How To Sell Like Frank Kern

Is Frank Kern the best salesman in the world? He sure is good at what he does. But this video is a refreshing break and a little ‘behind the scenes’ look at the real life of an internet marketer or “salesman” as Frank puts it.

It’s an interview with Frank Kern with him candidly revealing some very powerful insider secrets on internet marketing. Although he is making no ‘sales pitch’ this in itself is a selling him, his persona and the internet marketing lifestyle. Gee he is good. We can learn so much from watching this man in action.

You may be a little shocked however at some of the things he says.. which I imagine is completely intentional.. but these are great take-aways that will help you if you digest them.

In particular he talks about the myth about “working a couple of hours a day and making a boat load of cash”. It’s true.. as much as I’d love to be living that lifestyle, I’m definitely not, although some times I do take an afternoon or morning off to spend with the family… because I can 😉

But if you’re believing that you can get rich by doing nothing all day, yeah…sorry to burst your bubble but the 4-hour work week is a great concept but it’s just not practical. Jut like Kern, I don’t know anyone who is mighty successful and is content with working just a couple of hours a day.

The other part that struck a chord with me was in the later part of the video where he tells us the two big reasons why people fail online.

One is that people just don’t get started or they don’t get back up after they get knocked down after a failure.

The second biggest killer is that people simply never learn how to sell. They are too concerned about the tech side of things – about having the most Twitter followers or the best looking website but don’t know the fundamentals for of persuasion and selling.

Like Kerny, I would have to agree that I would prefer to be in a room with 10 buyers than 10 trillion Twitter followers.

“If you can sell something, you are set, forever”. This has to be the most powerful statement from this entire video (around the 15 minute mark).

This video is full of killer principles that you can take away so without rabbiting on any longer, here is the video. I suggest you watch it a couple of times. It’s a real refreshing change from all the sales pitches and hype that we all get bombarded with on a daily basis.

If you liked it as much as I did, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I’ve also posted it on my Facebook page so you can leave a comment there if you prefer that.

To your success,

Stu Sensei