Update From Australia: 22 Days After The Quake

After staying in a friend’s place south of Tokyo for 12 days, we have moved once again in our evacuation efforts since the situation isn’t seeming to improve much around our place in Fukushima.

Now, we’re in my home country; Australia, where we’ll stay with my lovely but overly worried Mum for a scheduled 3 weeks. If it will be safe enough to go back home then, only time will tell.

There are still very mixed reports about the situation there… like radiation levels are dropping, but the radiation in the water is increasing off the charts.

Then there are the fears of plutonium that has been detected around the plant. God forbid more plutonium doesn’t leak and the amount already there isn’t enough to reach us or anyone and do harm.

Anyway, I just wanted to keep this update short and say that things are still ‘up in the air’… literally, as are our plans for the near future.

But for the meantime, we’re stationed here in Brisbane Australia for the next little stint.

I really hope this somehow all magically blows over and in 3 weeks from now, everything will be normal again. Maybe wishful thinking but that’s pretty much all we’ve got to rely on; apart from the workers trying to get this under control.

The workers there at the plant are putting their life on the line and the Japanese are smart, and extremely responsible and honorable when it comes to problems like this. It would be dishonorable for anyone to not give it their all to work out a solution as quickly as possible.

As the motto goes, “Pray for Japan”. We all are and I really hope you are too.

Any extra help at this time is extremely valuable… even if it is in the form of a silent prayer.

Thanks for all the support from everyone of my friends/readers/customers so far. It really means a lot to me that you are thinking of us and others in Japan.

We’re still in the middle of this, with a long way to go till we pop out the other side… but it’s just a matter of time.

Hopefully I will still have enough energy and sanity when this ends.

Best wishes,

Stu ‘Sensei’ Stirling