Does Article Marketing Still Work?

Does article marketing still work or is it dead? Or maybe just in a coma? Or are people just “crying wolf”?

This is a question I’ve been trying to find the answer to lately since I made the decision to focus more on niche affiliate marketing and getting search engine traffic.

When I first got started online, article marketing was all the rage with “bum marketing” being the term on everyone’s lips.

Does Article marketing  still work?But early in 2011, Google decided to do another update to their search engine algorithms which had many article marketers in a panic because their articles (and websites) suddenly lost rankings and traffic.

You may know about which is (or was) the preimier article directory to submit articles to.

There was a time when Google absolutely loved EA and all you would have to do was submit your article to them and it would pretty much rank on the front page of G without much effort on.

Since the last “Google Panda/Farmer” update, EA has reported a 35% drop in traffic and other article directories too reported similar drops in traffic.

Ok, so we know there has been some severe changes which have made articles lose their standing with Google.

But does that mean that ALL articles suffered or will continue to suffer?

No. There are still articles that are ranking very high in the serps.

I come across EZ articles on the first page of Google all the time.

As for my own articles which I submitted in the past, I never really targeted keywords that would get me high ranks for high volume search terms.

Instead, I would go for keywords that targeted what people want to know (but that’s a topic for another blog post ), so I can’t really say how my rankings were affected. I do know that they are still indexed and getting traffic so I’m not worried.

For the articles that I’ve been submitting lately, I am not trying to rank the actual article. Instead, I’m using the articles primarily as a way to generate backlinks to my money site. They still get hits and click-throughs so that’s an added bonus.

Reasons Why Articles Got Hammered

I believe that the reason why articles got penalized where simply because they were of poor quality.

They were poorly written, short  length, scraped, spammy, stuffed with keywords, submitted to thousands of directories and overall just junk

So it’s clear that Google is catching up with the marketers who publish junk all over the internet.

This is awesome news for marketers who take a bit of extra time and effort to make their articles good quality.

I admit that article marketing was never an easy job. You just can’t automate article writing and submission and get the quality that directories and Google expect.

And even though some marketers tried to automate it, look where that got them.

How To Succeed Wth Article Marketing Now?

You just can’t take short cuts with article marketing anymore.

You can’t get away with paying $3 an article for a 300 word article written in bad English by a person who has zero passion or interest in the topic.

You can’t get away wth autoblogs.

You can’t get away with stuffing keywords into your artices.

You can’t get  way with blasting your article to hundreds of article directories.

What you CAN get away with is continuing to write quality articles.

Write a unique article for every submission at Ezinearticles. Make sure it follows their new submission guidelines and it gets approved. EA is making a come back. It never rally went away, just the crap articles that used to get traffic on there did.

Then after if gets approved at EA, submit it to a handful of other quality article directories. You can re-write them or spin them with a good article spinner before you submit them again, but you don’t need to blast them to hundreds of directories.

The focus in on quality. Quality content. Quality links.

Quantity is still important but it’s only quantity of quality that will help you, not quantity of crap.

I don’t believe that article marketing is dead or will ever really die…. only the people trying to outsmart the Search engines and take shortcuts that anyone can clearly see as spammy will die. They’ll see that article marketing requires actual work and that will be the end of them.

They might find some other new way to sneak around Google, but it’s only a matter of time before they catch on.

Quality content is king.

Stuart StirlingStu Sensei

p.s. Even though traffic/rankings for articles maybe down at the moment, they are still a great source of backlinks. That’s the other powerful “prong” that article marketing is leveraged for. But if your article is good quality and you’ve done your keyword research, you will get traffic too 🙂 What do you think?

14 thoughts on “Does Article Marketing Still Work?”

  1. DeborahAldridge

    Thanks for this article. I am new to affiliate marketing, and trying to find a way to do it besides on my blogs, as I don’t want them to become spammy. I know people who are still doing well with EA, so I am thinking of trying it.

  2. There is no doubt that quality content is the key fresh and unique content can help you a lot in marketing as we as build backlinks. I want to ask your expert opinion that should i use spinner software for article submission? If yes then tell me how many times i should do it?.

  3. Hi, Stu,
    Thanks for Your Genuine, Astute stuff.
    Online marketing is powerful influence by presenting valuable(?) ideas to people. Better ideas in better articles might help to motivate higher levels of human behavior, overall. Possible?

    Norm A

    [email protected]

    1. Hi Norm.. thanks for your comment. quality content will help your readers understand more which in turn will build a certain level of trust.. so they are more likely to click over to your website to lean more. so in a way yes, what you say is right.

  4.  Article marketing is dying and will eventually die. The main purpose of article farms like EA is SE spam (regardless of the quality or quantity of the articles), and they cannot be viewed as authoritative sources of information.

    It’s always better to focus on producing and posting quality content on your own site(s). Offer something unique and valuable to humankind. SEs and people will then find you and honor you big time for that 🙂

    But of course, you still can avail of EA and the like as a traffic source until it is alive. Not for so long though 😉

    1. yeah.. it might die… but not any time soon! I’d give it at least another 5-7 years. by then, Video will really start to take over I feel. But Google will always be on the hunt for good content. Google can’t tell if a video has good content.. so text will still be king for a long time to come.

  5. I think the drop that EZ reported is in visitors. Some people are wary now about using Articles from article directories, which was a big section of their traffic. Thankfully, because of people like Tiffany Dow training others, there are lots of great quality PLR websites springing up. If you use PLR you do not have to put someone else’s link on your website. I totally agree quality and content are the two things to aim for but there is plenty of cheap quality PLR out here.

  6. Yes you are right Stu.
    It all boils down to Quality Content. Just as any TV show, Newspaper or magazine needs good ratings/sales we do too and if we provide Quality Content we get Quality Readers/Buyers.

  7. You have it on the top, Stu. Well written articles will last and they do continue to bring traffic. It is an asset that you build one brick at a time. And it IS possible to spin and re-purpose articles with good quality.

  8. I agree with everything Stuart says. If only he could write a few for me.
    I have a running battle with myself every time I think of writing an article.

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