Why Momentum Is So Important In Your Business & 2 Things To Keep It Going

Do you struggle to get things done in your business?

Do you get excited one day then feel like crap the next?

Do you have times where you’re pumped to get busy and market like a maniac?

Wish those days where you feel pumped and excited – and unstoppable could last forever?

That’s what you start feeling when you have momentum in your business.

Momentum helps us continue improving our business – to get more traffic, create better products and content, learn and communicate better.

The times when you feel you’re getting nowhere and want to quit is when you have lost your momentum.

And the biggest reasons you lose momentum is because you lose sight of your goal or you simply get distracted or tired.

So whatever you do, try not lose momentum!

1. Avoid distractions – whether it be by emails you get in your inbox, or checking facebook for too long or listening to the negative voices in your mind.

2. Exhaustion is another big thing that can halt momentum. So avoid getting physically and/or mentally exhausted.

Have you ever worked at your desk for 15 hours straight and the next day you feel like crap and you just don’t feel productive?

Those long days of killing yourself are not as productive as you think. Yeah the first day may be productive for you, but you want to be productive the next day and the next day too.

It’s just hard if you’re working and staring at the computer screen for 15 hours straight – so avoid that whenever possible.

To keep momentum going you simply just have to stay in the habit of working on your business daily.

But for some, getting that initial momentum going is the hard part.

I actually just made a video about how to get momentum in your business when you’re just starting out and how to keep it.

Check it out…6-11-2013 4-07-45 PM

I’ll wrap it up here – so remember to keep focused, work hard and keep the momentum up so you pick up speed and see results faster.

Once you have momentum you’ll see radical things happen.

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Stuart Stirling

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