How to Add a Watermark to Multiple Videos Quickly Using Camtasia

Here is a short video tutorial I made to show you how to add a watermark to (multiple) videos using Camtasia Studio 6. I assume it will be similar for other versions of Camtasia too and perhaps even other video editing tools.

It’s always a good idea to brand and watermark videos that you create or buy with PLR for instance. The reasons are simple – you want to get your brand out there in people’s faces and you want to stop content thieves from ripping off your videos.

So here’s the video tutorial.

As you can see I’m using Camtasia Studio 6 to watermark my video in this tutorial. I mention that you can also use Windows Movie maker to watermark your videos too. For a free online editing tool, I recommend Kapwing.

I highly recommend that you get a Logo image (in PNG format with a transparent background) to brand your videos with as opposed to plain text. Text is better than nothing, but if you have a cool logo, it will look more professional.

I also recommend inserting either an intro clip or outro clip into the start or end of your video too. This is something I do to nearly all my videos that I post online – especially ones that I did not create myself, such as PLR videos that I’m using for content and traffic.

The initial reason for making this video tutorial was to show my customers of my pack of 31 PLR videos for the Affiliate Marketing niche how they could rebrand the videos, as my PLR videos don’t have any branding on them.

Here’s where you can get your copy of those PLR videos in case you’re in the ‘Affiliate marketing’ training niche and are interested in grabbing them for quick content for yourself.

Stuart Stirling

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