A Mini-Stu On The Way!

A Mini-Stu On The Way!

Yep, that’s right. I’m going to be a dad!

I haven’t really announced it publicly to the World Wide Web, but my wife Keiko is expecting to give birth to a baby boy this month (July, 2010)!

Mini Stu at around 6 months in the womb

The expected date is July 16th, so that’s just 1 week away.

We are both very excited and very curious to see our boy in the flesh. We have been able to get a sneak-peak at him with theĀ  ultra sound photos and movies, but can’t wait to see what he really looks like.

I’ve just finished reading a book called “Bloke’s Guide To Pregnancy” (which I started about 6 months ago) so I have a general grasp on some things but I feel I have there is still a LOT in store for me to learn!

Keiko at 7 months pregnant

Keiko my wife is very large at the moment and can hardly move (waddle), so I’d better get off this computer and see how she’s going.

I’ll keep you up to date on the birth! It’s just around the corner…

Stu ‘Otousan’ Stirling

p.s. ‘Otousan’ is Japanese for father. (pronounced ‘o-toh-sun’)

One thought on “A Mini-Stu On The Way!

  1. Oh! that’s an awesome experience. I wish you guys a happy transition to parenthood stu

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