Valuable Lessons From A WSO Product Launch

Valuable Lessons From A WSO Product Launch

March 14 saw the launch of DFY Riches – a “Done For You” niche marketing website service by myself and Mark Wallace from the UK.

We released it on the Warrior Forum as a WSO to test our website (members area/member management system) and to gauge interest.

dfyriches-smlAnd a test it was! I’ve launched a handful of WSOs in the past but this has to be the biggest (by scope of work and technicality involved) I’ve ever been involved in.

Let me share a few ‘insights’ from our DFY riches launch that might help you avoid a “near disaster” like ours almost was (if it hadn’t been for a few key things which I reveal below)….

1. No matter how long you have to prepare and get everything finished, it’ll still be a last minute rush!

We were working on DFY riches for the more than 3 months!

But we were literally down to the wire when it came launch day.

(our order buttons and sales funnel wasn’t even working properly until 15 minutes before launch to be precise! more on that below..)

To be completely honest, not everything was 100% finished when we launched..

the members area was not complete – some download links didn’t even work….

even part of the Special offer (OTO) wasn’t ready for customers yet!

Oh the shame!

So even after launching we were hustling to get everything finished..

(hint: make sure you have nothing planned for the next day after launching.. unless you like 4am sleep time)

2. Keep things as simple as possible! (unless you like frying your brain)

With our DFY riches launch, we had 3 front end offers and 1 upsell and 1 downsell.

We used Wishlist member plugin with WordPress and ran it through JVzoo (and their ‘funnels’ system) … good if you’ve had experience working at NASA..but not good for a dumb Aussie like me.

Our funnel seemed simple enough at first, but when trying to create a membership site to make sure everyone gets put in their correct membership level.. you could compare it to navigating a rats nest in the dark!

If you’re starting out and want to launch a product..keep it simple.

Have 1 front end offer and 1 upsell.. unless you want more grey hairs than you have now!

3. Get as much help as you can. i.e. ask friends, support and outsource!

We couldn’t have pulled the launch off in time if we didn’t have the help of JVzoo staff and some other technical buddies of ours. I owe them all a few rounds of beers!

But now that we’ve got the customers in and working on their sites (yours if you bought) we’ve been working with outsource staff to get the work done.

Thank goodness for IM buddies with connections,Skype and Elance!

Build your network of biz buddies far and wide because you never know when or who you will need help from in the future.

Hope these little WSO launch insights help – and if you’re planning a WSO or other launch and plan to use Wishlist or JVzoo, hit me up if you need help.

I think I’m an expert in them now so I can give you pointers! lol

Stu Sensei

p.s. Leave your comment below! I’d love to hear what you think – or if you have any more pointers you can add!

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