Secrets of a 56.2% Conversion Squeeze Page

Secrets of a 56.2% Conversion Squeeze Page

It’s not a typo – the secrets of a 56.2% conversion rate squeeze page. It might sound like I’m pulling your leg, but in all honesty, this is what one of my recent squeeze pages is converting at as I type this post.

high conversion squeeze page

This kind of conversion rate is not unheard of in the IM circles, but many aspiring internet marketers would give their right leg to achieve this level of conversions from their squeeze page.

So how did I do it?

I’ve been creating squeeze pages for several years, so I have a good feeling for what works and what doesn’t. Here are a couple of secrets that I’ll let you in on.

1. An Offer They Can’t Refuse

2. The Right Traffic

No, there are no secrets about a magical headline or a super cool video that I used. In fact, there was no video and I hardly spent time writing the headline.

The main things I made sure of was to get the offer right – something of high perceived value, and then send the right traffic to it.

And by ‘right traffic’ I mean visitors that are going to know exactly what is expected of them at the website. In other words, pre-sold visitors.

These are the two ingredients of every successful internet marketing offer.

But it’s surprising how some marketers don’t pay much attention to them.

They throw up any old offer and then send rough traffic from ad blasters and wonder why they get 1% or less conversions.

In a later post, I’ll shed more light on “how to create an irresistible offer” and where to find the right “pre-sold traffic” to send to your squeeze page.

For now,  I’ll leave you to think about your own squeeze page and if the way your sending traffic is getting you the conversions you want.

To your success,

Stuart “Sensei” Stirling

10 thoughts on “Secrets of a 56.2% Conversion Squeeze Page

  1. Different squeeze for each source of traffic. Very simple one for SEO,just title and sign up form. One with a bullets and good content for PPC traffic. Conversion must be tested to get good results.

  2. Stu, you are always giving good content. I like to read your posts as it is always helpful information, and as Debbie said above, some guru’s throw the book at you for thousands of dollars and its just so hard to absorb all that information at once.
    Thanks again Stu.
    .-= Barbara´s last blog: Affiliate Profits and Teleseminars =-.

  3. Stuart hi,

    just come accrooss your ” stuff” online – nice !!

    it is clearly written and cgenerally easy to follow – for me.
    I have had difficulty and with this stuff and the light is beginning to dawn.
    Traffic is the thing for me next, now I have a few affiliate things.
    need to get some ROI on this stuff –
    with thanks

  4. Congratulations, very impressive.

    Looking forward to your future posts about how you achieved this conversion rate.

    All the best

  5. Hi Stu,
    I’m working away at getting better with my squeeze pages and I agree that the offer has to be appealing to the target maket to get good conversions. I do have a question for you though. What do you use for tracking and what methods do you use to get traffic to your squeeze pages.

    .-= Luca Di Nicola´s last blog: Powerstart 2010 – Starting an Online Business The Right Way =-.

    1. Hi Luca. I use the tracking/stats that Aweber autoresponders provides. It gives me the number of displays and sign ups for each form I use…and sign-ups from unique visitors. Pretty handy feature that comes with Aweber. They also let me do split testing, but I rarely do split testing for opt-in forms. Stu

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