10 Things To Stop Doing In 2012

10 Things To Stop Doing In 2012

Whenever there is a new year, we think of all the things we’d like to do to make this the best year ever…. but have you ever stopped to think about things you should stop doing?

Sometimes we get caught chasing the wrong things and forget about the things that are slowing us down. Reaching greater success could be as simple as stopping something you’re doing.

There are enough list around the web of things you should do so this one is a little different: 10 Things You Should Stop Doing To Succeed In 2012

1. Stop Jumping From One Opportinity To Another

Chasing the magic bullet is the biggest killer of ‘getting things dine’ that I know of.

I love the theory of ‘one’. In order to get anything worthwhile done, you need to focus on one business model, one niche, one product, one website, one list, one keyword, one traffic method, one task at a time.

I’m not saying you should stick with only one business model or niche your whole life, just when you start one thing, stick with that one thing until it’s good enough. Then move onto another and focus on that.

2. Stop The Voice In Your Head

We all get it, when we start to actually do the work, that little voice pops in our head that says “are you sure this is gonna work?”. That’s the fearful side of you coming out. You need to stop him/her from coming out and swithc back to the positive side of you.

When you get negative thoughts, it may be painful, but you need to remove them. Even if your body doesn’t want to, force your body to get through that article, that sales letter, that chapter. If your body does, your mind will follow. Believe in yourself. Remember, you’re no different that anybody else. You’re human too with the same 24 hours in a day. If they can do it, so can you. And just imagine what would happen “if you could…”

3. Stop Letting Others Tell You What To Do

Are you a ‘yes’ man? If you hate being pushed into doing things you really don’t want to do, learn to say ‘no’. It takes guts, but once you say it once, you’ll build the courage to keep saying no to other things you don’t want to get into. Of course, you have to weigh up the consequences to what you agree or disagree to do, but you know the ones I’m talking about that you want to say no to.

4. Stop Relying On Others To Fix Your Problems

Take initiative to fix problems yourself. It’s an awesome feeling when you figure out the solution to a problem yourself. The best markters are excellent problem solvers. Become a problem solver and don’t depend on others – because they won’t always be there when you need them.

5. Stop Trying To Do Everything Yourself

This might seem contradictory to the above point but here’s what I mean. I don’t mean dumping problems on other people, I mean working together to create bigger and better things. In business, there comes a point were you can only do so much by yourself. Learn to work with others whether it be hiring outsource staff or working with other matketers in an old fashioned JV. Any big marketer will tell you that JV partnerships are essential to success.

6. Stop Being A Computer Noob

Get with the times! I know everyone has to start out somewhere but come on, this is 2012! Learn how to use your PC for crying out loud. Learn how to unzip and read PDFs! Learn how to use your keyboard shortcuts. Learn how to type properly (oh… I need to work on that one!) If you want to be an online marketer, learn how to use the tools that your business is built on. Learn FTP, HTML, cpanel for starters. I’m sure there are computer classes in your neighborhood where you can learn this stuff. Otherwise, use Mr. Google!

7. Stop Taking Short Cuts

There is nothing wrong with systematizing to save time, but somethings you ‘think’ will save you time often lead to bigger problems down the road. There’s a Japanese proverb that says: 急がば回れ (isogaba maware – if you hurry, you will go in circles). If you know it’s a short cut and could have possible negative repercussions, don’t do it. It’s better to do it well the first time.

8. Stop Looking For Instant Results

As much as we’d like to become millionaires overnight, it’s not going to happen (unless you buy a winning lottery ticket!)

Success and wealth often comes after much hard work. Hard to believe isn’t it? So get in there and put in the work. When you get serious about work, some amazing things will happen. Just keep a long-term mindset and keep chipping away. Business is a marathon, not a sprint.

9. Stop Being Spammy

The internet is full of spam already and everyone is sick of it. Everyone is wising up to spammers, even Google. Spam can be in the form of email of course, but any kind of junk you publish on the net. Spam blogs, spam articles, spam videos, spam pictures, pictures of spam (just joking – I love spam.. the food kind!). It goes along with the two points above. If you want to do something worthwile and stay in business, stop being a spammer!

10. Finally, Stop Worrying!

Life is too short to spend worrying about everything. The news headlines would love to make us believe we are all screwed! But in reality, the biggest problems the majority of us face are deciding “which t-shirt and I going to wear today”. Sure, some days we have some big problems, but in the whole scheme of the universe, are they really that big? Enjoy your time on earth. You only get one. Your life is the biggest “one time offer” of all! Don’t waste it worrying about everything.

To your success,

Stu Sensei

p.s. What do you want to stop doing in 2012? And don’t forget to share this post if you liked it. 🙂

17 thoughts on “10 Things To Stop Doing In 2012

  1. Bang on Stuart, at times I feel like a dog with distemper ! ! just going round and round with the  ideas that will make it for me, got to stop, take stock and control the situation, and press on with the ideas that I had years ago !

  2. You’re right, Stu! I know I’m guilty of a couple of the things you mentioned. I’ll start the New Year off right and take your advice! (I do follow a lot of your posts, even tho I don’t always comment!)

  3. Yeah, I would agree with most of your points. I always believed that online business is a long term business. For a newbie I think, you should know all the basics of the business. Only by doing it yourself you will acquire the skills and knowledge. You have to lay a solid foundation for your long term business growth. Once you master them, you can outsource some of the works and you can focus on for the growth of your online business.

  4. I would agree that some technical knowledge is a gteat benefit to enhancing a site. Disagree slightly on the need to know how to use ftp because I find that the cpanel file manager has more flexibility. The ones to know are cpanel if you are on a web host that uses that then both html and css so that you can enhance posts beyond what the standard editor will achieve

    1. Hi Ian, Yeah sure if you prefer cpanel’s file manager, that’s good too. I just find Cpanel’s file manager to take too much time because you can’t upload folders and multiple files at once. FTP is a breeze when you get used to it.

  5. Hi Stu,
    You’re right and I started the New Year by doing the things you suggested except I have to complete a couple of jobs that I have started. I was getting about 150 emails a day until December when I started unsubscribing from many. There may be a few more going shortly!
    I’m making slow progress but learning the ropes takes time.
    Thanks for keeping in touch.
    Regards Trevor

    1. Thanks Trevor. Yep, you’re right learning the ropes does take time. But removing obstacles (such as email checking) is a good way to learn quicker.. that’s my basic idea behind this post. Glad you enjoyed it!

  6. Good disclaimer on learn to type properly see item 6 so I won’t point out the correct spelling of opportunity see line 1. 🙂  Good info and it’s finally starting to click for this soon to be ex newbie

  7. Stuart, You hit it right on the nose. Two days ago I had the same conversation with myself. Even or stop list is very close. You missed my main item. I proceeded to unsubscribe from all email lists except for yours and Carol Amatos. I am going to send this copy to her along with your post. I would be surprise if she isn’t on your list. You both give good advice. Thank you and keep up the good work. 
    Bob Woods
    ps: I went through all emails this morning in 4 minutes flat. Saved me an hour.

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