Weekend Assignment Follow Up

If you read my weekend challenge from last weekend, then I hope you took it up and followed through with it.

I gave it my best shot, and I managed to finish one book “The Magic of Thinking Big” and I got through 100 pages of Jay Abraham’s “Get Everything You Can Out Of All You Got” but didn’t quite finish it. I’ll make sure to finish it off tonight!

So this is just a follow up message to check up on you and ask you how you went with the challenge.

I’m really interested to see whether joining this challenge helped you focus and get some study done.

If you were a slacker and didn’t complete the assignment, then give yourself a slap and promise to do better next time.

But remember, there is no better time than now to get to work and finish that course you’ve bought!

Stuart StirlingStu Sensei

p.s. Please ‘report’ on how you went with the challenge in the comments below!