Celebrate The Small Wins – Not Just Getting Sales

Celebrate The Small Wins – Not Just Getting Sales

I got a small commission check yesterday from Aweber for about $300. If you’re interested in using the #1 autoresponder service for internet marketing, check out my Aweber review here.

While I’m always happy to receive a commission check in the mail, the dollar amount is not the only thing that we should celebrate. I am happy that I was instrumental in helping others get started with with Aweber so they could start building their email list!

So when you get a commission make a bunch of sales, by all means tell the world, but also tell others HOW you got that money. How did you help people by selling you stuff?

Sales is always a 2-way trade. No-one is going to give you money for nothing. The customer is exchanging money for something that will help them. Too many sellers/marketers seem to forget the buyer in the picture and only focus or think about telling everyone how much money they get.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like to show off the money I make or the accomplishments I make, but I’m happy to share the results I can get for others, because that too is what I call success.

Be the best you!

Stuart Stirling

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