Do You Have What It Takes To Be Successful In MLM?

I guess another title for the article could be “The truth about MLM”.

If you’re reading this, then you’re probably in a MLM or thinking about getting in one.. maybe just interested in making money and looking for options. An ‘MLM business opportunity’ looks like a good way to go, but is it? Do you have what it takes to succeed?

The typical MLM biz opp looks like the ultimate way to get started online. Attractive compensation plans, people already making crazy money riving sports cars and living in mansions. It appears easy to earn big bucks, so it’s no wonder that a lot of beginners jump at the chance to earn passive income

But the truth about MLM (and actually all business) is that it takes a lot of work behind the scenes to become successful.

Successful network marketers only show you the good stuff – the results, the big checks they get on stage, the vacations they take, the cars they (probably hardly ever) drive. What they don’t show you is the hard, long working hours they put in to grow their business.

Do you have what it takes to be a successful MLMer?

The way you earn in MLM is to recruit people into your team, and buy the products through your referral link.

It’s funny how some people get into a MLM and think they will start earning without doing anything.  They think that just paying the monthly membership fee to run their business is going to make them rich.

Nah-ahh – sorry but just paying the monthly fee won’t make you rich. You still have to recruit! You still have to advertise, get traffic and sell the business!

So if you’re thinking of getting into MLM and exptecting a golden path all the way to the bank, you’ll be extremely disappointed.

Understand that being in a MLM is not a cushy ride where people magically sign up under you while you’re sipping latte’s and cocktails on the beach. To be a top MLM networker, you have to promote, promote, promote.

Another myth is that if your sponsor will do all the work for you. I know some sponsors get you in by promising they’ll recruit and build your downline for you. Don’t fall for that one. It’s the oldest trick in the MLM book.

A little about my experience in MLM

I’m in a couple of ‘biz opps’ (MLMs) Empower Network and Pure Leverage – and I’ve seen a fair bit of success with them. I’ve already earned thousands of dollars in each business and keep earning passive income through them.

My results don’t come automatically though, and not without a lot of perseverance. I do have a lot of experience with internet marketing, and in particular the “make money online” niche so I know how to get traffic and how to convert traffic.

Those are actually the keys right there. Getting traffic and converting it. That’s the formula for any internet business, MLM or not.

A couple of big things I help me recruit are my own downline builder websites. I made a (actually two – and ) unique system which I promote that automatically promote my MLMs for me.

The great thing is that my members can use my systems too to promote and build their business (power of duplication).

Creating these unique systems gives me an edge… it’s how I can position myself as a leader, a professional marketer and automate the promotion of my MLMs.

This is a pretty advanced and long way to go about it – but my hard work is paying off.

So does this mean you have to go out and create your own unique sites too?

Well, if you want to compete with the big boys – yes I highly recommend it! You will get an edge over the competition.

You need to set up and promote something unique that brands you, and positions you as an expert and leader.

Otherwise you’re just another username promoting the same squeeze page and banners that your MLM provides you and the thousands of other marketers trying to sell the same thing.

It doesn’t have to be a full blown downline builder like I’ve set up, but  they do work wonderfully.

If you just want something simple but still a site that is unique, I recommend the bare minimum you do is set up a unique squeeze page and blog on your own domain name that promotes you and lets you have your own voice to share your tips, thoughts and sell your business.

The fail rate in MLM is staggering.. I don’t know the exact figures but I would guess that maybe 99 out of 100 will never make a dime in one. That’s because the 99 are all doing the same thing. Which is usually nothing or making a weak effort to promote using the same old websites that don’t do a good job of selling or branding you.

The ones making the money in MLM, and they do exist, are the ones stepping above the crowd and doing something that gets people to stop and take notice. That’s what it takes to succeed in MLM. Can you do it? You can if you decide to do it.

It will be a little uncomfortable. You will have to step outside of your comfort zone but you will be among the ones making money. The magic happens when you step outside of you comfort zone.

What are you doing today to step outside of your comfort zone and aim higher?

Stuart Stirling


Need A Downline Builder To Get More Sign Ups?

Are you in two or more business opportunities, are all excited to become the next big success story, but having trouble getting sign ups?

Maybe you’ve heard about using a downline builder to leverage your marketing efforts.

How can a downline builder website help you get you more leads and sign ups for your network marketing or MLM business?

In one sentence:

You can promote multiple businesses with one link.

Sounds good right?

You probably already know that trying to promote your biz opps individually can be hard work, and it can take a longer time to get results in each program.

Using a downline builder, you add your programs to your account – then promote the downline builder opportunity – so your referrals sign up, add their links to the programs (your programs) and if they aren’t in your program yet, they sign up under you (you get a sign up!).

You can focus your marketing efforts on just one site, and be building your leads and signs ups across multiple programs. 

The tricky part is finding a downline builder which gives you maximum return for your efforts.

A good downline builder will give you these features..

  • Is free to join and use
  • Add your programs of your choice
  • Allow you to collect the leads as  you promote the downline builder site
  • Promote your business and “brand” you as an expert to your downline
  • Let you earn profit and commissions while promoting the downline builder program
  • Be easy to set up which is essential for duplication! (meaning your referrals can replicate the system)

Sounds like the perfect system right? Does one exist?

If you’re looking for a system that has all the features above and more, then you’ll find is what you’re looking for. ticks all the boxes of what a downline builder “should” be so you can get maximum results from your efforts.

I could tell you all about viral builder, but the fastest way to learn is to watch this video…

If you’re ready to take your lead and downline building a notch – more like ‘put on STEROIDS’ then sign up for your free account at 

Truth be told, I am a co-owner of the site and use it personally to promote my business opportunities like Empower Network and Pure leverage.

This is the exact kind of system I had been searching for to help me promote multiple businesses. There weren’t any that had all the features that I wanted, so I created one “with it all”.

Sign up, it’s free, and let me know what you think.

To your online success,

Stuart Stirling


Throw Out the Suit! You Can Be Yourself And Be Successful!

My buddy and mentor James Brown and I were chatting last night and talking about some of the highly successful leaders and money earners in the internet business industry, in particular, those in Empower Network.

And one thing that came up in our conversation is that the top earners aren’t these stereotypical, corporate looking MLM guys that you usually see in massive multi-million-dollar companies, which Empower Network now is.

For example, you’ll never see the two creators of Empower Network, Dave Wood and Dave Sharpe wearing a suit!

I mean, you’d be lucky to see Dave Wood wearing a t-shirt with sleeves in his videos! Even his sales videos when he’s selling $3,00 products!

Since joining Empower Network and consuming  the training (which is awesome and extremely empowering, by the way) I got thinking that the typical ‘suit and tie’ business is serious type of mentality is not necessary.


I just recently watched a hilarious free training video by Dave Wood on the Empower network blog, which confirmed my thinking.

James Brown my buddy also says often, that “Business is personal” and in our chat last night he said, these guys in EN are just being themselves. And if we want to succeed and help others succeed in EN we have to just be our plain old selves… and encourage others to be themselves too.

Isn’t that so much better?

Running a massive successful business without having to put on the “serious face” and talking only about boring business stuff like the ‘keys to selling’ and the ‘keys to productivity’.

Wouldn’t you rather be yourself, wear what you want to wear, say what you want to say and share what you have learned that can help others in the way YOU want?

Now that’s what being an Internet Entrepreneur is about!

It’s 2013, not 1990. People just don’t give a crap about boring ‘sales’ or tech talk anymore.. because there is a TON of it all over the internet already. You don’t need to add more to it.

I’m not saying don’t produce training… I’m saying produce and teach but add YOUR personality into it. Be yourself. Business is personal. People relate to people. Not everyone relates to everyone.

That means, you can’t relate to 100% of the people. If you try, you’ll come off looking and sounding like a dork robot and boring as hell.

So what if you don’t relate to 50% of the people in your niche. Only a handful might relate and like your stuff, but those handful will be there every time, watching for your emails and your videos… and they’ll share with their friends like them who will also most probably relate you you.

So the point is, don’t be afraid to be yourself in business. Forget the serious shirt and tie serious style. You will have better results.

It might feel uncomfortable at first because it feels like you’re not doing it ‘right’, or you may be afraid someone will not like you or your style, but you have to get over that!

Have fun your business, be yourself, and people will come to you because you are who you are.

That’s me out for this blog post!

I’m going to change my blog header image here because I hate that photo of me wearing a suit and tie!  I NEVER wear a suit and tie expect for wedding and funerals.. and the odd time I go to church.

Expect to be seeing the real me who loves sports cars, basketball and heavy metal music like Slipknot!

Leave your thoughts in the comments below!


Stu ‘Ninja in real life’ Stirling

p.s. I’m heading to Australia tomorrow for a 3 week vacation! Can’t wait! It’s my first real vacation in 2 years. Well deserved if I do say so myself.