How to Legally Steal Your Competitors Traffic

How to Legally Steal Your Competitors Traffic

Here’s a simple yet effective technique you can use to get free traffic back to your website from your competitors’.

The method: Post comments on blogs and forums on the pages that come upon page 1 of google for a search term that is targeted to your offer/website.

This way it’s like you’re getting page 1 listings without paying for them.

The trouble is that you’re only going to get a portion of the traffic that comes to the page and it’s hard to get your comments approved.

But the upside is that any comments with your links in which do get approved, they’ll be there for a long time drip-feeding you traffic daily.

Watch the video for more details.

How to write a comment that will get approved:

  1. Read the post
  2. write a related, intelligent comment, some extra insight would be good too
  3. Leave your link in plain site under your name and comment. In the “URL” field is fine too if you don’t want it to show in the actual post.

Most comments will be manually approved, so if you wanted to check back on the ones you do submit, make a spreadsheet with all the urls you make a comment on and check back a week later to see if it’s there.

For forum posts, they get approved instantly so they’re a goldmine. Just try to get in on the 1st page of the thread.

Hope you like it! Let me know what you think of it.

Stuart Stirling

2 thoughts on “How to Legally Steal Your Competitors Traffic

  1. You are right and I have used that before. I like the idea that Dave had about offering to pay someone to include your link in their comments when they are commenting on a lot of blogs.

  2. Thanks, Stu. Very useful advice. There is a variation on this tactic which I haven’t tried personally but which sounds very effective…

    When you find your forum post you look for a member who regularly leaves lots of intelligent, useful comments, then PM them and offer to set up a monthly PayPal payment of say $10 for as long as they will include your link in their signature.

    Obviously this doesn’t come under ‘free traffic’ but it is effective traffic nevertheless, especially if you use Alexa to find the most popular forums…

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