Are You Getting Subscribers But Not Making Sales?

Are You Getting Subscribers But Not Making Sales?

Does this scenario seem familiar to you?

You start list building because you’ve heard that’s ‘where the money is’ so you get a squeeze page set up….

…then you and go out and buy ads; solo ads or PPC or banner ads and paying a premium price to build your subscriber base..

BUT, you are not seeing sales right away.. Darn.

Maybe you’ve got an OTO and a downsell and ads on your thank you page but the new subscribers just don’t seem interested in buying anything.

Perhaps you suck through a few sales but it doesn’t cover the cost of the ad you bought.

So does this mean you’re losing money? To the new comer to list building, yes. It looks like you’re paying for subscribers that don’t buy.

It might scare you and make you think you’re throwing away money, but don’t fear.

Because the profits you will earn from your list are in the ‘back-end’.

What do I mean ‘back-end’?

I mean, the “follow up”.

The money isn’t really in the list, it’s in the follow-up.

You might or might not have heard it takes, on average, 7 points of contact before people will buy.

So in simple terms, it could mean that your subscribers won’t buy from you until they’ve received 7 emails from you.

Another thing to think about is the price of the ‘back end’ products you’re selling them.

If you’re paying $2 or $3 per subscriber, it will be hard to make a decent profit with $27 offers in your “back end”.

It’s ok when your list is big. Those $27 sales can add up, but even so, to really come out in front, you need to be selling a few mid to high range products.

By all means have a $27 product, but then also have a $500 product and a $5,000 product.. and products in between and even higher.

You might sell “bugger-all” of the $5,000 product.

But what if you only sold 1 a month?

Do you think that would instantly re-coup your ad spend for that month and give you some to leverage for the next month?

Do you think then you’d mind spending $3 or even $10 on a subscriber if you knew that you’d be able to sell a $5000 product that month?

Marketing amazes me that it can all be stripped down to mathematics.

Even though I suck at Maths, I know that having a high-ticket item in your funnel or follow-up will quickly put you in a positive ROI.

The moral of the story:

Create a good follow-up sequence and have a big Back-End and you’ll be right ass rain. 😉


Are you promoting a big-ticket item in your back-end?

stustirling2013-100pixTell me about it and what you think in the comments below.

Stuart Stirling

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