Video Curation: Not Your Typical Youtube Traffic Method

Video Curation: Not Your Typical Youtube Traffic Method

This is a traffic generation method that you might not have heard about before.

It’s called Video Curation. It has actually been around for a long time but hasn’t been well-known or been called ‘curation’ until recent times. I only learned about it a few weeks ago when it started generating a lot of attention in the IM scene.

If you were like I was a few weeks ago, you’d be thinking to yourself… “What the heck is Video Curation?”

Simply put, it’s where you compile whole or segments from other people’s videos on a particular niche and add your own comment, opinion or idea about those videos into one video you create and upload to Youtube.

Sound hard? No not even. The beauty of the Video curation method is that the content is ALREADY made and ready to use. You simply are making a compilation of related information and sharing it for those interested to find.

howt to do Video curation There are many other reasons why video curation is not only doable and easy enough for even myself (a lazy, non-techy) but a highly effective traffic generation method. The image you see above is from one Youtuber’s channel who specializes in curation. Yep.. that’s nearly 2 BILLION video views.

It’s Google friendly. The big thing with this method is that it gets people talking. When you do it right, people will leave good comments, bad comments, likes, dislikes.. exactly what Google loves. And you probably know that videos with the most activity rank higher in the Youtube search results.

No SEO necessary. It’s actually anti-SEO because you don’t need to worry about keyword research or backlink for traffic. You do have to know however some trending keywords and use them in your video title and tags so you can get a chunk of the people searching for trending keywords, but as far as boring old keyword research and back linking goes, you don’t need to do it.

Fast results. There are just so many people on Youtube at any given time of the day that any video you upload it bound to get hits. But if you do Video curation right and you use trending videos, topics and keywords, people are going to pick it up faster.

No video creation of your own. I mentioned this above but it’s the greatest benefit that makes this method so great so I’ll say it again. All the video content is already created. You as the curator are simply organizing them, compiling them and sharing them. You don’t even need to speak on camera if you don’t want to. You can simply add text for people to read when you want to add your comment.

Works in any niche. Well, it will work for any niche that has videos.. and there aren’t many niches that don’t have videos. So no matter which niche you’re in, this method can work for you.

No expensive tools (optional). You can go our and buy expensive video editing software if you want, but you actually don’t need any special tools to make these curation videos.

Did you know Youtube has it’s own video editing tool built in to it? Yeah, they do! I was playing around on it the other day. You can obviously use it to edit your own videos but there is also a feature where you can search for and import other users videos and chop and change them to create your own compilation. It only takes just a few minutes.

I have just covered the basics here about Video curation so if you want to learn more about it, see some real example’s of people using it (and getting results) and see a great value offer which includes training and software, check out Ninja Curation Profits. (<- affiliate link)

If you decide to buy this through my link, I’ll hook you up with a cool bonus – my “How to get 10,000 Youtube Views” with PLR. So check out this page now to learn more about Video curation and how you can use it to drive massive traffic, build authority sand generate profits. Send your receipt to my support desk and I’ll give you the download link for the bonus.

To your success!

Stu Sesnei Stirling

p.s. What do you think of Video curation? Are you using it? Want to try?

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  1. Hi, Stuart, I am very happy with the great help that you are giving me, but I am a real newbie yet, and just now I am trying to learn how to drive traffic to my website. When I see my first success in that area, I will start the next, following your advice. Congratulations for your baby boy, and all the best for the family. Please continue to help me. Maria Rodrigues

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