting more things done. We as individuals only have 2 hands so the amount of work we can do at once is limited.

And it’s very stressful trying to do it all yourself. Outsourcing takes a big weight off your shoulders and you mind.

There are a heap of places you can go to look for outsource staff. But first, you must decide what you want to outsource and have a precise set of instructions to give your outsource staff because you do have to train them.

If you haven’t hired any outsource staff before, just start out outsourcing small, one-off jobs. i.e. website graphics, articles written, keyword research, backlinks etc.

Once you get used to working with a helper, you can think about hiring a full-time VA (virtual assistant) or webmaster etc.

Hiring out of the Phillipines is where it’s at if you’re after affordable full time staff. A full-time 40hr/wk VA will cost around US$350/mth.

Check out http://www.va4u.com/registers/asia/philippines.shtml for a huge list of VAs for hire.

For smaller one-time jobs, check the Warrior Forum “Warriors for Hire” section. There’s someone for just about anything you need help with there – at very good prices.

Q3. How can I learn the ‘techy’ stuff of building a website?

This is where a lot of people get stuck. They don’t know how to get their domain on their hosting and upload (FTP) files to their website.

Then they don’t know HTML so they can’t do any edits to their web pages.

I could write a whole book about setting up a website – it’s not really complicated but it’s a pretty long one.

I’ll try my best to explain with basic steps…

Step 1. Register a domain name (e.g. godaddy.com, namecheap.com)

Step 2. Register a hosting account (Hostgator.com <- aff link)

Step 3. After registering your hosting, find your DNS urls. (i.e. ns1.coolhost.com, ns2.coolhost.com) Also known as ‘nameservers’.

Step 4. In your domain name account, change the DNS to the DNS urls you got from your hosting account and wait for them to propagate.

Step5. In your hosting account, add the domain name that you just registered. You’ll be able to choose a username and password that you can log into your cpanel (control panel) for that domain with.

Step 6. Download an FTP client software. Try http://filezilla-project.org/download.php (it’s free). This software will let you connect to your hosting server computer from your PC so you can upload your website files and product files etc. Use the same username and password for your cpanel.

From here, it’s really matter of the kind of website you want to set up. If you want a WP blog or site, you can install one with a few clicks using Fantastico in your cpanel – you don’t even need to touch your FTP software.

If you have any MRR products, they usually include a HTML resellers website.

For practice, upload some HTML files to your website (upload into the ‘public_html’ folder) and then visit the page in your browser to see it live online!

Some FTP hints: Upload your “index.html” to the root folder (‘public_html’). This is what you’ll see when you go to www.yourdomain.com . If you upload the ‘download.html’ file to the same folder, go to www.yourdomain.com/download.html to see that page.

The best way to learn is just get in there and start play around – seeing what this and that does. If you screw it up, the files can be deleted. If you really screw it up, your hosting support team will point you in the right direction.

And I almost forgot, you can check out some of the “how-to” videos I have right here on this blog for more detailed help.


Ok, that’s it for this week. I hope these answers will help you move forward for better and quicker results!

Sorry if I didn’t answer your question this week. It might show up in a future post so stick around for it!

Think big, talk big, walk big!

To your success,
Stu “Sensei” Stirling

p.s. Remember, if you have any questions you want me to answer, hit the big red button and ask away!

Ask me your questions here!

It’s Amazing What 5 Bucks Can Get You

I discovered Fiverr.com a few weeks ago through an email from a fellow marketer. I thought the whole idea with Fiverr was pretty cool – you can take up people’s offers to do little things for $5 and you can offer to do things for others for $5 too – but I didn’t really see any use for it… until now!

Fiverr.com For Outsourcing

If you go to the main page you’ll see a whole lot fo random Fiver offers… for example “I will phone up anyone you want on their birthday and sing Happy Birthday to them Marilyn Monroe style for $5” which doesn’t really appeal to us marketers.

But, dig a little deeper using their search function and you can uncover a goldmine of internet marketing related services being offered. Almost anything you can think of, you can find someone who will do it for $5.

From creating sales videos, to spinning articles, to designing logos to submitting your websites to directories.. the list is endless. And you guessed it, every job will set you back just a tiny 5 bucks.

Now don’t get me wrong, you’re not going to find someone who is going to write you a full-length sales letter or 50 page ebook for $5. But for smaller, tedious jobs that you don’t have time to do or don’t want to do yourself, Fiverr is the place to go to outsource.

I found a couple of people to get backlinks and to turn an article into a video for me. There will be a couple of days turn around time – but if it wors out well I’ll definitely be using them again.

I don’t think I have to tell you the benefits of outsourcing. There is only so much you can do on your own. Outsourcing lets you borrow an extra set of hands to get more done. If you’ve never outsourced before, Fiverr is the place to go and try it.

Fiverr.com For Advertising

Fiverr is not only an awesome place to outsource tasks, it’s also an awesome place to advertise your service and or products.

Today I was looking for someone to make some stickers for a niche website I run, and found one guy offering 2 stickers for $5. When I went to see his offer, I ended up at his website (his URL was in his offer description) and am probably going to place an order for about $150! So for him to advertise a $5 deal got him a $150 order instead.

Fiverr is a great place to be creative with your offers and you need to be to stand out. Doing tasks for $5 is not going to make you rich, but the potential to get clients for bigger ticket services and prodcuts is definitely there.

There are people selling digital downloads saying “I will sell you Instant Adsense Profits video course with Master Resell Rights for $5” which could be ok to get leads, but just like everywhere you advertise, you need a unique, irresistible offer to get people jumping on it.

I can see Fiverr.com getting more and more popular in the future. Not too many people know about it now so this is a good chance to get your offer or ‘gig’ up there.

To your success,

Stu “Sensei” Stirling

p.s. Have you used Fiverr before? What was your experience? Good or bad? What did you outsource? What are you offering? Please leave a comment and share this post!