Back In Japan, Back To Life

Back In Japan, Back To Life

My wife, Chino and I arrived back in Japan on April 21 after our 3 week refuge in Australia.

I wanted to write this post much earlier, but caught a nasty cold the day after arriving in Japan which is still lingering as I type this!

Although my Australian family were afraid of us going back to Japan after only 3 weeks, our assessment on the situation here was positive and safe enough to make the decision to come back.

We had a great relaxing time in Oz… and minimal internet access! That was due mainly to the internet speed being so terribly slow that I found it hard to even check my email!

Anyhow, it wasn’t a bad thing. It was a good reason to stay off the PC and enjoy the almost perfect weather there every day and catching up with friends and family.

Even though it would have been great to continue the ‘vacation’, the world is still turning so we have to get on with our lives and do what we can to help the country we love.

Japan needs us!

This has been the worst disaster to strike Japan since WWII. To recover from it, it needs all the support it can get. Just by being here, we’re helping the economy and helping those around us.

The image above says “Ganbatte! Japan” which translates to “Hang in there Japan!”. As we’re part of Japan, we’re hanging in there with the rest of us.

The damage the 3/11 catastrophe has caused us and millions of other people will take more time to recover from. But we’re taking things one day at a time and each day, and things are getting a little more normal every day.

Still, earthquakes shake the ground all over Japan on a daily basis – but mainly the north-east region where we are. Actually, a fairly big one just hit a few minutes ago while writing this post!

Earthquakes can’t be avoided or predicted (although not many occur in Australia) but we can prepare for them – as with almost any disaster in life and business.

Are you prepared for when disaster strikes?

Think about what you can do to prepare for disaster, whether it’s a natural, personal, financial or business disaster. Have you got recovery methods in place?

Life doesn’t always give us sunshine and roses, but we should appreciate it when it does and be strong and prepared when it gives us storms! Stay strong, don’t give up!

Stu Sensei Stirling

15 thoughts on “Back In Japan, Back To Life

    1. Hi John,
      thanks for thinking if us.. but don’t believe everything you read on the internet. There are a lot of so called “experts” on nuclear radiation.. and each one seems to have a different opinion. Everyone here is looking out for each other. They are testing like mad.. so they know what’s going on. We’re still alive so that’s a good sign! Thanks, Stuart

  1. Ganbatte Nippon Brother…More power to you..I can’t imagine sitting around in daily earthquakes.
    We wish you all the best and our Prayers are with you and your family. Take Care..Ron and Carlene in Bear River Nova Scotia

    1. Hi Ron, thanks for the message. The earthquakes are still lingering but kind of getting used to them.. haha! not that that makes them any less dangerous. Hope you’re doing well too. Stu

  2. Hi Stu, Enjoy reading your “stuff” and wish your family all the best. A great product that can protect you from radiation is Pectasol Cheation Complex by Advanced Bionutritionals. Very safe and we take it here in California to be on the safe side. Pretty new to Im but glad I found you to learn from.

    All the best.


    1. Hi Kit, thanks for the message. Yes, there are quite a few remedies to beat radiation.. will have to look into them more. Good to have you checking out my “stuff”. Hope it helps. Stu

  3. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and comments. Things are going to be alright here. It will take time, but everyone here is looking out for and helping each other. Ganbatte Nippon!

  4. Thanks everyone for your thoughts and comments. Things are going to be alright here. It will take time, but everyone here is looking out for and helping each other. Ganbatte Nippon!

  5. Hey Stu,

    Glad to see you back and in reasonable health. the ‘vacation’ obviously didn’t dampen your spirit! I’m helping in a small way with some posts and a donation page on my blog, Disaster Survival Guide. Had to do that, sorry. Hang in there,

  6. My Brother,NO ONE,as you well know,is ever ready.As for the decision you’ve made,”Home is Where The Heart Is”,and I personally understand completely.Be safe my friend,one and all.Yours truly,Rigger

  7. Oh, You are here again, I’m glad you and your family ok,
    I was thinking about you, Why? because i don’t know any from Japan only you. Welcome back!

  8. Welcome back Stu. Hope your area is fine. Our area (Tokorozawa) is so normal that it is hard to imagine what it must be like farther up north…

  9. hello stu “sensei”, I was just surprised to read that your place in Japan is right in the middle of the disaster, I just hope everything will be fine for you and your family specially to your very cute kid. ed//

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