How To Start Building A List Made Simple

Welcome to today’s lesson! I’m going to give you a simple tutorial how to build a list from scratch or build your list faster if you’ve already started.

First let me ask the question – are you building a list?

Why You Should Be Building a List

If you’re just new to online marketing, you may not know about list building yet, so here is why you need to be building a list…

1. It’s free advertising for life – once you have people on your list, you can email them any time and get them to any website you want.

2. It lets you make MOOLAH on AUTO-PILOT! Yes, automation is a beautiful thing! When you use an Autoresponder, such as Aweber to build yourself a list of subscribers, you can set emails to go out automatically at timed intervals which you can set. You can have anything in these emails.. (hint: have a link to a product) so this way you can really be marketing and pulling in sales from your subscribers while sitting on a beach in the Bahamas.

So if those two thing alone don’t sell you on the need to be list building, then I don’t know what will!

There Are 4 Steps…

The next part of my lesson today is how you can start to build a list… or build your list bigger if you already have one..

The first step to getting started building a list is…

1. Choose a niche market

Already decided on a niche, great! Skip to the next point. If not, read below for some pointes on niche selection.

If you don’t know which niche to enter, choose one that you’re interested in and you know a lot about. It should be a niche where people are spending money also. I don’t recommend getting into a niche that you have no interest in and little knowledge about because when things get tough or go slowly, it’s easy to give up. It’s awesome when you can make money out of your passion.

2. Create something of value to give away for free

A.k.a a ‘lead magnet’ in exchange for peoples’ email addresses. It is super important to have something that is desirable, because using a poor lead magnet is one list building mistake marketers commonly make! It should be something unique and what the niche market wants to move towards their goal. It could be a free downloadable product (PDF, Video, Audio recording, etc.) that helps to achieve that. In most cases, your free product should provide an answer to a problem they are having.

3. Set up a squeeze page

Example of a squeeze page

A ‘squeeze page’ is a simple web page which purpose is solely to ‘sell’ your free product. It should contain a little bit of copy and an opt-in form to collect visitors email addresses. The tool you need to create the opt-in form to collect email addresses is called an autoresponder. I use and love Aweber which you can try for free.

The easiest way to build a Squeeze page is with a page building app like Convertri. They have dozens of templates and it is all drag and drop simple. You can make it look anyway you like. Convertri is also known to have ultra fast page load speed, which is crucial for conversions.

There are several WordPress plugins which allow you to create squeeze pages inside WP, such as Thrive Architect, Optimize press and Elementor. They too are simple to use but because they work on WordPress, your pages may load slowly because of your web hosting.

4. Get Traffic to your squeeze page!

This is where marketers tend to struggle the most. Getting targeted visitors is a challenge because it usually takes a long time, whether you are going for free traffic or paid traffic. Most marketers give up if they don’t see traffic or conversions right away.  

You can read about the 7 free traffic methods which you can start with here. These are the best ways to get traffic if you’re on a budget.

As for paid ads, I used to use Solo ads for the ‘MMO’ niche a lot, but the quality of those leads has dropped over the past few years. So now I’m using PPC and banner ads. Bing or Microsoft ads have been my usual go-to channel for paid ads. 

Depending on your niche, there may be a niche specific outlet for buying cheap traffic. For example, for the dating niche, is a popular place to buy ads. You should do a search for ‘bests ad network for ____ niche’ and see what pops up. Marketing forums usually have some info on niche specific ad networks. 

Happy list building!

Stuart Stirling

Hate writing ebooks and need lead magnets and squeeze page fast? Check out where you can purchase and download pre-made list building kits. There are kits covering several niches, so check it out.

p.s. Got questions about list building? Pop them in the comments section below.

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