Niche Choice Is EVERYTHING!

I was chatting with friend and fellow internet marketer about niche marketing and he was explaining to me that the NICHE market you choose is to enter controls EVERYTHING!

I totally agree and wanted you to know this stuff as well so I asked Andrew to write a guest blog post for me.

His article is below…

“If you’re trying to make money online as an affiliate, there are a couple of highly important things that do more than any other factor to determine your level of success.

I can classify them into “mistakes”, meaning that it’s most likely that one of these mistakes is the reason you might not have made as much money as you would have liked in affiliate marketing.

The first mistake is how you choose your niche, the market you choose to enter, and the product you choose to promote as an affiliate.

Put simply, there are markets where you can generate high conversions, easy sales, and fast traffic, and there are markets (the majority of them) where you’ll spend months trying to scrape together a mere 50 or 100 visitors for ZERO result.

Knowing the difference is key. Fortunately, it’s no big secret.

The first kind of markets are those where you have a group of people wanting to buy something… you know what that something is… and you can provide it to them. That’s it.

Read that again to make sure you intimately understand what that means.

The second kind of market (the bad one) is where you know they have an interest but you don’t know what they want to BUY, but you can make a guess, and TRY providing that to them. It should be clear why this results in you making less money.

What most people don’t realize is that the niche you choose controls EVERYTHING.

If you can’t get traffic, it’s not because you’re not good at getting traffic… it’s because the market you entered is too competitive and traffic is too hard to come by!

If you’ve got traffic but aren’t making sales, it’s not because you’re not good at selling… it’s because you’re market doesn’t want to buy what you’re selling!

You’re in the wrong niche and you’re promoting the wrong product! You see how it’s all connected?”

Stuart Stirling

p.s. I hope this article helped you ‘get’ the important concept that the niche is really is EVERYTHING. I’d love to hear your  thoughts so please comment below!

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I really respect Andrew because he’s a marketer who practices what he preaches..and he’s damn good at what he does.

He currently runs his niche affiliate businesses while holidaying and living on the coast in Mexico. Definitely a guy living the dream and a guy to listen to.

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To your success,
Stuart Stirling