Ask Me Your Burning IM Questions Here!

Ask Me Your Burning IM Questions Here!

Here’s a new free service that I’m excited about that will help you learn and progress in your online businesses faster!

I’m going to answer your questions every week in a Q&A post right here on my blog.

This way, I’ll be able to give you precise answers to what you really want to know instead of me just guessing.

So if you have any questions that you’re dying to ask about internet marketing or making money online, this is the place to ask them!

It can be about anything… affiliate marketing, list building, traffic generation, SEO, product creation, tech “how-to” stuff, etc, etc…

Whatever your stuck with I’ll try my best to answer, and if I don’t know the answer, I’ll find it for you!

Every week, I’ll compose a Q&A post where I’ll answer the most common or interesting questions I receive for the week.

Sound good?

Great, ask away!

How to ask:

You can either ask your question in the comments section below this post,

or, if you prefer to be anonymous, send me a message at my support desk (choose “Q&A” help topic).

Stu “Sensei” Stirling

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27 thoughts on “Ask Me Your Burning IM Questions Here!

  1. Hello,

    Ive notice that there is a WYSIWYG HTML editor and just a HTML editor. Are they the same thing? Am I fine with just using one of them?

  2. Hi Stuart,

    I purchased The Sales Funnel System from you.  This is the first time I have really learned what to do with a lot of products I have. THIS IS THE BEST product I have ever purchased for $7.00.  The videos are wonderful and you are a great teacher.  You make everything so simple and I want to thank you.  Everyone should have this product to learn how to make their own download links and all the links to other pages.

    Where do we find the answer to some of these questions?  Do you answer them yourself or do other people answer them?

    1. Hi Jerri,

      Thanks for the awesome feedback. Glad you liked that product.

      I pick out some questions people ask me here and answer them on a new separate post. Stay tuned for new lessons 🙂


  3. Dear stuart!!
    I like your blog and above all tha you and your family are ok?
    I wonto start earning money with this affiliate marketing?
    I have started to lok and bourght many different programs and every day I am lessening to so called marketing guru`s but I am not getting anywhere also because of luck of money,hence the reason I want to do affiliate marketing?can you plese help me to get started??
    and how do I get some body to link up all the different programs like website with paypal,click bank aweber,facebook,andgoogle and the rest?
    than you

  4. stuart are you doing ok? i need to hire you to get my cash kits monitized. is your offer still stand? also I forgot about learning how to get traffic the exchanges are too time consuming.happy easter. ps you sill have my email address i hope if not post on my face book page. talk later WATERFALL

  5. I have a question!

    I want to start a business and I’m stumped on something important.

    How do I figure out what skills I have that will benefit potential customers?

  6. Many of my readers are brand new to internet marketing, and I believe that many never get started because they just don’t have a clue where to start.

    If you were starting off today, which internet marketing technique would you recommend your readers start with and why? (Please give some tips on making this technique effective.) Thanks.

  7. I have a question for you on something that is really getting me frustrated. I live in the UK and everytime I go on Google, even if I type in, not, the web page always defaults to Google UK. I want to access Google in the USA. How do I do this please? Thank you in advance.

  8. Rebranding. Everytime I try to rebrand something it gets messed up and I get confused. I cannot understand video instructions that are often given… the look over my shoulder kind. Some of YOUR books are gathering digital dust waiting for me to learn how to Rebrand them properly.

  9. Hi Stuart,I am 67 years of age & living in the uk & finding it really
    difficult to set my turn key sites up, any help would be
    grateful. Regards Gerrard Jones

  10. Hello Mr. Stirling

    I have read the questions below and they are all good questions. Most of which I have the same. However I have looked at your websites and viewed the source code and your are on the first page of google on the ones that I looked at. Okay now back to the blueprint.

    How step by step did you do that?

    I desire to have a sustainable income from my sites that I can live like free enough to enjoy my family and have a better quality of life.

    Everyone says test, a b copy and so on. But you have to have some idea of what is working and why. These are the questions I have.

    What did you do that was right and how have you stayed there?

    The Search engines are looking for several things and it seems to be a mystery to most and everyone is trying to break the code. But It can’t be that hard to do and google can’t be making it that hard to do.

    So what exactly is the SEO requirement for being listed?

    What are the points step by step that search engines want to see?

  11. Wow, are you sure you want to do this? Some of the questions are so complicated you could spend a year with each person. But anyone who said marketing was so easy your great grandmother could do it hasn’t tried to teach one. I hope my question isn’t one of the hard ones. I am not interested in “branding” myself. I just want to quietly earn a decent retirement cash flow. Is it possible, then, to be successful online, more or less “under the radar?” What business model(s) would be best to follow? Affiliate marketing? Rehashed PLR on Amazon under pen names? CPA? Ghost writing? Since I’m that great grandmother, I don’t really have a lot of time left! LOL

  12. I would like to find someone that will take the time to help people learn to use the computer. I am older and can not remember every thing they tell you in a video and that seems to be the only way they want to give you any information. I need mine in writing so I can print it out and look at each step as I go.

  13. Hey Stu,

    where do you get all the information for your auto responder? Like if you give them so many free classes of something or weekly tips on how to do something. Please also tie this in to information for the squeeze page to get their email address.

    Thanks, Don R

  14. But before I ask any question, I would really have to say something. I have always been asking Stuart questions now and then. And he has always been so patient and helpful when answering them.

    Totally great service, bro!

    I would suggest everyone to instantly take advantage of the offer. Pardon me for the shameless advertisement. Ha ha!

  15. Hello Stuart,
    Thanks for the opportunity to ask you.
    I have a domain name and a hosting for my blog (kind of autoblog), and I would like to ask you, can I promote product from clickbank on this blog (like open a new page) if I want to? If yes, how am I doing this? (if you can show by video step by step, will be great)

    Thank you in advance for your help.


  16. Hello Stu. This is George and My question is how do you set up a web page and automate it to work for you. I need Help and thanks.

  17. To tell the truth I’ve been at it for a long time now, more than 3 years and counting and while I’ve made a few sales it is obvious that I am not creating/executing enough unique value regularly enough within the confines of a “proven” business model to drive incremental value so I am able to reinvest enough cash to rocket into orbit.

    I am starting to see internet marketing as something akin to discus throwing or getting a rocket off the pad.

    I’ve finally “settled” into the mini site review SEO Organic Ranking business model ala George Brown/ Bring The Fresh so my real Q is: Where is the precise process map to achieve sustainable USD 1, 600 a day using this model?

    And I mean precise!

    Now I know this is a “tall order Q” and that you as an IM Sensei may not have prepared this lesson form soup to nuts including how to effectively use c-panel, redirects, error pages, squeezes and splashes, list building, aweber,
    clickbank, cj, neverblue hosting, amazon, plus alpha to achieve my im nirvana!

    Anyway, I’ve been following you for a while and I know you’re one of the true blue im white hats so just chalk my query up to the diversity of the im world.

    All the best to you & your family from Yokohama, Japan

    PV (Present Value)
    Pepper Valston


  19. Why is it that is no real step by step blue print?I mean a lot gurus say they have a fail safe idiot blue print but it neveris,just usaual a rehashed copy of some one else system.I mean you would think whensome learns how to truly make money it would not be all that hard to develope a step by step detailed map of how they did it.In the army we had these equipment guides that were true step by step guides that a 11 year good follow.aND WHY IS IT ALL THE SO CALLED GIUDEs,just try to show you how to seel thier making money guide.I do not want to sell how to make money online.I want to makret something completely differetn but yet finding a true step by step guide on how to do this and make a profit seems very difficult to find.

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