How To Build A List The Easy Way Without Any of The Techy Stuff & Finally Make Money Online

How To Build A List The Easy Way Without Any of The Techy Stuff & Finally Make Money Online

It you haven’t heard yet, the most effective way to make money online is with a ‘list’!

The more people you can contact via your emails, the more money you can make.

Email marketing and list building is the #1 favorite way to market online because with the click of a button, you can be putting your offer in front of them any time of the day, any day of the week.

Of course I don’t recommend sending them just offer after offer, unless it’s the same offer or complimentary offer… I like to email my lists until they buy 🙂

(When they do buy, I put them on a new list so I don’t pester them to buy it any more (there’s a little ninja trick for ya) )

The problem though is, with ‘traditional’ list building it’s just too dang hard to get past the “techy” stuff…

For most people, they simply don’t know how or what’s needed to build a list.

Well the good news is, you don’t need to know how to set up a website or squeeze page…

Because in 2013, I’ve created a completely TURNKEY list building and money-making solution.


My new 30 Minute List system takes away ALL the techy barriers when it comes to building a list and making sales.

Here’s how you get started with (in 30 minutes or less…)

  1. Sign up for a free account
  2. Set up your list capturing system (create a new list and form in your aweber acct. and paste in the code in your profile.. video tutorials provided)
  3. Add your paypal email address so you can collect instant commissions
  4. Promote your unique referral link

As you promote, you will actually be building YOUR list*.

(*as explained in the video, you pass up your 1st 4 subscribers to your sponsor, then every one that joins after that will be jumping onto YOUR list first.. then your referral’s first 4 referrals will join your list.. and THAT’S where to viral power lies!)

Now that is just the list building side of things.

(Yes there is even more to this beast!)

The other cool features of the site are…


You can advertise inside the site members area with banner ads and text link ads. We even offer login ads and free gift spots where you can add your free gift.

This is how you can get traffic to any other program or product you want to promote.

Instant Commissions

As a member of you become an automatic affiliate so you can collect instant commissions on upgrades purchases your referrals make.


We have 5 levels of memberships at with different commission payouts and advertising benefits.

Since we launched 9 days ago, 1,620 members have joined and the feedback from everyone has been awesome.

30ML rocks!

Members are loving it because they can finally use a system that is easy and actually works to deliver results.

And you will too when you sign up to

It’s free to join and use the system. You can even make instant commissions promoting  as a free member, but if you upgrade to a higher level, you can make higher commissions, and get a whole lot of other ‘perks’ to help you build your list faster!

Get your Free Account at Now!

You’re going to love it. List building and making money online has never been easier.

Stu Stirling



2 thoughts on “How To Build A List The Easy Way Without Any of The Techy Stuff & Finally Make Money Online

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  2. Great post on list building using 30 minute list. I have only just started to concentrate on list building which is a mistake that I intend to rectify and plough time into. Always good info to be found on your blog Stu.

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