6 Tips For Getting More Traffic To Your Blog & Monetizing

6 Tips For Getting More Traffic To Your Blog & Monetizing

Got a blog but want more traffic? Or do you have a blog already but aren’t getting people to opt-in to your list or buy your products?
Blogs can be traffic and sales machines when set up and run right.
Blogs attract high quality visitors that will buy and opt-in to your list for more content.
Here are my top 6 tips for running a blog that gets traffic and makes you money.
1. Write captivating headlines and post content.
Capturing attention and keeping them reading is #1. You’ve got about 3 seconds to convince your readers to stay on your blog. Make your content good interesting AND quality so they actually learn something!
2. Use a call to action on EVERY blog post. Put links to either your squeeze page (first choice) or to a sales pages for your product. Without this step, your visitor will say goodbye as soon as they finish your post.
3. Use a pop-up or Notification bar…. or both, to give away a freebie and get the email!  Half the people who visit will think they’re annoying as flies but the other half won’t mind and about 15~20% of visitors will sign up to your list. That’s good news.
4. Use SEO for your blog. Get the All-In-One-SEO plugin for your WP blog or use the Yoast one. They’re both free – but you only need one. They’ll let you customize the Titles, tags and descriptions, keywords etc for your posts. Don’t forget to use Custom permalinks too (which you’ll find in your WordPress settings).
5. Get backlinks to your blog. Backlinks will boost your rankings in Google. Start by linking to your blog from your social profiles like FB and Twitter, Youtube, etc. You can get a blogpost syndication plugin or use a service like Social Adr to get social backlinks almost hands-free. The next thing you can try is to doing blog commenting on other people’s blogs.  Just make sure you leave your website URL in the website field when you submit your comment. Other ways to get backlinks are renting them, or buying them, but be careful. If it the deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. (check out some Fiverr backlinks gigs… you can get some good ones for $10 ~ $15).
6. Encourage your readers to comment and share your posts. One plugin I use is Comment Luv which rewards your blog commentors with a link back to their sites for leaving a comment. If you have a cool free giveaway product, you can lock the content and use a content locker plugin so they have to share the post to get your freebie.
If you got something out of this post, please comment and share! Thank you!
Stuart Stirling
P.S. Check out these two wordpress plugins that’ll help you get more traffic to your blog with less effort.
1. Post Socializer – syndiacte your content to social profiles automatically
2. Social power Content locker – make visitors share your post to unlock the content on your blog


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