My Wife Said I Couldn’t Make Money Online – She Was Wrong

“You can’t make money online!”

you can't make money online, skeptical spouse

This is what my better half told me when I first said I was going to start in Internet business.

I had just moved to Japan and gotten married, and I wanted a way to earn money that would also give me the freedom to travel to and from Australia. An Internet business sounded like just the ticket.

My wife didn’t see the opportunity as clearly as I did though. I was DETERMINED though, so I had to boldly but politely say ‘Honey, I’ve got this’. I went for it.

I spent a couple of thousand dollars getting coaching (I was a complete newbie!) and the basic tools I needed to start an online business together (autoresponder, website, advertising, etc.).

Then it was up to me to PROVE HER WRONG! To be honest, that was a big part of my motivation. I didn’t want to let her or I down.

I was on a mission to make it work. I gave up TV and social events. I would stay up late, tapping away at the keyboard, making it work into the wee hours of the morning…

Slowly but surely I was chipping away.

I would get a few subscribers every day through safelists and free traffic from articles and feeder pages. Slowly but surely I got more and more subscribers. I got more and more order buttons up online for selling digital products I thought my list would buy.

Eventually, my hard work paid off. I started to make a sale a week, then one every two days, then one everyday.

The snowball effect start kicked in. My small successes added up to big successes.

I was seeing PROOF that this was working and I could turn this IM business thing into a serious income.. Now I just needed to keep it up! So I did.

Today, I am making a fine income from my online business, and most of it on autopilot. I was (and still am) building a business, not just making money.

It sure as hell didn’t happen overnight though.. there were days when I thought I’d never see a penny come my way!

“This isn’t working!”, “What’s the point?!”

Did I ever have doubts and come close to throwing in the towel? Of course. I don’t think there is any Entrepreneur who hasn’t had doubts and though a million times “Is this gonna work?”

I would ask myself almost daily “What’s the point?”

What’s the point of setting up this product? What’s the point of writing this blog post? What’s the point of making this video? What’s the point of writing this many follow-up emails?”

But do you know what?


Like feather’s on a camel’s back. Eventually, one too many will break it.

In my IM career, it truly was a case of starting slow, placing feathers on the camel’s back.

Results came in so small at the beginning. I could hardly see the rewards. But they were there.

Each new subscriber, each new blog post, each new video, each product launch, each JV connection, each email broadcast – were ALL a little success, progress – and it all added up.

Each small success was proof that I could do this.

Each small success was a boost in my confidence.


I just wouldn’t accept anyone’s dumb statements like “you can’t” or “you’re wasting your time”… Those kinds of comments can break you.

The skepticism comes because they simply do not understand what an ‘internet business’ is. They fear it. They don’t believe they could ever do it, so they try to smack down anyone who thinks they can. Don’t allow yourself to be brought down.

If you think you’ll get some negative backlash from someone, just don’t tell anyone your plans or ideas. You don’t need to tell anyone. Keep your dream and your activities secret from your family or friends who just don’t understand.

Avoid negativity at any cost if you want to succeed. And that includes the voice in your head.

Whenever someone (including your brain) says something negative, change the subject quickly. Go somewhere else or think positive thoughts. Think about the reasons WHY you can do it.

You don’t need to convince anyone but yourself that you can succeed. You will be able to convince other people when  the dollars start rolling in. How can they argue with you then?

Soak Yourself In Positivity

With the internet, digital and physical books and audios, it’s easy to feast on positive and motivating material. In fact, it’s a MUST!

Even though I didn’t have a lot of support from my spouse, I was surrounding myself with others online (particularly my coach) who were also doing the ‘online thing’.

I was also reading a lot of books and training courses. A book that changed my life was “The Magic Of Thinking Big” by Dr David Schwartz. I realized my potential to achieve anything I set my mind to.

If you can get your non-supporting spouse to read some books like that or meet some of your friends who are already successful online, then you can watch the skepticism wash away.

In fact, socializing with other successful business owners has huge benefits. Head over to and search for ‘entrepreneur’ or ‘business’ groups in your area.

Start mingling with like-minded people. That will bestow even more confidence in you and give you ideas, not to mention your network will grow and the possibilities of joint venture deals.

So when your spouse or other family member gives you negativity, be strong. Don’t believe them! Say ‘I’ve got this’ and do what you have to do to make it work.

I hope these ideas and tactics are useful for you to build your confidence and get small results, that will eventually break the camel’s back and turn your hard work into a business that provides a great source of income that you (and your spouse) can enjoy!

To your success,

Stuart Stirling


p.s. Skeptical spouses aren’t all that uncommon. Comment below if you’ve got (or had) a skeptical spouse, and what you’ve done to prove him/her wrong!


Change Your Mind, Change Your Life

How much does your mindset play a part in your success as an internet marketer?

In short, it is everything. Here’s why.

The way you think determines your decisions.

Your decisions determine your actions.

Your actions determine your results.

Think of your current situation right now. Your business situation. Your relationships. Your health. Your living situation.

Where you are right now is the result of the decisions and actions that you’ve made.  And it was your thinking that orchestrated your decisions.

Every result, every consequence that you’ve experienced – it all began with your mind and a product of your thinking.

Your mindset is so powerful that it can have drastic affects on your life and the lives of others.

Your mindset is also a steam-train which carries huge inertia.

Once you start it moving – either in a positive or negative direction – it carries weight. It’s hard to slow it down turn it around.

Be careful. Consciously observe where your mindset is.

Strive to live everyday with a positive can-do mindset. Avoid destructive negative mindsets at all costs.

When, not if, but when everything in the universe stabs you in the back, and you’re having a bad week, or bad month, or a bad year, your mind can turn against you (it happens to us all) and start on the road to negativity. Failure and low self-esteem, even depression can set in.

When that happens, panic, cry, get angry, feel sorry for yourself, rant on Facebook…. but only for 10 minutes.

Then try what I wrote in this other article about getting out of a slump. Getting out of a slump quickly is important. You don’t want to stay in a salty, self destructive mindset for long.


Make The Decision

A few years ago, I was listening to some motivational tapes from an MLM that I was involved in and saw some fairly good results.

I heard something that stuck with me and I’m paraphrasing this, but it went something like….

“You can make a success out of anything you do – you just need to decide you’re going to go for it and decide you will succeed.”

Decide you will succeed.

Don’t decide you’ll just ‘try it out’ and see how it goes.

Decide you will succeed.

Remember, your results are the result of the decisions your make.

So why decide to be mediocre?

Why not decide to win?

Yes it’s scary to do something you’ve never done before. You have to get out of your comfort zone. There is a chance you’ll fail.

But who says that failing is the end? You didn’t decide to start to fail? Failure is a stepping stone. You decided to win. So keep going until you do.

Make an affirmative decision in your mind not only that you CAN DO IT but you WILL do it, no matter what. Then go out and do the work. Results will come, and you need to celebrate those wins, no matter how small and insignificant they seem.

Like I mentioned above, that type of thinking and action taking is contagious. it will build up inertia. Once you’re on a roll, in the zone, on fire, you’ll be hard to stop.

Be conscious about the state of your mindset.

BE IN CONTROL OF YOUR MIND – Don’t let it your mind control itself!

Your mind can be your best friend or your worst enemy.

It will take control if you let it. It will always try to find the easiest way out. It’s a funny s-o-b.

Smash the negative thoughts away.  Replace them with positive thoughts. Take action. Do the work to serve others.

And remember the promise you made to yourself – to be a winner.

You will achieve whatever it is you have decided to achieve.

Stu Sensei

Japan 3-11 – One Year On

Today marks the  1 year mark since the massive earthquake and tsunami hit the Touhoku area (north east) of Japan. Tomorrow will mark 1 year since the first reactor at the Daiichi nuclear power plant exploded due to a meltdown.

As you may or may not know, I have been living and still live in Fukushima prefecture with my wife and 1 year old son, about 70 kms from the Pacific coast and troubled Daiichi powerplant.

I want to let you know that we are all safe, healthy and happy here. There are still a lot of different opinions and debate over the safety of Fukushima so I appreciate your thoughts and concerns both positive and negative. But I don’t want to start a debate here. We are far outside the 30km exclusion zone and keep a close eye on the news and everything that is happening around us.

The main thing is that we are living peacefully and enjoying each day that we have together here in this beautiful country. Spring will soon be upon us and we’re looking forward to enjoying the outdoors without all the snow around us.

On TV tonight, there was a program covering the 1 year anniversary of the 3-11 disaster on 5 out of the 6 Japanese TV channels. After watching, I consider myself extremely lucky to get away with such little consequence compared to tens of thousands who lost everything – including their families.

Image by Karolina Burdon

We are still alive. I, my wife and son are perfectly safe and healthy – as is my wife’s family and relatives. My house or car didn’t get washed away. I didn’t have to re-locate to a temporary house made of thin sheet metal on top of a baseball field. None of my friends or extended family lost anything either.

Strangely enough, everything returned to normal within a couple of months after the whole thing went down (or blew up!) – just like it was up until the time of the disaster. The only thing that is different in our lives, and keeps us ‘guessing’ is the radiation. But like I said, we’re aware of it and staying out of harms way. Food, water, air, are all tested extensively. Our city hall provides regular health checks (if we want them). All supervisions for our health and prosperity are provided so we can live peacefully here.

Anyway, life is too short to be worried. We’re all going to leave this world behind us some day so the best thing to do is live everyday like it’s your last. I try to find a little bit of happiness in every day and that is all I need – and is so easy.

Thanks for reading.. and thanks for all your support over the last 12 months!

Stu Sensei and Family

the Stirlings