The 2 Most Dangerous Mindsets That Kill Your Chances Of Succeeding Online

There is a lethal trap most newbies to internet marketing fall into.. and it’s super hard to get out of.And newbies aren’t the only victims.

I get emails and messages from guys and girls around the world telling me they have been struggling for months, sometimes years – and this is the #1 cause of it.

The worst thing is that almost all who have fallen in this trap don’t know that it’s detrimental to their success.

The trap is 2-part; trying to do everything yourself and trying to do it all for free.

I can see why people ‘think’ this is the best route to take when starting an online business… and maybe you still do, but hopefully by the end of this post, you’ll realize you must avoid this habit like the plague.

And I admit I was a little in this state of mind in the beginning of my career too – but thankfully I snapped out of it early.

I remember my first big investment (apart from getting a personal internet business coach) was getting upgraded memberships at safelists.

At first I was all for getting “free traffic”, but it was coming in in dribbles. I wanted to turn on the firehose of traffic – so I invested in pro memberships at a few safelist..

And they weren’t cheap!  Around $197 for 12 months! And I was doubting very much if I would ever see my money again.

But I decided to make it work.

One thing I always tried to do when I first started out was try to make back any money that I spent asap, so I was determined to get my money back – so I used those safelists religously. I mailed as soon as I could (I could mail every 3 days or something like that).

I’m not sure about now, but in 2007 they were actually quite responsive! I could get a dozen or more subscribers every time I mailed to the safelist members.

So did this beat writing articles and making squidoo lenses?

You bet!

There is nothing wrong with Squidoo and Articles, but at that time, doing it all my myself, I could just feel it was the long way to success.

I wanted to “fast track” and see results asap!

Doesn’t everyone?

So if you want faster results too, rethink your “work strategy”.

You might say “Oh I can’t afford to pay for a $200 membership upgrade!

But I say, “Do you want traffic today, or traffic next month?”

You might say “I can’t afford a professional autoresponder.”

But I say, “Can you afford not to invest in one? Are you planning on building a list of 300 or 300,000?”

You might say, “That designer/copywriter/mentor is too expensive… I’ll just keep going at it myself and wish for the best.”

But I say, “Why shoot yourself in the foot? Why not let experts do the job which will give you the best results (ROI)?”

I want you to see that spending money on tools and expert services is an investment.

An investment means that your money will work for you to make you more money. 

That’s how you’ve got to see business and your money in it. Money is a tool to make you more money.

If you’re holding on tight to it and not investing it, it will never grow.

Of course, you need to have a long-term plan.

You need to have all the pieces in place for your business to succeed.

For example, you’d be silly to spend hundreds on a website design only to never advertise it.

All these costs can add up, but with a long-term plan in place, and using a rough mathematical formula, you can forecast the results (PROFIT) you’ll be seeing.

That’s the great thing about most marketing campaigns.. especially online ones- You can almost predict the outcome before you start!

So have a think about your business. Are you in it for the long run, ready to dive in and get the lifestyle you want? Or are you being a wussy and just want to dip your toe in and not really see the potential that lies for you?

I hope you’re not a wussy, but if you are I have a cure for you.

To your success,

Stuart Stirling

p.s. Tell me where you’re at and what you’ll be investing in next!

For me, it’s about buying traffic and delegating tasks to others to free up my time.

4 Internet Marketing Mistakes

Everyone makes mistakes in business, and it’s OK, because that’s how we can improve.

All you need is to realize where you’re going wrong and learn how to fix it.

This article will show you a few mistakes I made (and still make) so you can skip them and succeed faster

4 Big Mistakes You Can Learn From

1. Not having a clear goal.

You might have heard this before…

“If you don’t know where you’re going, how will you know where you get there?”

Most of us have an idea of what we want to achieve but until you actually sit down and make really targeted goals, you’ll be wandering around aimlessly.

2. Being too perfect.

Perfectionism is a big hurdle that slows progress big time!

I can be a perfectionist sometimes…but I really wish I wasn’t. Sometimes I’m stuck before I start because I’m trying to make my idea perfect.

But some of my biggest successes have been when I got an idea and ran with it. It wasn’t perfect but it was good enough.

3. Tying to do it all by yourself.

Running your online business by yourself is a big job, as you might already know.

I still do most of my work myself…but I should outsource more.

When I DO outsource, it’s a massive burden off my shoulders. I really recommend it. Even if it’s just small things like getting graphics or articles written, this is where you can really get things done.

4. Not developing skills.

An online business requires you to have computer skills, marketing skills and a whole lot more.

I found that as I learned new skills, like copywriting for example, it helped me write better ads which helped my business grow.

You still might be learning how to use your PC or to type.. and if that’s the case, learn it well!

Your computer is your tool you use to run your business, and if you don’t know how to use it, you can’t run it very well.

It’s like trying to win the F1 and not even knowing how to drive a car.

The more skills you can develop, the more help and service you can provide to your customers.

Remember though, you don’t have to learn how to use every video and photo editing software..or learn php coding… because like I mentioned above, you can outsource that kind of work.

Skills like that can be “borrowed” but skills you might want to develop as an online business owner could be marketing, networking, time management and managerial skills.


I hope these little pointers help you avoid some mistakes that could stop you from achieving your dreams of making a living online.

Stuart Stirling