30Minutelist.com 3000 Members In 17 Days, $5000+ Paid To Affiliates! Here Are The People WHo Made It Possible….

30Minutelist.com 3000 Members In 17 Days, $5000+ Paid To Affiliates! Here Are The People WHo Made It Possible….

My new viral list building and marketing system 30minutelist.com is growing at break-neck speed!

Launching on July 8th and just now, 18 days later, we’ve had over 3,000 members join and we’ve paid out more than $5,000 in commissions and prize money to members.

We launched with a bang on July 8th with a Referral contest.

The contest ended when we hit 3,000 members earlier today, July 26th.

I really owe the HUGE success of 30minutelist.com to the members/affiliates/JV partners who have joined and referred people to the site so I want to give the Top 10 referrers credit right here on this post.

#1 Referee and Contest Winner

Frank Salinas

Prize: $500 cash


Website: http://3StepProfitz.com

#2 Place:

Dave Whitworth

Prize: $300 cash


Website: http://Traffics-cool.com/report

#3 place:

Mike Steup

Prize: $200 cash


Website: http://www.wpslidein.com

#4 place:

James Brown


Website: http://TrafficSmashers.com

#5 place:

Mark Wade


Website: http://TrafficMad.com

#6 place:

Frank Bauer


Website: http://ViralURL.com

#7 place:

Paula Frye


Website: http://onyalist.com/400commissions/fryeteam

#8 place:

Frazer Lazell


Website: http://whatsbestonline.lifestartsat21.com

#9 place:

Marco Baldwin


Website:  http://MarcoBaldwin.com

#10 place:

Singing Steve Bermann


Website: http://SingingSteve.com

Thanks once again to these members who promoted like crazy for this contest and are still sending traffic like crazy.

30 Minute List Traffic Ranking on Alexa.com

(as of July 26, 2013)

alexarankJuly25 alexarank2July25

Why is 30 Minute List such an amazing website that members are drooling over?

  • It’s free to join
  • It’s a complete system in a box that builds your list and pays you
  • No tech skills needed (if you can copy and paste you’re in business)
  • It’s easy and fast to set up (less than 30 minutes)
  • The viral system leverages your efforts to build your list 5 x times faster
  • Your referrals actually build your list for you too
  • You get paid Instant commissions on referrals
  • You can advertise inside the site
  • Great leadership and expert training (by yours truly)

How to join?

Easy, click here and create your free account at 30minutelist.com

Set aside 30 minutes to watch the videos after joining and get set up.

Then send people to your 30 Minute list referral link and let our website do the rest.

It’s simple, fun and fast.

Members are already seeing amazing results. See testimonials here….

30minutelist.com is the fastest way to start seeing real results online if you’re starting from scratch or a seasoned marketer.



Create your free account at 30minutelist.com today



ninjastuThanks and I’ll see you inside!

Stuart Stirling

Ninja Marketer in Japan

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