The #1 Fear That’s Holding You Back?

The #1 Fear That’s Holding You Back?

It’s not the “fear of failure”.. which you probably guessed from the title.

Fear of failure is big… but I don’t think it’s the biggest fear holding back up-and-coming entrepreneurs like yourself…

It’s the fear of “putting yourself out there” in the “public eye”.

We all fear being ridiculed.. fear being shot down because we some how lack the knowledge or experience that the ‘gurus’ in your niche have.

The fact is… there is ALWAYS going to be someone more experienced.. more successful.. more beautiful.. more intelligent than you…

There is no use complaining and sulking about it .. so don’t.. you need to get over it!

Don’t compare yourself to others either..

Sure you see internet millionaires that make it look so easy..

But you know what.. they were once where you are.

They had fears.. they still do.. everyone has fears!

I have fears.. I had more fears when I started out but I was able to overcome them..

I was terrified to release a product with my name on it.

I was terrified to send an email to my list.. because I was afraid I didn’t know what to write..

“What if the content didn’t help them?.. what if they thought I was stupid.. and God forbid.. unsubscribe?! no!!

So how did I overcome the fear of “going public”?

Like Nike.. I just did it!

I sucked up my fear sent emails to my list (using P.L.R. articles which I put in my own words)

I set up M.R.R. digital products with my name on it..and sent promos out.

Did 100% of my subscribers open and read my emails? No.. and they still don’t.

Did 100% buy my products? No.. no one gets 100% conversion rates.

But some did.. maybe 10%..

Did the other 90% send me hate mail? No.

Did they unsubscribe? Yes some did.. not 90% though. Maybe 1% or less.

Did that make me run and hide and cry? No.

If you’re feeling unworthy to put yourself out there because you don’t feel confident or feel under-educated in your niche..

Then get some knowledge…. but don’t wait years or even months to start sharing your knowledge with everyone.

Don’t wait until everything is perfect because guess what… it will never be perfect.

You need to get out there with an “I ain’t care what people say” attitude..

It takes balls.. and you may get knocked down.. but shrug it off.. those who ridicule aren’t worth losing sleep over.. and you’re bigger than them.

Don’t let the fear of others’ opinions of you get in your way of getting what you want.

If you get over this fear you’ll be amazed at the things you can accomplish.

To your success!
Stuart Stirling

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One thought on “The #1 Fear That’s Holding You Back?

  1. Hello Stuart,
    Yes, fear of failure when getting started as an oldie-newbie in internet marketing is pretty big.
    I have been gaining a lot of info from your blog.
    Thanks. One complaint: After clicking on Popular Posts it took a long time to load and appear. Much slower than other sites. The patience I have learned from living in Tokyo for 40 years has helped for waiting.

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