Aweber’s Bad Deliverability, Low Email Open Rates, & Down Time

Aweber’s Bad Deliverability, Low Email Open Rates, & Down Time

Is it time to switch from Aweber to a new autoresponder service?

Aweber used to be cool, but they’re starting to go down like a sinking ship with all the numerous problems.

I use Aweber and have been recommending aweber for years.. but I’m starting to get fed up with them.. for real!


The latest problem they had was a DDOS attack… which resulted in the whole site and all forms being down for 48 hours. Not cool!

Then there’re the other horror stories that have been around for much longer and are ongoing….

  • People’s accounts getting axed for no reason at all…
  • Email delivery in the toilet (this one hurts the most)
  • A buggy-as-hell email template editor..
  • No official mobile app..
  • And the list goes on…

I will give it to aweber that they do have a lot of good things going for them.. they’re support and web forms are very good… and they’re stats/reporting are amazing.

But really.. if their forms go down and they struggle to get emails to the inbox… there are some serious issues.

So what’s the solution? Switch to a new autoresponder.

Aweber isn’t the only autoresponder on the scene, even though they’re one of the most popular. But definitely not the best, anymore.

These are my next best recommendations.

So which one should you get?

If you’re a complete beginner, go with Pure leverage because they’re simple to use AND they come with a whole tool suite to crank along your business… plus they’re affordable, just $1 to start …AND they have a bad-ass affiliate program.

In case you’re wondering, yes I’m an affiliate of Pure leverage and am happy to promote them. I haven’t had any issues with their system at all. They’re not perfect but they offer a great all-in-one solution for beginner to intermediate marketers.

If you’re a pro looking for a state-of-the-art system, go with either Get response or Send reach.

I’ve used all of these and more…. so I’m not just blowing hot air out of the woozy here.

Yes there are a ton of other Autoresponder and email marketing systems, including self-hosted systems. But for simplicity and the beginner user in mind, the above three are my top recommends.

So if you’re fed up with aweber and want to move to a more reliable and simple, cost-effective 3rd party platform, one of these are the way to go.

I myself am starting to phase out my use of Aweber. I’ll be keeping it as a back up option. I have dozens of lists with thousands of subscribers on them so I’m in no hurry to delete it. But I am starting to build all my new lists in either Pure leverage or Send reach.

2 thoughts on “Aweber’s Bad Deliverability, Low Email Open Rates, & Down Time

  1. Hi Stu,

    I’ve seen this TrafficWave autoresponder and wondered if you have heard of and what you think.

    Would appreciate your reply.

    Mickey Smythwood Sr.
    (my website on weebly right now, just trying to develop
    and see where I’m going and will get site soon.)

    1. I’ve known of Traffic Wave for a while and had a trial account with them. Yeah they seem to be ok. I don’t use them as my primary AR though. Traffic wave has a MLM affiliate program so if you’re into that, that’s a bonus too I guess. However, I prefer the likes of Pure Leverage or Aweber as they also have an affiliate program. Stu

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