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Here are your free IM “How-to” training videos to help you!

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Website ‘Tech’ Videos…

  1. How To Organize Your Business On Your Computer
  2. How To Get Your Own Domain and Hosting Account
  3. How To Upload Files To Your Server
  4. How To Create A Paypal Button And Add To Your Web Page
  5. How to Create a Paypal Custom Payment Page
  6. How To Set Up a Secure Download Area On Your Website
  7. How To Use Amazon S3 For Online File Storage
  8. How To Set Up a Simple Online Help Desk

Cool Website Tweaks…

  1. How To Place Video On Your Website
  2. How To Add Audio With Player Controls To Your Site
  3. How To Brand Your Video Using Windows Movie Maker
  4. How To Hide Your Download Page From the Search Engines

Affiliate Tips…

  1. How To Set Up a Redirect To Mask Your Affliliate Link
  2. How To Find “Long Tail Keywords” For Free Google Traffic
  3. How to Link Directly To a Clickbank Checkout Page


  1. How Create A PDF Online Without Installing Any Software
  2. How To Watermark Your Images
  3. How To Download Videos From Google Video, Youtube Etc.
  4. How To Create Your Own Banners
  5. How To Create Your Own Product From Public Domain Works

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To your success,

Stuart Stirling

p.s. If you’ve got any requests for videos you want to see, please leave them in the comments section.

17 thoughts on “Free “How-To” Videos”

    1. You might have a to change your browser or update your current one. Or sometimes they take quite a while to load depending on my server condition and your internet speed.

  1. Laurie P Bullard

    Thank you for the Newbie Videos, Awesome! Actually anything you have on Newbies would be helpful. I’m starting a new business and I went in circles on what it should be? How can I best help someone else and help me at the same time. I finally got don’t go taking my idea now, lol. It’s gonna be a partial newbie site. There are so many people that are unemployable or under-employable, or just plain out need more money to take care of 86 year old Dad, the Son that was in an accident and is unable to work and Disability just isn’t even enough to cover a room in a rooming house. Then you got yourself who’s getting older and you are drawing Disability too. Your daughter who’s a really nice person in her younger days got herself into some trouble and now has a felony on her record, despite the fact she’s educated with a college degree. Does her absolutely no good because of that felony she got when she was just 24 no one will even consider giving her a job she’s highly qualified for with that college degree that pays $75-$100k a year.

    So what does one do in this situation? There’s a lot of people in these situations! Now this is a partial true story and where my new Business comes in…The Newbies will be people that have had enough and ready to do something that keeps them up and no longer struggling. They must be educated however and that’s where the newbie part comes in, and materials and stuff. Even going to offer a get them PC Program…twice i’ve had to purchase a used or older PC since 2010 and stopped my online Business due to a Family crisis that kept me offline for 5 years. I had several websites, and 2 of them did extremely well. Been doing this since 99-00 back in the day so to speak.

    In 2012 I purchased a Desktop off of ebay with xp pro on it, refurbished with a years warranty. Worked like a dream, it ran great. I just wasn’t ready to go back to work yet, have PTSD (Victim of a Home Invasion Robbery)plus health issues which is why I’m Disabled. I bought this Laptop from ebay in November 2015. Win 7 pro, refurbished, 1 years warranty, paid $140, that desktop minus the screen was $70 in 2012.My point being a good reliable PC can be obtained, ill somehow figure a way to get PCs for those who need them and are serious about working online.

    My daughter will need a job when she comes home next year. She already knows a good deal about computers, the Internet, and is eager to work. She is good with Graphic Design, but that felony will keep her from obtaining any type of decent paying job. Theres many others, that did something really minor and got caught up with others that cost them the price of a felony. There is no Dad, and my Son is starting College next year and in excellent health.

    Situation with my daughter, my health issues is what geared me in the direction of creating this Business program. iT doesn’t have to stay this way…so i will work to help myself and others overcome obstacles that hold them/us back. I will be working from a Blog (have 4 sites now in the being Constructed phase), i’m not going to go into anymore detail but bottom line is it is a solution to a serious quality of living issue being solved.

    So with that, anything you would like to donate towards our cause would be deeply appreciated. I can’t remember if any of your sites have Affiliate Programs or not (i’ll check) but if you do and when you Launch a new Product, Site, etc. let me know, and if you do any Joint Ventures please let me know. I’m working on one now and it’s going pretty good. Doubt I win the Contest (5 Cash Prizes) be nice, but I’m just happy that with my prior knowledge and what I’m gaining/learning now is starting to come into focus and pay off some. It takes time, but I’m certain it will all be obtained.

    Thank you for your time. And again Thank you for the Videos. This JV I’m doing runs through the 28th, is there anyway I could talk you into letting me send one of my Ads through one of your site list? It would really help me a lot!

    I’ve been back at this for about 6 to 8 weeks and honestly, my biggest weak point is, List Building. I am working on it and doing surprisingly well with Social Media, Twitter mostly, Facebook, ok but on Twitter, i got about 100 followers in a day. The perfect people for my niche. Some have made me re-evaluate materials/products that I will start Promoting. High end = low commissions in many cases. But it works out for better pay in the end.

    Ok, if you would allow me to send one Ad through your list, it would help enormously. I would find a way to repay you. I have a few skills, just list building seems to the hardest.

    Laurie Poland Brandt Bullard

  2. Hi Stuart i was thinking about getting you to setup one of your cashkits for me on my website can you take a look at my website and let me know if it is suitable i use it for my Affiliate program i have added my website in the details above .
    Love your training Videos .
    James Morgan

  3. Mike Stanlick

    HI Stu: I’m very sorry but there is no way Ican call you “Sensi-Stu” I need to call you “Grand Master Stu” as you can never know how much your videos and articles have helped and steered me in the right direction. Many, many thanks, Mike

  4. I don’t care how long it takes but I’m gonna break over this barrier of making $$ online.  Can you tell me how you’ve used sites like Squidoo, Clickbank and Conjunction Junction to start with?

  5. Edward Atwater

    Hi Stuart,
    Purchased your Turn Key Cash but can not get it to show on Web Site.  My problem is that I do not know how to activate more than one domain on one hosting account.  Went through your Videos (Great Stuff) and a few other “Newbie Courses” and still can not find any reference to how to individualize more than one domain name on a single Hosting account.  Must I purchase a Hosting account for each domain?
    Thanks for the help.
    Ed Atwater
    P.S. Like Bill, I am a youngster of 78 and trying to make IM work.

    1.  Hi Ed, thanks for getting the Cash Kits from me. You should be able to add on another domain name.. is there a button in your cpanel called “addon domains” ?

      Otherwise, you can use 1 domain name  and upload the cash kits into sub directories (folders) which you can create eg. of course you can name it anything you like.

      I’m sure there would also be some help on this topic in your web hosts FAQ or troubleshooting/support area.

      All the best,

  6. Hi Stuart,

    I find your trainig videos excelent. I have also paid for the Internet Business for Newbies system, I would reccomed to everyone.

    Many Thanks,
    Ricky Aren.

  7. Hi Stuart,

    You really impress me with the amount as well as quality content you deliver and so often for free. The way you come accross is surely like a breath of hope for so many who may be experiencing what Bill St Clair described so aptly.

    Also looked at some of your photos and you look exactly like the kind and warm hearted person which is conveyed in all your messages.

    Thanks and please keeo it going… for all of us!Joe

  8. Hi Stuart,   I am a 74 year young person and have been trying to make income with IM for the last 3 years and have not had any success!  For the last year I have been working at least 8 hrs daily trying to get something to work.  We need to supplement our income in these difficult economic times. I am an eternal optimist — so I keep trying!! 

    I told you all this to say how glad I am to see the refreshing information you are presenting.

    Many Thanks

    Bill St Clair

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