Why Money Loves Speed And How You Can Get More Speed To See Money Faster

Have you ever heard the phrase “money loves speed”?

I believe it’s a phrase coined by the legendary marketer and copywriter, Dan Kennedy.

We all have our own different takes on what it means, and in this short video, you can hear what it means to me..

So which one are you?

Do you decide fast and then implement fast?

Or do you think and think and over-think about it.. and eventually get no-where?

I hope you’re the former because like they say, “Money Loves Speed”.

When you get this concept, it’ll be a real “ah-hah” moment for you.

And I want you to remember it.. and to use it.

Use it now if you’ve got something on your mind….

  • It could be that ebook or software you want to release
  • It could be that  traffic source you want to try
  • It could be starting to blogging like a mad man
  • It could be making videos and posting them online
  • It could be to do something real crazy and join me in Empower Network
  • It could be simply to change your attitude from negative “I can’t” to an “I can” attitude.

What ever it is that’s on your mind, don’t stew in it any longer.

You should “just do it” (like the Nike slogan says).

And remember to use it for future ideas and opportunities that come knocking on your door.

I’ve seen in my business and friend’s businesses.. that when I’ve decided to do something and take action fast, I always get results.

The most important thing is to just get decide and get started. You can fix it later.

The only only mistake you can make is the mistake of not doing it.

The longer you put off the urge to take action, the more time you end up wasting.

And the less you get in return in the case of a hot opportunity.

So don’t think too much – Just Do It!

As you practice taking action when you get the initial inspiration and just go with it, and stick with it even if you come to a speed bump, you’ll gain momentum and result, money, success are soon to follow.

Peace and leave your thoughts on this below!

Stu Stirling



4 thoughts on “Why Money Loves Speed And How You Can Get More Speed To See Money Faster”

  1. Of course, taking action is very important. However, we must take action on whais working now, like 30Minute List and Viral Builder.I feel they are great, but we also need to learn how to use them for best results

  2. Yea Stuart, good tip for extra traffic generation. I want to do the same when I have a blog. Thanks!

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