6 Ideas For Getting More Comments On Your Blog

6 Ideas For Getting More Comments On Your Blog

Before starting this blog, I was using a Blogger blog to share my Internet marketing tips on, and it was a real struggle to get comments on it. I don’t know why – maybe because my writing sucked then (I hope it’s a little better now).

As soon as I started this blog in January 2010, I started getting comments almost immediately. I still get comments on posts that are weeks, even months old!

So what changed?

In a word – WORDPRESS!

The big difference that I can attribute the increase in blog comments is that I changed to WordPress. I guess the SEO is much better with WordPress, my site loaded much faster, looked better and people are just more familiar with Wordpres.

The vast array of readily available WordPress plugins and themese have made it much more inviting and beneficial for readers to leave comments on this blog.

It’s normal to think that readers would leave a comment regardless of whether or not they get a backlink or get their gravatar photo on the page if they enjoy the content. But this, as I experienced with blogger, was not always the case.

It happens sometimes, but if you give your readers some extra incentive to leave a comment, the chances of getting them increase greatly.

For those of you who want the quick version here’s a break down of my little blog comment formula in bullet points…

  1. Share good, current, informative content on your blog.
  2. Use a Wordress blog. I think people are so used to WP and the commenting procedure, so it’s easy…not to mention all the cool (and mostly free) plugins for WP, some of which I’ll introduce below.
  3. Get Gravatars in your comments. Either get a theme with Gravatars built in or get a plugin that puts them in. People love to see a picture of themselves and it makes your blog look more lively.
  4. Install Comment Luv or a similar plugin. If you can give readers incentive like a link to their latest post, they’ll want to comment. I have comment luv installed on this blog. Watch this video to see exactly how it works.
  5. Allow readers to subscribe to comments. I use a plugin called .. well, “Subscribe to comments”. It helps to keep comment-ers updated on the conversation which can bring them back to your blog.
  6. Ask for comments directly. Ask and you shall receive, right? At the end of your post, ask your readers to leave a comment or question they had about the article. Or if you can’t think of a reason, just say something like “Leave a comment to let me know you’re alive!”

There are several other ways to capture comments too, such as running a competition or using a plugin to giveaway a freebie in exchange for a comment or share on Facebook (also known as a “content locker”), so you’re not limited to just the ideas I mentioned above.

If you can think “win-win”, that’s always going to be the best for anything you do with your business – including your blogging.

Thanks for reading and if you liked this post, please leave a comment to let me know that you’re alive! (and you’ll get some comment luv too ūüôā

To your success,

Stuart Stirling

5 thoughts on “6 Ideas For Getting More Comments On Your Blog

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