Mr. Klinx Wants To Make Money Online [LOAIM Ep.2]

Mr. Klinx Wants To Make Money Online [LOAIM Ep.2]

I had so much fun making the first episode of “Life of an Internet Marketer” that I made a second episode.

This time, Mr. Klinx, a poor old jobless robot, wants to make money online so he talks to an Internet marketer for advice.

This is what happens…

It might seem funny (or not), but this is a pretty realistic scenario!

i.e. The guru internet marketer wants to sell his expensive course, but the desperate guy looking into it has no money!

I hope Mr. Klinx can make some money soon!

Stu Sensei

p.s. Let me know what you think of the videos? Do you want to see more?

One thought on “Mr. Klinx Wants To Make Money Online [LOAIM Ep.2]

  1. I love these goofy videos you made about internet marketing! They are both absolutely hilarious!! Thanks for the chuckles!! 🙂  I think I’ll be watching them a few times! 

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