13 Essential Resources For Internet Marketers

13 Essential Resources For Internet Marketers

I’ve put together this list of some of my most favourite resources that I use religiously in my online business.
Using tools in your business helps you automate and make light work of otherwise lengthy tasks.
Although most of these are free, the paid ones are every cent worth the cost!
1. Roboform – remembers passwords and profiles
2. Jing – screen capture software (free)
3. Audacity – audio recording/editing software (free)
4. CCleaner – clean your PC to make it faster (free)
5. Filezilla – FTP client software (for uploading files from PC to server, free)
6. Pixabay – Free images to use on your sites (check the licence of each image before use)
7. Skype – free skype to skype calls
8. Skype call recorder (free and paid)
9. Convertri – Page builder (not free)
10. Aweber – Email autoresponder (not free)
11. Namecheap – Domains and hosting (not free)
12. Soluto – increases your PC start up speed (free)
13. Click magick – click and conversion tracking software (cloud-based)
These are just the most essential tools that I use on a daily basis to run my business.
There are a few others, including Google drive, Google analytics, Amazon S3 etc but I don’t consider these essential.
If you have any other recommendations of tools that you use in your digital business, please add them below in the comments!
Stuart Stirling
– Internet lifestyle business expert

6 thoughts on “13 Essential Resources For Internet Marketers

  1. Jing is alright, but BB flashback Express and Recorder is also free and a whole lot better. Has video editor built into it and will record over an hour of video.

    Gary Moore

    1. Thanks for the recommendation Gary. I’ll checkout the BB flashback software. I also have Camtasia and Snagit, but those aren’t free. If there is a cool free Jing alternative, that’s great! Stuart

  2. Thanks Stu,
    Good product grouping, for sure!
    I’ll be checking back here in a bit to dive deeper into each offer’s specifics.
    This is my Java, email check-up as I wake up, in the morning.
    Please keep the tips coming!

  3. Hi Stuart,
    Great post that I hope will be available to refer back to.
    I am just starting out and will eventually use or need all these resources. I am an ex procrastinator but am optimistic to the max!!
    The advice and tips you give away could easily be sold so I appreciate all the freebies as I’m sure all your other students do. (keep em’ coming)
    Thanks again,
    Best wishes,

    1. Thanks Paul. Yep theses are pretty much all you need to set up and run a digital publishing/affiliate marketing type of internet business.
      Don’t worry, we all suffer from procrastination – the main thing is get in the game, and keep chipping away! Best of luck with it mate! Stu

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