5 Steps to Overcoming Information Overload

Have you been trying to get started in Internet Marketing but have been overwhelmed by all the confusing terms, seemingly conflicting advice, and endless offers claiming to have the “big secret”?

You are not alone.

Information OverloadInformation Overload, sometimes also referred to as “analysis paralysis” is an invisible but very real barrier that new IM’ers run into.

Many of them, I would dare say most of them, never make it past that barrier and give up on their dreams of owning their own business.

Yes, getting started in IM can be a daunting task, but it’s not nearly as hard as you may think it is.

Today I am going to talk about how you can get past the Information Overload barrier and start on your path to making money and fulfilling your dreams.

1. Focus on Doing What You Love

You may not realize this, but “Internet Marketing” doesn’t refer to just one thing.

People selling products, creating products, reviewing products, writing articles, promoting CPA offers, building backlinks and many other jobs are all taking part in the big dance known as “Internet Marketing”.

No one person can do it all.

All of those “gurus” have found a few things that they do well and that’s all they do. Everything else they outsource.

This is what you need to do too. Otherwise, you’ll be “a jack of all trades and master of none”, as my friend likes to say.

Figure out what you enjoy doing and what you maybe considered an expert at.

Maybe it’s writing or maybe it’s designing websites, or product creation.

No matter what it is, that’s all you need to worry about for now. Direct all your focus on that one thing.

Forget about everything else like promoting CPA offers, creating Facebook fan pages, and trying to create and market Mobile Apps.

I’m not saying that those are a waste of time. They are great business and marketing models, but if you try too much at once, you can really spread your self thin and it will be hard to get any solid results.

2. Set Realistic Goals

If you’ve been online for more than a minute you’ve seen the ads promising to show you how to make $20,000 a week with no knowledge and no effort. Your common sense alarms were hopefully screaming at you when you read those claims. Listen to those alarms.

Set a realistic goal. Maybe it’s earning your first $100 or making your first sale or landing your first client.

Set a small, realistic goal that you can hit and work toward that at first.

Put aside the dreams of a Malibu beach home and a fancy car for now, there will be plenty of time to work on those goals once you have your feet wet.

A big goal is really just a lot of accomplished smaller goals.

3. Put Out More Than You Take In

It’s a simple fact that if you spend more time reading how to do something than actually doing it you will never get anywhere.

It’s time to stop browsing the forums and blogs for hours on end and sit down and start working on your business and so you can achieve your dreams.

Every success will motivate you far more than any forum posting and every failure will teach you much more than any other lesson.

Every hour you spend reading is an hour you could have been involved in profit producing activities instead.

But that’s not to say you must stop learning. Learning is vital because as you know, the internet and marketing methods are changing. You still need to keep up with trends, but don’t spend all your time on them.

What it really comes down to is you need a balance between input and output.

A good rule to go by is 10-90. That is 10% of your time is spent on learning, and 90% is on doing real work.

4. When It’s Time to Work: WORK!

You need to setup a place where you can go and work without distraction.

It might be your office, a corner of the bedroom, or your back deck but you need to find a place where you can go and focus and put in some solid hours of work.

You need to eliminate ALL distractions and this includes the Internet! Forget about the Warrior Forum or other social places, the videos of funny cats etc for a few hours and WORK.

After you’ve worked, you can reward yourself with a break of relax time to do anything you want.

Again, set up a rule to split up your work time and your goof off time. I like to work 50 minutes in an hour and take 10 minutes break. Find out a good pattern for you and stick to it. You’ll be surprised how much you can get done.

5. Do One Thing at a Time and Do it Well

Many IM newbies are like crickets. They are always hopping from one thing to another.

One day they are trying to design websites and the next day they are trying to get into a CPA network. They see a post talking about how some guy made $800 in a day and so they want to go and try to mimic that success.

They don’t realize that the guy who made that money was either already an expert at what he was doing or got darn lucky. So they jump from one project to the next hoping to find a shortcut to success.

Believe it or not, making money on the Internet is not complicated.. any very rarely are there any shortcuts to success.

If you find something that you enjoy, do it often and do it well you WILL make money.

You might not make “$20,000 a week on autopilot” but you will be making a lot more than you would by browsing forums and jumping from the one to the other ‘next best way to make money’ if you simply stick with one thing!

Consistency and being in a mindset to continually want to improve in that one field is the key.

Stuart StirlingTo your success,

Stu Sensei Stirling

p.s. Please take a minute to tell me about how you overcame (or are working on overcoming) your information overload.

Tell me what problem you overcame or need to overcome in the comments section and let’s see if we can get past them together.

The More You Give, The More You Get

There’s a key law of success that goes back as far as man can remember.

Give more to get more

It’s such a powerful concept that it has been incorporated into the teachings of many world religions.

Some people call it ‘Karma’, other people know it as ‘The Golden Rule’, and others just call it ‘Common Sense’.

This ancient and well known law of success simply states that the more you give the more you get.

How does that apply in business? Simple.

The better you treat your customers the better they will treat you, the more likely they will be to refer you to others, and the more likely it will be that THEY will work to keep YOU as their provider.

Think about it. Take this restaurant situation for example:

-If you go to a restaurant and the staff goes out of their way to provide you excellent service and serve an excellent meal, how likely is it that you are going to return?

-How likely is it that you are going to tell a friend how great the meal was?

-How likely is it that you would be willing to pay a couple of extra dollars next time to get the same delicious food and the same level of service?

It’s easy to think about business solely in terms of numbers.

After all when we started our businesses it was the dream of a large bank account, fancy cars, and financial stability that gave us our early motivation.

But any salesperson worth his salt will tell you that businesses are built on relationships and not numbers.

It doesn’t matter if you have the greatest product in the world if you treat your customers like second class citizens.

No matter what line you are in, you rely on someone to give you money and people are far more likely to give money to someone they trust and are comfortable with.

Trust can only be built by delivering a quality product on time and for the expected price. Another word for this is ‘value’.

Note that I didn’t say cheapest price!

People are willing to pay a premium for better service and there is no shame in charging for it.

But if you are going to charge someone an extra $5.00 because you offer the best support in the industry, you better be willing and able to deliver on that promise.

It may seem like you are wasting time when you send out notes to your clients just to give them some free info, wish them a happy birthday, or forward an article you think they may be interested in but it is not a waste at all.

The more genuine human contact you give to your customers the more they will think of you as an associate and not just as a nameless service provider.

These little “time wasters” can result in big profits down the road, it’s just hard to recognize that when you are starting out.

So do something extra for your next customer. Go out of your way to give them more than they are expecting.

It’s all about over-delivering on value…and any marketer or business owner will testament to the power of over-delivering.

You don’t have to go overboard, of course. Just go the extra mile and make them feel like they are your most important customer because the reality is that EVERY customer is your most important one. In the long run, the payoffs can be huge.

Stuart StirlingTo your success,

Stu ‘Sensei’ Stirling

p.s. If you have any stories of where exceptional service or someone going the extra mile turned into bigger sales, either for you or from you, let us know!

Online Income Blueprints Vol. 1 – Got Your Copy?

Here’s what James B. Allen’s new book “Online Income Blueprints” looks like…

James was kind enough to send me an autographed copy of his first published physical ebook which is available for sale on Amazon in paperback or for Kindle.

Online Income Blueprints Vol.1 contains interviews with 14 marketers who reveal their secrets for internet success.

I am privileged to have been asked to contribute to his book and my success story is featured second out of the 14.

I would love to be take this down the local Starbucks and devour the other stories over a grande Columbian blend but seeing as the closest Starbucks is 30 minutes away, I’ll settle for a home-brewed House blend in my cosy little home office.

After skimming the first few chapters, I’ve noticed that there is a great diversity of online business models that are explored. And the best thing is that these are real stories from real people who are living the internet dream.

If you want to live the internet dream too, this is a great little book to give you some ideas to get started with your own online business.

Check it out on Amazon (affiliate link)

To your success,
Stu “Sensei” Stirling

p.s. Congrats to James for releasing this on the market! I bet it feels awesome to hold a real book that you published in your hands.

p.p.s. I wonder if the ‘Starbucks color scheme’ on the book is a coincidence… or just maybe one too many ‘work sessions’ at your local store ingrained the colors into your mind?

Happy 2011! What’s Your New Years Resolution?

I can’t believe almost a whole week has passed already in the new year! I’ve had my hands full for the last few weeks – literally so time online was limited.

2010 was an insanely HUGE year for me.

I was blessed with the birth of my first son Chino in July and in December, we purchased a house in the mountains here in Japan so we can settle with our new family of 3 (but we’re nowhere near settling yet – too much to do!).

Those were the 2 biggest events of last year. There were many other significant dates I’d love to tell you about but I don’t want to take too much of your time. 2010 was amazing and will be hard to beat, for myself and family.

No matter how much was wish we could stop time and enjoy the moments, we can’t.

We’re now in 2011 and it’s time to dust off and re-focus our game plan for our business life and personal life.

I could write a whole page telling you more about me and what I’m going to do in 2011, but I think you’d be more interested in talking about you!

What are your plans to make 2011 your best year yet!?

I’d love to hear what you want to achieve so please write your goals and ambitions below in the comment section.

You can be as specific or general as you like.

If it’s a secret that you’d like to keep to yourself, that’s ok too.

Maybe you haven’t thought about it yet. If so NOW, is the time to start thinking and make some goals.

Remember too that goals can change along the way. The most important thing is to have at least some kind of vision or direction.

What ever it is, I’d love to hear about it!

To your success,

Stuart “Sensei” Stirling

p.s. Check back in a few of days to see what others have written. I’ll follow up with a brief post about a few of my goals and my direction for 2011.

Tear Jerking Inspirational Story (Video)

This is an old one but it’s one of the most moving stories I’ve ever seen.

It’s about an autistic kid called Jason McElway who was the manager of his high school basketball team and finally had his wish to play with the team granted.

Jason’s job was to give out water to the players and motivate them. He never actually got to play a game until the last game of the season where his coach put him on the court for the last 4 minutes of the game.

This is what happened… (get a Kleenex ready)

Jason had a dream – to play a game of basketball with his team. He had to wait out nearly a whole season, but the time finally came where he would be able to live his dream.

This is just a simple example of the power of dreams – but a very powerful one. (did your tear ducts well up too?)

With our own lives, it doesn’t hurt to do something out of the ‘norm’ once in a while to get closer to achieving our dreams.

In fact, it’s absolutely necessary.

And of course, never stop dreaming!

To your success,
Stuart Stirling

p.s. I’d love to hear your thoughts about this video. Please leave them below.

7 Tips For Staying Creative

Ever feel like your creativity has gone out the window and wondering when/if it will ever come back again?

For entrepreneurs, it’s necessary to keep creativity levels high. As we are all one-man shows for the most part, we have to think and make the executive decisions on what product to create next or how to promote this affiliate offer etc, all by ourselves – or at least it feels that way most of the time.

Wouldn’t it be great if you could give yourself an instant boosts of creativity just like pressing the nitro button in a video game? Well, there is no switch for creativity button, but I’d like to share a few tips for keeping your creativity levels high.

Optimize Your Work Place

If you work from home on your internet business, your work space is probably in the corner of the living room with the TV in the other corner and your wife around the corner bugging you to take out the trash. It’s hard to get creative and just plain get work done in a room with distractions. Another idea could be to put up a poster with inspirational quotes.

Borrow Ideas

When you run out of ideas, just go and do some undercover spying to see what others are doing and borrow their ideas. For example when you can’t think of a good topic for your next blog post, go take a look at what your favorite blogger is writing about and some ideas will come to you. Don’t copy, just borrow ideas.

Mix Things Up

Monotony is the biggest killer of creativity. When we do the same thing over and over everyday, we get too lazy to think of new things. Do something random! Play some music really loud and jump up and down on your bed. Make a prank call to your local pizza shop! Go outside and so some somersaults in the yard. It doesn’t have to be so outrageous, but do something out of the norm to keep things interesting.

Join A Mastermind Group

I mentioned earlier in the post that as entrepreneurs, it seems like we have to do everything ourselves – but if we do, it’s easy to burnout – and that includes thinking up ideas. Talking with and bouncing around ideas with other like-minded marketers is a great way to come up with new ideas and keep the fire going. There are many times after a good chat session when I have felt really pumped with mind-energy to go out and press forward in my business.

Listen Or Read Inspirational Material

Similar to chatting with mentors or peers in a mastermind, listening to or reading good inspirational material is a great way to boost your inspiration. Hearing success stories from others in your field is a great confidence booster. Some of my favorite speakers are Zig Ziglar, Gary Halbert and Robert Kiyosaki.

Take a Break

Have you ever heard about the guy that got his million dollar idea on the toilet seat? I don’t doubt it! Like I mentioned about mixing it up, taking a break let’s your mind relax and makes space for new thoughts to enter. I myself have had several “strokes of genius” when I’ve been away from the PC. When you’re searching for inspiration, how about go for a walk or listen to some music?

Keep Up The Momentum

This is key! When you’re on a roll with coming up with new ideas and getting a lot of work done, it’s easy to keep it going. Keep going – and actually, as you keep going, new ideas will present themselves as you work more. Take note of any new ideas on a notepad next to you as you work on one thing. Finish what you’re doing and come back to your list of ideas. You can use this list when you think you have run out of ideas again.

To your success,
Stuart Stirling

p.s. What do you do to stay creative?

Where 99% Of Online Marketers Go Wrong

I have to say that I was guilty of making this mistake, particularly when I was just starting out starting up my internet business. But I feel that many others are making it too.

The common mistake is to be solely focused on “making money”….or making a “quick buck”.

Of course, almost all of us, myself included, like money. We need money. We work for money to bring in the moolah that will let us live the life we want, or simply just pay the bills to get by every month.

However, many people’s mindsets suffer from a misconception when it comes to making money “online”.

They think for some reason, (probably all the hyped up videos and sales letters) that making money online is as easy as clicking a few buttons, writing an ad and voila – you’re a millionaire overnight!

So people go around with the mentality that they can sell anything and it will be an instant success, turning them into internet marketing rock-star millionaires like the ones they see on the websites…

Well, sadly, if you haven’t had a taste of what actually happens online, then you probably are yet to find out that all that is total garbage.

So what is the right mentality to have?

Plainly put, “making money” should not be your first objective. Of course, we want money, but seeking only money, rarely results in it coming into our hands.

What I had to re-shape in my mindset was that before thinking…“what can I do to make money?”

….I first try to think “what can I do to help people get what they want?”

When you ask the latter question, the getting money part seems to work itself out without much effort at all. It’s easy to ask a decent price for a great service or product that fulfills thewants/needs or solves a problem of your customer’s.

After all, money does NOT grow on trees. You can’t make it from thin air.

Earning income is the process of customers trusting you enough to invest in your product or service.

And if you can show them how much your doobie-whacker can really help them, that’s when the cash really starts flowing in. But by then, you’ll probably be more pleased that people are loving your product than by the dollars filling up your bank account.

This is a quote from Zig Ziglar that sums it all up:

“You can have everything in life that you want if you just give enough other people what they want.” — Zig Ziglar

Remember that. Practice it…and you’ll never go wrong when it comes to succeeding in business getting anything else you want out of life.

Stuart “Sensei” Stirling