Happy New Year! 8 Things to Do In 2018 To Crush Your Competition

Happy new year! I’m outrageously excited about the new year! Why? Because for the last 3 years, I was running an offline business which meant that my time online was severely limited. So I’m excited to be back online in 2018!

Now let’s talk about you! I’m hoping I can help you have a successful 2018 too!

And to start off, here are 8 things you should do in 2018 to make more money and crush your competitors!

  1. Grow Your Audience (and more than just your email list)

    In 2018, there are many more channels to share your story and offers than just with your ’email list’. Don’t get me wrong though, your Email lists are probably still going to be #1 for generating sales – and are not to be ignored by any means – but if you want to get people’s attention and really create a ‘tribe’ , then you need to use multiple channels along side email.

    People want and are finding their ‘place’ to belong in Facebook groups and Youtube channels. If you want to standout in your niche as an expert and leader, growing your ‘tribe’ for your brand on multiple platforms is a must.

  2. Feed DAILY content to your tribe.

    People are addicted to FB, Youtube, Instagram, email, Pinterest, etc. They check it daily and are looking for your content and other favorites. If you aren’t posting something daily (or almost daily) you could be forgotten as soon as your competitors release their daily content.

  3. Create More than You Consume

    It’s too easy to spend (and waste) time looking at Instagram photos and memes on facebook. I am totally guilty of that! We have to be careful and tell ourselves to stop – and get back to work, because soaking up too much content, even if it’s relative to your business, will not take you where you want to go.

    YOU have to be the one who is creating the content. One of my goals for 2018 is to create much more than I consume. I aim for a ratio of 80/20. I will focus on creating daily content for my email lists (emails/blogs/videos), and paid products (courses/software/services).

  4. Get Your Product Out There

    Don’t wait for your product to be perfect or for your product range (or sales funnel) to be complete. Start with the bare minimum and selling as soon as you can. Work on adding the next product to your funnel asap and get it in there as soon as possible.

    I’m sure you’ve heard the saying ‘Ready, Fire, Aim’. I follow this ideology with my business and most things in life too (mainly because I’m terrible at planning – but it works out to be great for me ) and I highly suggest you do too! Perfectionism will kill your business before you get started.

  5. Watch out for Liars, Fakes, Scammers

    There will always be fakers, liars and scammers online. And the worst part is, it’s very hard to tell who is BS’ing you and who is telling the truth. My advice is, if there is anyone who seems a little suspicious and what they say sounds ‘too good to be true’, watch them very carefully over a period (weeks or months) before you make any decision to invest with them. You can always tell them by their fruit. If they are walking the walk, and not just talking the talk, then you can assume they’re legit. Do your research though!

  6. Learn a New Skill (or really polish an existing one)

    The online business world is requiring more and more specialists in certain areas. I highly suggest you expand your skill-set or really polish one skill that you already have in 2018.

    Your skills are your biggest asset – NOT your email list, not your products, not your network. If you have the skills to create products, or write sales letters, or delegate tasks and manage projects, then no matter what happens , if your sites go down, or you lose your lists, you’ll have the skills to rebuild!

  7. Reinvest your profits into Advertising for your business

    This is another thorn in my side! If there is something I’ve been terrible at the past few years, it’s reinvesting in my business. I love to buy tools, materials and software that help me create content, products and sites, but when it comes to spending money on advertising, I kind of sweep the idea under the rug. Let’s be honest, setting up advertising campaigns is as about as fun as pulling teeth! But it’s something that all online marketers need to focus on to have a business that grows at a constant rate, and I recommend you do it too.

    For the MMO niche, I am going to be looking at Solo ads, banner ads, and PPC ads. I have done it in the past, but usually just in spurts. My advice to you if you’re just starting to run paid ads, is to start small! $50 to $100 will get you a decent amount of traffic.

  8. Spy On Your Competitors and Copy What’s Working

    It’s pretty easy to spot the guys and girls who are absolutely killing it online. The ones who are ‘walking the walk’. If that’s the kind of success that you want, then you’ll need to spy on them and reverse engineer what they’re doing. Of course, you can’t flat out copy their websites and blog content. You should put your own twist and personality on it.

    The problem is, that there is only so much that you can see from the surface. Most 7 figure earners out there have many underlying systems that makes them earn that much. They have staff, outsource teams, systems in place that do a lot of the work in the background. If there is a chance to join a mastermind group or coaching program, then I highly recommend it. No matter where you are, there is always much more that you can learn!

If you can pull off these 8 things in 2018, I’m sure you’ll be smoking hot as you go to enter 2019!

Let me know what you think by leaving a comment below.

To a MASSIVELY successful year!
Stuart Stirling


My Website Was Running Slow. Here’s How I Fixed It.

This blog is running fine now, but for the last few weeks before writing this post, it was running so slow.

I finally got sick of the WordPress White Page of Death and aimed to put an end to the slow page loads.

I went to work and I FINALLY figured out WHY it was running slow. I was surprised at what I found. Watch my video below to find out what I did to make my site run faster. It wasn’t what you think.

Let me know what you think in the comments below. And if you have any more advice or tips to share for speeding up websites, please let the world know!

Stuart Stirling


You’re Only Millimeteres Away From The Success You Want

Here is a bit of good advice one of my mentors gave to me a few years ago when I was struggling….

He said..

“Stu, the reason you’re not making sales is NOT because you’ve got it all backwards.. it’s just a matter of a few small adjustments….. You’ve got 95% of things right.. and only 5% wrong.. fix those little things and you’ll get there.”

So I want to pass on this advice to you too.

If you’re still struggling.. it’s not because you’re doing everything wrong.

You’re probably doing MOST things right.

But the little things you’re getting wrong are keeping you from seeing that success.. or, your breakthrough.

As Tony Robbins says, “The difference between butt ugly and gorgeous is 2 millimeters.”

SO how do you make the adjustment of that 1 or 2 millimeters that can change everything for you?

One of the best ways to see what’s missing in your business is to spy on your competitors and model what they do to succeed.

If they’re getting the results that you want, they’ve got the “Secret sauce” that you need..

You just need to find it and apply it to what you’re doing…

And… bingo!

So today, and over the weekend, do some spying on your competitors.. look closely at what they are doing.

Then try to find what it is that’s missing in your business.

If you’re still looking for the missing piece that is so close, read this blog post where I expand much more on how to copy the masters of internet marketing for mega success…

I’m sure you’ll get a few more juicy insights from it.

ninjastuTell me what you think about it too! Leave your comments below.

Stu “Ninja Marketer” Stirling

How To Sell Like Frank Kern

Is Frank Kern the best salesman in the world? He sure is good at what he does. But this video is a refreshing break and a little ‘behind the scenes’ look at the real life of an internet marketer or “salesman” as Frank puts it.

It’s an interview with Frank Kern with him candidly revealing some very powerful insider secrets on internet marketing. Although he is making no ‘sales pitch’ this in itself is a selling him, his persona and the internet marketing lifestyle. Gee he is good. We can learn so much from watching this man in action.

You may be a little shocked however at some of the things he says.. which I imagine is completely intentional.. but these are great take-aways that will help you if you digest them.

In particular he talks about the myth about “working a couple of hours a day and making a boat load of cash”. It’s true.. as much as I’d love to be living that lifestyle, I’m definitely not, although some times I do take an afternoon or morning off to spend with the family… because I can 😉

But if you’re believing that you can get rich by doing nothing all day, yeah…sorry to burst your bubble but the 4-hour work week is a great concept but it’s just not practical. Jut like Kern, I don’t know anyone who is mighty successful and is content with working just a couple of hours a day.

The other part that struck a chord with me was in the later part of the video where he tells us the two big reasons why people fail online.

One is that people just don’t get started or they don’t get back up after they get knocked down after a failure.

The second biggest killer is that people simply never learn how to sell. They are too concerned about the tech side of things – about having the most Twitter followers or the best looking website but don’t know the fundamentals for of persuasion and selling.

Like Kerny, I would have to agree that I would prefer to be in a room with 10 buyers than 10 trillion Twitter followers.

“If you can sell something, you are set, forever”. This has to be the most powerful statement from this entire video (around the 15 minute mark).

This video is full of killer principles that you can take away so without rabbiting on any longer, here is the video. I suggest you watch it a couple of times. It’s a real refreshing change from all the sales pitches and hype that we all get bombarded with on a daily basis.

If you liked it as much as I did, let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I’ve also posted it on my Facebook page so you can leave a comment there if you prefer that.

To your success,

Stu Sensei


Proof Of Real Affiliate Earnings

Is making money online just a pipe dream?

I know sometimes that making money online seems next to impossible, like trying to squeeze blood out of a stone, but I want to show you that it IS POSSIBLE to make money online.

I’m not one to brag or show off about anything really, I consider myself quite the ‘Average Joe’ when it comes to most things, but hopefully the little bit of ‘proof’ below will give you hope and encouragement to keep going after those sales too.

Plus, I want to let you know that I actually do what I teach and teach what I do… unlike those wannabe marketers with their fake screenshots and hypey sales pitches.

Sidenote: This is does NOT include sales of my own products which is where I generate the majority of my online income. This is some of the money I’ve made from selling other people’s products… i.e. Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Commissions proof

WSO pro commissions

Niche Commissions
Commissions from one of my Non-IM niche sites
Niche Commissions
More Non-IM niche commissions

On top of these, I have my Clickbank account which only has a sprinkle of sales every month (sometimes less), and a few other affiliate programs in which I make a few sales here and there like Hostgator.

I get a couple of these every year from Aweber too

You’ll notice there isn’t a shot of my Paypal account here where the majority of my income goes from sales of my own products.

So again, I don’t show you this to brag, but to show you that earning money online selling OTHER people’s stuff is possible.

I admit, these aren’t breathtaking figures.. but they are real and achievable for anyone IF you put in the effort.

As they say, success is 10% inspiration an 90% perspiration.

Keep in mind that I built my internet marketing business from the ground up 5 years ago and have been working on it nearly every day.. sometimes for only 1 hour, sometimes 10 hrs.

Is it easy? No. Does it take time and dedication? Sure does. But I love the infinite potential of being an entrepreneur, the freedom of being my own boss… and of course seeing my work pay off 😉

Stuart StirlingTo your success,

Stu Sensei

5 Steps to Overcoming Information Overload

Have you been trying to get started in Internet Marketing but have been overwhelmed by all the confusing terms, seemingly conflicting advice, and endless offers claiming to have the “big secret”?

You are not alone.

Information OverloadInformation Overload, sometimes also referred to as “analysis paralysis” is an invisible but very real barrier that new IM’ers run into.

Many of them, I would dare say most of them, never make it past that barrier and give up on their dreams of owning their own business.

Yes, getting started in IM can be a daunting task, but it’s not nearly as hard as you may think it is.

Today I am going to talk about how you can get past the Information Overload barrier and start on your path to making money and fulfilling your dreams.

1. Focus on Doing What You Love

You may not realize this, but “Internet Marketing” doesn’t refer to just one thing.

People selling products, creating products, reviewing products, writing articles, promoting CPA offers, building backlinks and many other jobs are all taking part in the big dance known as “Internet Marketing”.

No one person can do it all.

All of those “gurus” have found a few things that they do well and that’s all they do. Everything else they outsource.

This is what you need to do too. Otherwise, you’ll be “a jack of all trades and master of none”, as my friend likes to say.

Figure out what you enjoy doing and what you maybe considered an expert at.

Maybe it’s writing or maybe it’s designing websites, or product creation.

No matter what it is, that’s all you need to worry about for now. Direct all your focus on that one thing.

Forget about everything else like promoting CPA offers, creating Facebook fan pages, and trying to create and market Mobile Apps.

I’m not saying that those are a waste of time. They are great business and marketing models, but if you try too much at once, you can really spread your self thin and it will be hard to get any solid results.

2. Set Realistic Goals

If you’ve been online for more than a minute you’ve seen the ads promising to show you how to make $20,000 a week with no knowledge and no effort. Your common sense alarms were hopefully screaming at you when you read those claims. Listen to those alarms.

Set a realistic goal. Maybe it’s earning your first $100 or making your first sale or landing your first client.

Set a small, realistic goal that you can hit and work toward that at first.

Put aside the dreams of a Malibu beach home and a fancy car for now, there will be plenty of time to work on those goals once you have your feet wet.

A big goal is really just a lot of accomplished smaller goals.

3. Put Out More Than You Take In

It’s a simple fact that if you spend more time reading how to do something than actually doing it you will never get anywhere.

It’s time to stop browsing the forums and blogs for hours on end and sit down and start working on your business and so you can achieve your dreams.

Every success will motivate you far more than any forum posting and every failure will teach you much more than any other lesson.

Every hour you spend reading is an hour you could have been involved in profit producing activities instead.

But that’s not to say you must stop learning. Learning is vital because as you know, the internet and marketing methods are changing. You still need to keep up with trends, but don’t spend all your time on them.

What it really comes down to is you need a balance between input and output.

A good rule to go by is 10-90. That is 10% of your time is spent on learning, and 90% is on doing real work.

4. When It’s Time to Work: WORK!

You need to setup a place where you can go and work without distraction.

It might be your office, a corner of the bedroom, or your back deck but you need to find a place where you can go and focus and put in some solid hours of work.

You need to eliminate ALL distractions and this includes the Internet! Forget about the Warrior Forum or other social places, the videos of funny cats etc for a few hours and WORK.

After you’ve worked, you can reward yourself with a break of relax time to do anything you want.

Again, set up a rule to split up your work time and your goof off time. I like to work 50 minutes in an hour and take 10 minutes break. Find out a good pattern for you and stick to it. You’ll be surprised how much you can get done.

5. Do One Thing at a Time and Do it Well

Many IM newbies are like crickets. They are always hopping from one thing to another.

One day they are trying to design websites and the next day they are trying to get into a CPA network. They see a post talking about how some guy made $800 in a day and so they want to go and try to mimic that success.

They don’t realize that the guy who made that money was either already an expert at what he was doing or got darn lucky. So they jump from one project to the next hoping to find a shortcut to success.

Believe it or not, making money on the Internet is not complicated.. any very rarely are there any shortcuts to success.

If you find something that you enjoy, do it often and do it well you WILL make money.

You might not make “$20,000 a week on autopilot” but you will be making a lot more than you would by browsing forums and jumping from the one to the other ‘next best way to make money’ if you simply stick with one thing!

Consistency and being in a mindset to continually want to improve in that one field is the key.

Stuart StirlingTo your success,

Stu Sensei Stirling

p.s. Please take a minute to tell me about how you overcame (or are working on overcoming) your information overload.

Tell me what problem you overcame or need to overcome in the comments section and let’s see if we can get past them together.

Q&A: Squeeze Pages, Social Marketing, Traffic

Here’s the first weekly Q&A post!

Every week from now on, I’ll be answering your questions about Internet marketing and making money online.

So if you have a question you want me to answer too, this is the place to ask it!

Ok, so let’s get on with this week’s answers…

Q1. What is a squeeze page?

A. A squeeze page is also known as a “lead capture page”.

It’s just a very simple web page on your site that has an opt-in form to collect names and emails, and a pitch for your bribe to get your visitors to subscribe.

A squeeze page is the best way to start building a list of prospects.

Make sure you have a good bribe to get them to subscribe to your list and then just send traffic to your squeeze page.

i.e. a free 7 day e-course, a free report or video that reveals some insider secrets, free software, free cheat sheet.. whatever will appeal to your market.

Q2. Does Social marketing work anymore?

A. Hard question. I heard some marketers are abandoning social media. Does that mean it’s dead?

My answer is that it depends on your niche and how you use it.

If you’re in the “bizz opp” and “MMO” niche like me, you’ll notice that FB and Twitter look like a free spam board.

It’s very crowded with “marketers” pitching their ads in there, so it’s pretty hard to stand out.

To make the most of social media, you need to build a loyal following by sharing helpful and interesting content.

If you use FB and want to use it to promote your biz, then make a “page” for it. It’s not the best idea to use your personal profile to post ads to every hour of every day.

Social media is all about sharing cool stuff. Use it to share.. not to pitch.. and people aren’t stupid, they know the difference.

Q3. How do I create new web pages on my website?

A. Well, there are a million types of sites you can create and work with, but the simplest is just a simple HTML web page.There are free HTML editor software apps available that let you create new files and edit them as well. Try Kompozer (it’s free) http://kompozer.net/download.php

Then, after you have created an HTML page, you can upload it to your website host server.

The easiest way to do this is to use and FTP client software app. Try Filezilla (its free too)http://filezilla-project.org/download.php

Q4. I need traffic! How can I get traffic to my site?

A. Again, it depends on your niche and your desired outcome of your website.

The very first thing to do is think about and seek out WHERE your target market are already “hanging out” online.

Are they in forums? On Youtube? On facebook? On other people’s lists? On Google? Reading other guy’s blogs?

Often times, your audience is in more than one place. But once you determine where they are, it makes it easy to go after them.

Beware of buying traffic!

Let me tell you from experience that cheap traffic does practically nothing but make your hit count bigger.

If you want to buy traffic, be prepared to spend a fair chunk of change on it if you want any sort of decent response from it. i.e. PPC, ezine ads, banner ads etc.


Ok, that’s it for this week. I hope this can help you move forward for better results.

Think big, talk big, act big!

To your success,
Stu “Sensei” Stirling

p.s. Remember, if you have any questions that are stopping you from getting to where you want to be in your biz, hit the big red button and ask away!

Ask me your questions here!