Free Training: How to Set Up A Squeeze page From Scratch

Thanks and welcome to this free training video for beginner list builders.

In this training video, I’m going to show you…

  • where and how to get ‘ready-made’ squeeze page templates,
  • how to add an opt-in form to the squeeze page
  • how to upload it to your web host/server
  • how to edit a Word doc and convert it to PDF
  • how to upload it and attach it to an email
  • how to make sure your emails don’t go in the spam folder

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Sites and resources mentioned in this video:

Enjoy and catch you in more training videos!

Stuart Stirling


6 Ideas For Easy And Instant Products

Every big time marketer will tell you that product creation and marketing is really where it’s at if you want to make it big in your niche online.

A product of your own gives you credibility, authority and will become a core piece of your business you can use to get customers, leads and form JV partnerships.

I have created a handful of digital products in my online career, but I recently have been thinking that I should be making more!

Digital products are the best kind because you do the work just once and it can be downloaded over and over again. Plus deliver can be automated so it’s really a set and forget business. The perfect kind for living the internet lifestyle!

This is my excuse… but the reason I find it hard to create more products is not because I don’t know how or are lacking ideas.. but believe it or not, I have too many ideas it’s hard to pick one and run with it.

I also have a slight case of the tendency to “over-think” things.. and that leads to procrastination. That’s my weakness and I admit it. I am not perfect – no-one is! Not even the big gurus!

So back to this article about product ideas, let me unload a few of my ideas on to you.. who knows, maybe one of these could be a ‘million-dollar idea’ for you!

1. Interview An Expert(s), Or Have Someone Interview You

First of all, this is easy and quick and it turns you into an authority by association. Record the interview and sell the product as an MP3. You can use Skype and any of the Skype recording apps available. Audio interviews make cheap, quick and high value products!

2. Ask Experts To Contribute A Chapter Of An Ebook

Again, little work on your part and you get the authority by association. Your job is to approach and collect this content from marketing experts in your niche. This kind of product helps everyone involved because they are all getting exposure.

3. Short “How-to” PDF Report

PDF reports can be short 10 – 20 pages. Give 1 solution to 1 problem that people are desperate to fix. If you hate writing, you can always outsource, or you can talk into a microphone and do voice to text.

4. Screen Capture Video

Like the short report, explain and show how to solve a problem by showing how to do it on your computer screen with voice. Video products have high perceived value so your customers will love you. Here is a free screen capture software called Jing Project.

5. Create and Sell PLR

PLR is always hot. You can sell PLR to articles, reports, videos, audios, graphics, templates, software, scripts… just about anything digital, if you created it, you can sell it with PLR.

6. Team Up With Someone Who Already Has A Product…But Isn’t Selling Well

There are a lot of product owners who have done the hard work but can’t get it to sell. Get in the circles in your niche to make friends and strike up deals. You can strike a deal and team up with another marketer to promote their product for a share of the fame and fortune.

Bonus Tip: If you’re stuck for ideas, check out the market to see what is already selling! You can’t totally rip off their product but you can get ideas to create your own.

I’ll admit product creation can be a pretty daunting task, especially you’ve never done one before but if you use the tips above and go through the steps of product creation, you can easily create your own hot selling products and build a stable internet business.

Stu Sensei

Will Mrs. Glitch Get Her Break? [LOAIM Ep. 3]

Poor Mrs. Glitch has been chasing after online riches for a long time with no results.

In episode 3 of my “Life of an Internet Marketer” series, her frustration builds so she goes to an Internet marketer for help like Mr. Klinx did in Episode 2. This is what happened…

These videos are pure fun… but can you see where she went wrong?

Are you in a similar situation? (I hope not!!) What can you do to NOT be like Mrs. Glitch?

Leave your comments below.

Stu Sensei

Mr. Klinx Wants To Make Money Online [LOAIM Ep.2]

I had so much fun making the first episode of “Life of an Internet Marketer” that I made a second episode.

This time, Mr. Klinx, a poor old jobless robot, wants to make money online so he talks to an Internet marketer for advice.

This is what happens…

It might seem funny (or not), but this is a pretty realistic scenario!

i.e. The guru internet marketer wants to sell his expensive course, but the desperate guy looking into it has no money!

I hope Mr. Klinx can make some money soon!

Stu Sensei

p.s. Let me know what you think of the videos? Do you want to see more?

“I’m An Internet Marketer” [LOAIM ep.1]

Time for a change of pace with something a little amusing…

Have you ever been asked “So, what do you do?” and you respond with “I’m an Internet marketer.”

Then they look at you like you’re a drug dealer? Here’s a funny video I made of that exact type of conversation.

I hope you like it!

This is the first episode in my new series called “Life Of An Internet Marketer” or “LOAIM”.

I’ve got more coming soon, so if you want to get alerts of them by using the form in the top right of this blog to subscribe.


Stu “Sensei” Stirling